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  1. GJP

    Zimmermann.....a hero

    Zimmermann has got a mistake or two in him but it is good to see his determination to get straight back in.

    We have lacked players who will die for the cause.
  2. Doesn''t matter where owners come from. There are just good owners and bad owners.
  3. Sessegnon is still only 17. Ridiculous when you consider what he''s done so far.

    He will get a Prem move. No doubt.
  4. GJP

    Derby match thread

    I doubt he''s wondering that much.
  5. Sounds like make believe to get some clicks or the club trying to spin it.
  6. GJP

    Tettey in contract talks

    If the money is right it''s a no brainer to keep him.
  7. GJP

    Did Alex leave too soon?

    If he''s better than Huddersfield why isn''t he getting in the team?

    He''s a top end Champs and lower end Prem player.
  8. Although he wasn''t under pressure he showed that he could pick the lock and we have lacked that at times this season.

    Great vision and awareness.
  9. The thing is that the Prem really comes down to 6 clubs fighting for the top 4 and the other 14 other clubs fighting to avoid the bottom 3.

    And it''s unlikely Maddison is going to any of the big 6.
  10. GJP

    West Ham in for Maddison

    And Lallana had proven himself in the Prem.
  11. Just playing their cards close to their chest and lowering expectation. Usual stuff.
  12. GJP

    West Ham in for Maddison

    Disagree. I''d rather use the money to buy 2 or 3 quality additions and improve the squad as a whole.
  13. GJP

    West Ham in for Maddison

    I would be amazed if anyone pays north of £20m for him.
  14. GJP

    West Ham in for Maddison

    Suspect if they get it nearer £15m with plenty add-ons that''ll do it. Maybe even without plenty add-ons.
  15. GJP

    Harry Toffolo

    I think the fact they signed Husband shows you how highly they rate Toffolo.
  16. Probably. But I don''t see us getting the £20m+ for him that many seem to think.
  17. GJP

    Match thread v Sheff Utd

    Thought Oliveira did ok. Murphy and Maddison were worse. Maddison was cr@p actually.
  18. GJP

    450-500K a week !!!!!

    Hang on, are we saying there is talk of Sanchez leaving Arsenal?

    They''ve kept that quiet.
  19. Yup. Had Grant Holt turned in that performance last night there wouldn''t have been any complaints.

    He worked hard, got stuck in and caused them some problems. A couple of times he was selfish and maybe didn''t take the right option but there were a couple of others guilty of that too.
  20. I thought he played well.

    Put the penalty at a nice height for the ''keeper but he was tired and he''s not in goal-scoring form so I wasn''t surprised.
  21. GJP

    Chelsea v City

    Arsenal was slightly different because we took the lead and then lost it to two late goals.

    This time we fought back from a goal down and took them all the way.

    It''s a different feeling.
  22. GJP

    Chelsea v City

    Lincoln - it wasn''t for nothing because the lads will take loads from that. They might be knackered but they will take confidence and heart from pushing them all the way. Individually and as a team.

    Worth it.
  23. GJP

    James Maddison - £25m

    Bit of a win-win for the club.

    If there is actual serious interest for Maddison then they can sell him for a lot of money.

    But if not they can use all this speculation to say "There was strong intetest but we managed to keep this very popular young player at NCFC". Or similar about letting other players go so they can keep the ones they want.