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  1. When he has a good game he has a really good game but most of the time he comes up a bit short. Also often fades badly in the second half.


    Bit more pace than some, wins some headers but do we play better football with him in the team? No.

  2. 2 hours ago, keelansgrandad said:

    I just don't see the midfield thing, not at this level.

    In what way?  This level is tough of course but I think much of the feeling is that he hasn't met what we expected of him this season. And I think we were impressed last season as much because of when he came forward with the ball. He can pass and over distance as well.

    But we did last season and have done this season, been caught through the middle with poor positioning when the opposition has the ball and quite a lot of ball watching.

    I would love to see him tried as a holding player. I would love to see him more involved. He looked quite happy to come forward looking for it when we went three at the back late on Sunday and quite neat with the ball at his feet.

    Maybe they have tried him there n training, I don't know, but at this stage, i don't see any harm in us trying something a bit different. This part of the season has reminded me of Hughton and Neil when they were so worried that they didn't dare do anything different. Surely DF could still get us playing a nice possession based style but try two up front and three at the back or something that the opposition might not expect from us.

    For instance,  it seems a fairly widespread opinion that Rupp and Duda have added nothing and maybe made things worse. Good for DF, he tried something. But it hasn't changed anything and in fact, Sunday was one of the worst performances of the season.. So we haven't added anything from Trybull and Leitner.

    However slight the chance is of staying up, we have to make a stab at it. Forget goal difference, that won't keep us up. And DFs job is safe so he is worry free about the future. Start on Friday by showing you have the nous to take this club further by showing how you can adapt.



    He can pass and he's good on the ball is something people say about Godfrey when making a case for him to play in midfield. But the list of Norwich players that can't pass and aren't good on the ball is a short one. And actually I would question whether he is good enough on the ball and whether he is a good enough passer.  Then there's his awareness with and without the ball. How he takes the ball in,  opening his body up, playing on the turn etc. Don't know if he's streetwise enough.


    You can see sometimes when he's playing as left centreback that when he's got the ball he's slightly limited with what he can do with it. If there's a big diagonal and he can hit it then all well and good and it's an eye-catching thing to do, but when that ball isn't on he can be a bit hesitant. So I don't really know if I can see him going into midfield and having enough in his locker.






  3. 1 hour ago, hogesar said:

    I imagine we will see more of Vrancic with home games upcoming I.e not against the best team in the world.

    I'd be disappointed if not because if we want to take the game to teams he is an important player. Equally, away from home and against a team like Liverpool I can see exactly why he can't get in.

    Know what you're saying but... we lose these games anyway. At least with Vrancic on the pitch we've got a bit more style and more likely to create something. Same with Buendia.

  4. Would there not be benefit in training with better players and under better coaches? 


    If they really want him it'll happen. And his people will know if the other big clubs are interested or not. If they advise him Spurs want him right now, they might not wait and there's no firm interest elsewhere then surely he's a goner. Only ifs though.

  5. He does track back but that's not what he's in the team for. He's in the team to hurt the opposition and he's become very good at that. Kane is obviously very good at sticking the ball in the net but Sterling is the one who brings it all together in the final third. Sancho is obviously a great prospect but Sterling delivers more.

  6. 8 hours ago, hogesar said:

    Probably not helping his case with Southgate though who does seem to have some reservations regarding his attitude

    Well exactly. Southgate has proven he will put talented young players in so there's no problem over that. And he's been putting JM in squads. To me it looks like he's saying to JM "You're this close, go that extra bit and show how much you want it." I don't really know how much Southgate cares about the casino thing but there is clearly something about JM that doesn't sit quite right with him and is perhaps at odds with the good guy image JM tries to project.

  7. I love Norwich but I love football generally.

    This is a great Norwich team so it's a joy to watch them. But I will also be looking forward to watching Kevin De Bruyne because he's the best midfielder in the world. Similarly Sterling is one of the most dangerous forwards and Aguero is one of the most deadly finishers. Etc. Overseen by the best coach in the game.

    Even those times when Suarez scored for fun against us, we may have made it easier for him than it should have been but you still knew the guy was on totally another level to anyone else.



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  8. 8 minutes ago, Capt. Pants said:

    I would be very disappointed in the club if we let Aarons go for £30m if the market thinks Wan B is worth £60m. That's ludicrous money for a fairly average defender. Battle to keep him another season, he's worth more to us than the money we might accept.

    AWB is a very good defender, to say the least.

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