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  1. 13 minutes ago, Vazzza said:

    I’m quite surprised at how many people are dropping Gian for Williams. Gian was pretty much our MOTM v Liverpool and has been solid since joining. Ok he got tore a new one v Man City, but who didn’t! 1 decent performance from Williams against a championship side doesn’t warrant a start in my book, not at the cost of one of OUR better players. 

    Hmm, I did comment last season that I didn't think Giannoulis was particularly convincing in defensive situations. So if I've seen that you can be sure Farke has seen it too. 


    He's still a good player though and he can improve 

  2. Just now, WD40 said:

    He got the assist for the goal, he kept getting in loads of space which worked really well for the first 10 mins. But then we sat off them, pleased with 1-0

    Yup. He got in loads of space but couldn't do anything with it. Decent cross for the goal but numerous opportunities to drive at them weren't taken because he doesn't have it in the locker. 

  3. The big problem for me was starting Trippier. It was clear early on that Italy could be exploited in that area but we picked a player who can't exploit those situations. Fair enough he put a decent ball in for the goal (most players can do a decent cross with time and space) but he can't put defenders to the sword. If you're the Italian left back you're happy to see him in the team. Did them a favour. Too cautious from Southgate.

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  4. Interesting the other day he subbed Grealish off after subbing him on and that was hailed as clever management.


    Yet tonight he watched on as Saka messed up everything that came to him all the way through to the final and decisive kick.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, hogesar said:


    On top of all that its fantastic to see Sterling continuing to prove idiots that don't rate him as exactly that 



    And although Grealish made a difference when he came on it was Sterling who was the difference between the two sides over the course of the game.

  6. 4 hours ago, lake district canary said:

    Kane doesn't strike me as a player that would fit in well with a Man city type side. He's always struck me as a player who is either very good or very ordinary, with no half measures of being good even when he's not scoring.  All strikers have times when they are not scoring, but give lots to the team in other ways, which is what Man city will need, but I don't see that with Kane. Probably totally wrong (as usual) but at prices being quoted, doesn't seem a good move to me. Can see him staying at Spurs.

    I would say Kane is a very good example of a striker who contributes a lot even when not scoring. He's a hard worker and is an excellent passer of the ball- which is something that has been seen more in the last year but has always been a feature of his game.


    He's not quite sharp at the moment but that's only a temporary thing.


    He does seem to have dodgy ankles though and I'm not sure how many seasons he'll get through without an injury lay off. Maybe none. 


    Quality player.

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  7. Football is crazy so I wouldn't be surprised if they took £30-£40m for Maddison but nor would I be surprised if it was double that.


    He's a very good player but is he very top drawer? Probably not. 


    If Leicester don't think he can go up another level but they can sign someone who they believe can then maybe they will look to cash in.

  8. 8 minutes ago, Bethnal Yellow and Green said:

    With Mount, Foden and Grealish around Maddison will never be an England regular I suspect. Especially when there are players like Curtis Jones, Smith-Rowe and Eze coming up through the U21s. 

    Indeed. And I am sure Maddison has already figured that out too.

  9. 55 minutes ago, Bethnal Yellow and Green said:

    Rumours in Leicester that Maddison has had a falling out with Brendan Rodgers - another manager in the ever growing list that has had an issue with Maddison's attitude. 

    But he did a socially distant goal celebration because he's really responsible and has a great attitude and stuff. Right?



  10. 1 hour ago, king canary said:

    Professional job in the end.

    Would make some changes for Scotland though- don't think the Trippier experiment really worked and meant our left sided attack was a bit blunted. Also might take Mount out for Grealish.

    No, the Trippier thing doesn't work. He plays left back like any other right back plays it. Would he get in the Chelsea or Man Utd teams at left back? Course not. He also only tended to make overlap runs when he knew he was unlikely to get the ball and was a little bit more reluctant when the ball was on - which is what you get from a player not truly comfortable in the role.


    I heard the comments about his tournament experience... I guess that explains that loose back header he played.

  11. It's been a pleasure what him play for us. 


    Hard to think of a more naturally talented and skillful player in a Norwich shirt, particularly when that ability is combined with his tenacity and work ethic.


    I still get the feeling not everyone realises quite how good he is (although maybe that's bitterness he's left) but for a lot of us he's the best player we've ever seen play for the club - whether we realise it or not.

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  12. 5 hours ago, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man said:

    If Skipp was available for, let's say, £20m (or anything in our price range) then wouldn't you think several other Premier League clubs would be interested?

    Hmm, not sure. A couple maybe. But he has really only had one season in the Champs. And while he was very good in a lot of games he wasn't always as effective against the better sides in the league.

  13. 2 hours ago, Mr Angry said:

    Ben White is TAA’s replacement. I would have added Ward-Prowse for his set pieces. Let’s hope Southgate isn’t planning on putting Harry Kane on corner duty again-certainly didn’t work at Euro 2016 😫

    Yes, when you've got players like Kane and DCL who will get on the end of JWP's superb deliveries I do think it is a bit strange that Southgate hasn't been able to find a space for him in the squad.

  14. 30 minutes ago, Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man said:

    I'm going to have to disagree. Grealish is a truly gifted flair player who will always be targeted by the opposition. That's the reason he wins so many fouls.


    Agreed. Grealish and Foden are the most watchable players England have had for a long time, I'd say. 


  15. 1 hour ago, Evil Monkey said:

    Grealish is quality on the ball but could be even better if he stayed on his feet for five minutes. 

    How did England get the match winning penalty?


    You're right though, he is quality. High quality.

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