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  1. GJP

    World Cup Thread

    Not really seen a better side than England yet.

    Yes they''ve played a couple of weaker sides but that''s the group stages for you. They still need beating.

    They have some great movement upfront and an absolutely deadly striker.

  2. GJP

    City Summer Transfer Thread.

    But the Championship is a much stronger division than League 1.

    And they are all players who can and have scored goals. People pay money for goals.
  3. GJP

    City Summer Transfer Thread.

    Is £3m derisory for a guy with just 1 season of League 1 football on his CV?
  4. [quote user="GJP"] the lady . [/quote]

  5. It''s not like he''s unheard of. All the big clubs have had a look and not been desperate to go for him.

    Just go back to January, he was already having a good season (and didn''t get better 2nd half of season) yet nobody in the Prem thought "This is the lad to keep us out the bottom 3" and certainly nobody thought "This is the lad to get us into Europe".

    So people are thinking the lad is a good player but nobody is thinking the lady is outstanding. Getting £20m (or more) for someone in their 20s who has only got 1 good season on their CV is good business.
  6. His potential is not massive. He''s got a shot at being a decent Premier League player - which is a still a very high level. But he''s not top, top drawer.

  7. GJP

    Lampard New Derby Manager !

    And the news come just a day after JT announces he''s not staying on at Villa.

    Probably totally unrelated.
  8. Not a lot in. Maddison probably has more of an eye for goal but Grealish covers the ground better.

    Grealish did have a strong 2nd half of the season. Maddison had a few flatter games.

  9. GJP

    Liverpool or Real Madrid?

    Ramos doing a job on Salah. Game over.
  10. GJP

    Liverpool or Real Madrid?

    Hope Liverpool win but very tough to call.

    The Real Madrid team is just full of big game players, players who have won it all and know how to win it.

    But nobody wants to play against Mane, Firmino and Salah.

    Despite his disciplinary record Ramos is an excellent defender. As good as anyone playing the game and probably the best. A very intriguing battle ahead.
  11. GJP

    OT - England Squad

    Rose has had a nothing season though.

    Delph has played regularly for the best team in the country. And one of the best teams we have seen.
  12. Angus had a couple of errors but overall he had a very good season. Made some great saves and his distribution is top notch.

    It would be a huge result to get him back here.
  13. GJP

    OT - England Squad

    Yup. Delph is surely being seen as a midfielder otherwise that area is very light if Dier or Henderson got injured.
  14. GJP

    OT - England Squad

    Shelvey has been one of the best midfielders in the Prem in recent months and has kept himself out of the Refs notebook. So perhaps it could be argued he has matured and upped his game.

    Also, there are players in that squad who have put in some horrific tackles this season - Kane being one - and people haven''t taken much issue.

    Think Shelvey might not have been given a fair look, especially with a squad seemingly defender heavy and midfield light.
  15. GJP

    OT - England Squad

    Shelvey is probably the main one who can consider himself unlucky not to have been given a look.

  16. I dislike passing backwards when the opposition are out of shape and allowing them to regroup. Turn the screw.
  17. Very good player.

    Like Vrancic he sees things the others don''t or he sees them quicker.

    Would be very encouraging to see him back.
  18. GJP


    Plenty worse managers out there. Plenty.
  19. I think we need to be chanting for him to stay.
  20. GJP

    Maddison to liverpool

    Yes. Exactly what every manager wants.
  21. GJP

    Maddison to liverpool

    Could be a squad player for them. Particularly if Lallana left.

    But not in their best 11.
  22. I''d bite their hands off for 2 quid.
  23. GJP

    The Sun on Sunday and Maddison

    There''s also a physical difference that shouldn''t be overlooked. Dele has a presence, he''s 6''2 and can cover the ground.
  24. GJP

    The Sun on Sunday and Maddison

    Hard to see which of the big 6 he''d get in the team at. And considering 5 of them are trying to catch up with Man City why would they spend big money on a lad who isn''t going to close that gap?

    But at least with the Sigurdsson deal we have seen there are clubs who will spend huge amounts on good but not truly great players. Though of course he was a proven Prem player.