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  1. We had a decent little run of narrow scoreline wins. Then against two of the stronger outfits we''ve taken 1 from 6.

    Too much has been made of those 4 league wins in a row. And the weaker links in the recent games have been the youngsters, particularly Buendia and Cantwell.

  2. GJP

    Stoke match thread

    I thought they did a pretty good job at limiting us to not a lot. Final ball a bit lacking and Pukki not really in it.
  3. GJP

    Stoke match thread

    Yeah, we''re not getting enough from Cantwell and Buendia.

    Lewis couldn''t get near Ince.
  4. GJP

    Maddison in the England squad

    Good lad.
  5. In fairness, Foden is in the Man City first team squad playing for the best coach in the world... that takes some doing.

    He and Sancho are quite simply outstanding talents.

    So I''d have no problem seeing them get in the England squad now because they are the future.
  6. GJP

    Agent Hurst

    How sh*t are PNE to actually be below them?
  7. GJP


    Great knock for the 1st goal.
  8. GJP

    Ben Marshall

    No, I''m not writing them off.
  9. GJP

    Ben Marshall

    Well it is a problem position because Pinto is the only one really proven to play at this level.

    I was saying pre-season that the fullback areas look dodgy.

    You don''t get anywhere in football without a robust defence.
  10. "Best manager we''ve had in some time"

    He''s certainly the best we''ve had since Alex Neil.
  11. Writing was on the wall when Krul signed.
  12. GJP

    Maddison and Murphy

    Very hard to see him getting anywhere near being England captain when you consider the level of guys who have had the job.

    Making the squad for a friendly in the next year or so will be hard enough.
  13. GJP

    Sean Raggett

    Hanley is pretty quick tbf.
  14. King, hence use of word "prospect".
  15. Foden is outstanding though. He is a truly outstanding prospect.

  16. It is about proving it. Maddison has proven he can bang in some goals in the Champs.

    He now has to prove he can do the business up a level.
  17. Had Madders already been in the Prem then maybe. But he hasn''t been. And he has a much lesser record for England at youth level.

    So, again, he has more to prove.
  18. Well they are though, aren''t they? Cook is slightly younger than Maddison but already has a more impressive CV.

    Not saying there''s masses in it but Maddison has more to prove.
  19. Good job you''re not signing the players on then.
  20. GJP


    Best we''ve had for a while.
  21. GJP

    Olive Branch

    I agree. But there''s still a difference between being unhappy at to be on the bench and being happy to play golf.
  22. GJP

    Olive Branch

    Just on his attitude, I''d rather see a player p1ssed off because he hasn''t started etc than a player who is happy to warm the bench (or not even be in the squad) and carry on picking up his healthy wages.

  23. GJP

    Olive Branch

    Thing with Nelson is that he is talented. He does have natural ability and flair.
  24. GJP

    Danny Ings

    1. He won''t want to drop to a midtable Champs club.

    2. He won''t want to drop to a midtable Champs club that can only pay peanuts in comparison to his mega bucks contract.
  25. GJP

    Leitner signs permanently

    I do agree that Maddison could and did slow down play.

    Not all the time. But sometimes he was guilty of it.