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  1. GJP

    Maddison = Ozil?

    So that''ll be Beckham, Ozil and Modric.

    Anyone else who has played for Real Madrid?

  2. GJP

    Squad for next season

    Leitner has already shown he can get people in and create chances.

    The early signs are that his football brain is top drawer - by our standards.

    The picture he sees and the positions he takes up, he''s been a joy to watch. Just need to see more of him.
  3. I was there. I didn''t boo. But i wasn''t surprised there was some and I wasn''t bothered by it.

    You reap what you sow and the club have sewn some sh*t in recent years.
  4. You would have to have your head some way down in the sand not to have doubts.
  5. GJP

    Maddison 25M

    Not the same kind of player but Dele is only a few months older and is a fully established first team player at a top 6 club and has 20+ England caps.

    Plus Spurs thought highly enough of him to snap him up when he was 18.
  6. GJP

    Maddison 25M

    What Bethnal said. And the Will Hughes comparison is one I have also used.

  7. GJP

    Maddison 25M

    Leicester would seem about right.

    Don''t overly agree with the Beckham comparisons other than set pieces/deliveries.
  8. GJP

    Maddison 25M

    Seems unlikely anyone would want to loan him back.

    If he was 2 or 3 years younger and for a smaller fee then maybe.
  9. GJP


    He''s quality. Best ''keeper we have had in a long time.

    Would be very nice to see him here beyond this season.
  10. GJP

    Maddison 25M

    He did indeed but it was a low ball over a short-medium distance down the side of the defence. Great ball though.

    But in general play Leitner and Vrancic open the pitch up more.

  11. GJP

    Maddison 25M

    I think he does a fair amount of short passing but I don''t think he offers the range that Leitner and Vrancic have shown.
  12. GJP

    Maddison 25M

    Is his passing range exceptional?
  13. GJP

    Maddison 25M

    Slightly disagree. There have been a number of home games where he has been fairly quiet.

    The obvious weakness in his game is a lack of pace/acceleration.
  14. Yeah but you can often tell when someone has got "it" and when they haven''t.

    For example, in my opinion, Ryan Jarvis always just looked like someone who was good for his age group but there was never anything about him that really caught the eye. Then when Chris Martin came along you could see something different - this lad can play.
  15. Sessegnon is the biggest prospect.
  16. GJP

    Onel Hernandez

    Quite impressive so far. I think criticism of his final ball is a bit unfair. He looks to me like he''s generally trying to find the right ball rather than just hoping. Although sometimes a winger does just have to try to put it into an area.
  17. Someone like Leicester might be about right.

    But we ain''t got no money so it isn''t a strong position for us.
  18. £15m wouldn''t surprise me.
  19. Pinto or Tettey would go in there. No drama.
  20. I would be very happy if we can find a way to keep him.
  21. I like Reed but I wouldn''t pick him as first choice in any position.

    As for the comparison to Pinto...

    If people look at the Bolton game two things were notable:

    1) We lacked an attacking thrust down the right side because Reed offers almost nothing going forward. Pinto does.

    2) When Bolton did start to get some joy it was because they started to target Reed.
  22. He had a good first half but second half his work rate dropped.
  23. First half was very good. Second half too many took it easy. Thought Maddison and Lewis were quite lazy. Josh was just rubbish. Hernandez looked knackered.