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  1. Shelvey has been one of the best midfielders in the Prem in recent months and has kept himself out of the Refs notebook. So perhaps it could be argued he has matured and upped his game. Also, there are players in that squad who have put in some horrific tackles this season - Kane being one - and people haven''t taken much issue. Think Shelvey might not have been given a fair look, especially with a squad seemingly defender heavy and midfield light.
  2. I dislike passing backwards when the opposition are out of shape and allowing them to regroup. Turn the screw.
  3. Very good player. Like Vrancic he sees things the others don''t or he sees them quicker. Would be very encouraging to see him back.
  4. Plenty worse managers out there. Plenty.
  5. I think we need to be chanting for him to stay.
  6. Yes. Exactly what every manager wants.
  7. Could be a squad player for them. Particularly if Lallana left. But not in their best 11.
  8. There''s also a physical difference that shouldn''t be overlooked. Dele has a presence, he''s 6''2 and can cover the ground.
  9. Hard to see which of the big 6 he''d get in the team at. And considering 5 of them are trying to catch up with Man City why would they spend big money on a lad who isn''t going to close that gap? But at least with the Sigurdsson deal we have seen there are clubs who will spend huge amounts on good but not truly great players. Though of course he was a proven Prem player.
  10. So that''ll be Beckham, Ozil and Modric. Anyone else who has played for Real Madrid? Zidane?
  11. Leitner has already shown he can get people in and create chances. The early signs are that his football brain is top drawer - by our standards. The picture he sees and the positions he takes up, he''s been a joy to watch. Just need to see more of him.
  12. I was there. I didn''t boo. But i wasn''t surprised there was some and I wasn''t bothered by it. You reap what you sow and the club have sewn some sh*t in recent years.
  13. You would have to have your head some way down in the sand not to have doubts.
  14. Not the same kind of player but Dele is only a few months older and is a fully established first team player at a top 6 club and has 20+ England caps. Plus Spurs thought highly enough of him to snap him up when he was 18.
  15. What Bethnal said. And the Will Hughes comparison is one I have also used.
  16. Leicester would seem about right. Don''t overly agree with the Beckham comparisons other than set pieces/deliveries.
  17. Seems unlikely anyone would want to loan him back. If he was 2 or 3 years younger and for a smaller fee then maybe.
  18. He''s quality. Best ''keeper we have had in a long time. Would be very nice to see him here beyond this season.
  19. He did indeed but it was a low ball over a short-medium distance down the side of the defence. Great ball though. But in general play Leitner and Vrancic open the pitch up more.
  20. I think he does a fair amount of short passing but I don''t think he offers the range that Leitner and Vrancic have shown.
  21. Is his passing range exceptional?
  22. Slightly disagree. There have been a number of home games where he has been fairly quiet. The obvious weakness in his game is a lack of pace/acceleration.
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