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  1. I''ll cheer him.He works his @rse off during a match.Granted, he could start a fight with his own reflection but when all is said and done, he has always respected Norwich so he deserves the same from us.
  2. I''m having a Tarka Masala. It''s like a tikka masala but ''otter.
  3. [quote]A stock reply there''s a surprise.[/quote]Can''t say that your response was very imaginative either bud.If you''re gonna argue, put some effort in to it.Or shut up.
  4. if you could be so kind Andy, I''d appreciate a pm''d link?Thanking you in advance.
  5. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"]Good spot Messiah, mind you back in the 50''s there was a guy who did ventriloquism on the radio and was huge.[/quote]I could do that!
  6. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"]Is it just me, or does fancy dress on the radio seem somewhat ill thought out?[/quote]Don''t forget mime as well. Never quite delivers when it''s on the radio.
  7. Can''t ;-(I''m a firefighter.It''d melt and stick to me. Which would (I''m guessing) smart a little.
  8. I''d rather he didn''t wear the Might Yellow shirt.Who in the world would pay money for him to do that? Wearing it is an honour not a chore. Wear your Ipsh*t shirt brucey, you''ll raise loads more through the sympathy-vote!
  9. [quote user="They Call Me Gary"] Like the currant shirt? [/quote]We''ve got a shirt with currants on!!!!?????Nooooooooooooo!
  10. [quote user="The Huckerby Delusion"]This is a Local club, for Local People, there''s nothing for you here![/quote]Like it! Nice one Tubbs.
  11. You lot talk a load of pants!Bring back Gunny and Grant in a joint managerial partnership.Roeder as mis-director of football.Start playing a 2-1-5-1-1 formation with the ball punted straight down the middle evertime - the theory being that at some point the oppsition will think that we must boot it somewhere else other than the middle.Theo as new goalie coach.Nick Leeson as Chairman.What could possibly go wrong?[:P]
  12. I agree with all of the above apart from the fact MY night would have been complete with a cuddle from the missus.....Still, can''t have it all can I?
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