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  1. 8 hours ago, hogesar said:

    Probably not helping his case with Southgate though who does seem to have some reservations regarding his attitude

    Well exactly. Southgate has proven he will put talented young players in so there's no problem over that. And he's been putting JM in squads. To me it looks like he's saying to JM "You're this close, go that extra bit and show how much you want it." I don't really know how much Southgate cares about the casino thing but there is clearly something about JM that doesn't sit quite right with him and is perhaps at odds with the good guy image JM tries to project.

  2. I love Norwich but I love football generally.

    This is a great Norwich team so it's a joy to watch them. But I will also be looking forward to watching Kevin De Bruyne because he's the best midfielder in the world. Similarly Sterling is one of the most dangerous forwards and Aguero is one of the most deadly finishers. Etc. Overseen by the best coach in the game.

    Even those times when Suarez scored for fun against us, we may have made it easier for him than it should have been but you still knew the guy was on totally another level to anyone else.



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  3. 8 minutes ago, Capt. Pants said:

    I would be very disappointed in the club if we let Aarons go for £30m if the market thinks Wan B is worth £60m. That's ludicrous money for a fairly average defender. Battle to keep him another season, he's worth more to us than the money we might accept.

    AWB is a very good defender, to say the least.

  4. 1 hour ago, Bethnal Yellow and Green said:

    Very good analysis of Norwich here; 


    The piece highlighting Buendia’s numbers is further evidence, not that it is really needed, just how special a player he is. 

    Also, lots of bits of analysis I haven’t seen anywhere else.

    Hard to know where the ceiling is for him, apart from that it is high and probably higher than any other player Norwich have had.

  5. 4 hours ago, wcorkcanary said:

    If he doesn't suit the managers plans,LDC,  he'll never get picked. I doubt very much that Southgate " can't handle' him. 'Cant stand him' ....maybe,. But it's much more likely that he doesn't  need him in the system (s) he is using. Don't get me wrong, Maddison is decent , but I see no travesty in him not being included. We shouldn't let our judgement of players be clouded by the jersey they once wore.

    That would seem about on the money to me.

  6. In the latter part of last season, after a few months of settling in, Vrancic was probably our best player.


    A few more months down the line and the guy goes from being our best player to the best player in the league. 


    Leitner is an absolute genius at what he does but Vrancic...he is some player.



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  7. A simply wonderful player. He was probably our best player in the latter part of last season and once he got back into the team this season he's just got better and better. They went after him because they know how f*cking good he is.

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