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  1. Good player. Has suffered from the departure of Buendia. Needs to improve his final ball - as has been the case for some time now. I'd much rather he was playing for us than someone else next season.
  2. He's one of the best left backs at the club.
  3. I haven't watched the interview but Hugill is what he is. Hernandez has a lot of faults but is 10 x the player Placheta is. May even be more like 100 x. We were getting relegated whatever but Hernandez is so much better than Placheta... Dare I say it, makes me think they accepted relegation from the off and accepted a few dollars for seemingly non key players.
  4. Players also know though. Experienced, proven and/or higher quality players will look around and think "He gives the ball away too much" or "He isn't quick enough" or... "He's sh*t".
  5. Agree he's done it because he's fallen out with Webber, disagree that he's making it up. But there's every chance the pair of them are full of sh*t.
  6. Very, very good pass into Pukki for the 2nd goal. Those two are on the same wavelength.
  7. Not many are that sort of player... Until they do something like that. Turns out he is that sort.
  8. He knew exactly what he was doing. It would be very naive to think otherwise.
  9. I see Trippier is captain. Hopefully the penny will drop with Southgate before the WC that he doesn't quite cut it at the business end of things.
  10. Hmm, I did comment last season that I didn't think Giannoulis was particularly convincing in defensive situations. So if I've seen that you can be sure Farke has seen it too. He's still a good player though and he can improve
  11. Raw, rash, lacking understanding, not fit. All adds up to not good enough.
  12. Infact it's pretty much on the lines, not between them.
  13. Read between the lines. He's said he's not fit and he's not good enough.
  14. Yup. He got in loads of space but couldn't do anything with it. Decent cross for the goal but numerous opportunities to drive at them weren't taken because he doesn't have it in the locker.
  15. The big problem for me was starting Trippier. It was clear early on that Italy could be exploited in that area but we picked a player who can't exploit those situations. Fair enough he put a decent ball in for the goal (most players can do a decent cross with time and space) but he can't put defenders to the sword. If you're the Italian left back you're happy to see him in the team. Did them a favour. Too cautious from Southgate.
  16. Interesting the other day he subbed Grealish off after subbing him on and that was hailed as clever management. Yet tonight he watched on as Saka messed up everything that came to him all the way through to the final and decisive kick.
  17. Yup. And although Grealish made a difference when he came on it was Sterling who was the difference between the two sides over the course of the game.
  18. Always thought we'd win. Although this isn't a great German team they have still got some very good players but England are a better side and it showed.
  19. I would say Kane is a very good example of a striker who contributes a lot even when not scoring. He's a hard worker and is an excellent passer of the ball- which is something that has been seen more in the last year but has always been a feature of his game. He's not quite sharp at the moment but that's only a temporary thing. He does seem to have dodgy ankles though and I'm not sure how many seasons he'll get through without an injury lay off. Maybe none. Quality player.
  20. Football is crazy so I wouldn't be surprised if they took £30-£40m for Maddison but nor would I be surprised if it was double that. He's a very good player but is he very top drawer? Probably not. If Leicester don't think he can go up another level but they can sign someone who they believe can then maybe they will look to cash in.
  21. Indeed. And I am sure Maddison has already figured that out too.
  22. But he did a socially distant goal celebration because he's really responsible and has a great attitude and stuff. Right?
  23. No, the Trippier thing doesn't work. He plays left back like any other right back plays it. Would he get in the Chelsea or Man Utd teams at left back? Course not. He also only tended to make overlap runs when he knew he was unlikely to get the ball and was a little bit more reluctant when the ball was on - which is what you get from a player not truly comfortable in the role. I heard the comments about his tournament experience... I guess that explains that loose back header he played.
  24. I reckon Italy have got a good chance of getting out of the group.
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