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  1. [quote user="Diane"]I guess with Delia & Michael both being 75 there might come a day when they may hand over the reigns to have a rest from board matters, so they can just enjoy the games Haven''t met their nephew Tom and don''t know anything about him so can''t comment on him but would be open to a foreign rich owner if it was one like the Leic owner who''s a billionnaire but is strong on the community feel and who the fans seem to love. In the past 12 months he''s donated £37,500 to five local Leicester charities. Also reported in the local newspaper that he''s given a further £2m to kick start a £10m appeal to build a new Children''s Hospital in the City. Didn''t he also subsidise away travel quite a few times last season to help their fans, then he bought all his players a new car when they got promoted. But I appreciate a lot of foreign owners haven''t been good for clubs so you''d have to be very choosy. Guess the ideal situation would be for some to take over who''s local, is a ncfc fan and is rich so lets hope one of us wins the lottery tonight lol[/quote] A definite yes and we need to be active in broadcasting that we ARE open to offers, some great points made by Diane
  2. [quote user="ricardo"]The model of a football club being owned by moderately wealthy local worthies with some regard to community and tradition is no longer a viable one, if it ever was. The advent of the Premier League changed everything and since it was formed it has been obvious that we were moving ever closer to a type of NFL model where the competing clubs become playthings of the ultra rich. Those that refuse to play this game or are unable to find a benefactor are headed for the dustbin of history. No amount of clamouring for a level playing field is going to wash, the new football hierarchy will be largely be decided by the depth of the owners pockets.Having rich owners is no guarantee of success or Premier League status but it keeps you in the game and in with a chance, without them we are basically stuffed. NCFC will either move with the tide of history or be washed away by the current.[/quote] This
  3. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/west-brom-closing-150million-takeover-8434124 West Brom next, getting left behind with the Jones
  4. Southampton & Leicester are doing very with shiny new owners I suppose it''s how full your glass is
  5. Would be interested to know if we are still actively trying to secure investment for the future?, this sounds a sensible option for Crystal Palace with the current owners still actively involved. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-3314198/Crystal-Palace-set-American-investment-businessman-Josh-Harris-edges-closer-buying-huge-stake-Premier-League-club.html?ITO=1490&ns_mchannel=rss&ns_campaign=1490
  6. After watching this afternoons Leicester v Villa match and off the back of this thread, what ambition their owners have & proves good owners are out there or could add to our dynamic going forward. Thoughts? http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/27387616
  7. Has to be a to become a permanent fixture in the top division and that comes from maximising revenue streams and looking for successors to move the club forward on & off the pitch who have new drive. Stadium expansion should feature highly also. It''s all become a bit stale and surely we have to evolve? Would be interested to hear your views Can u sit down & others as these points are far more important than covering old ground?
  8. How refreshing to see a reasoned post challenging the current status quo and the position of our club. Dare to dream however that seems to unsettle many, why is that perhaps a reflection on their own lives and values?
  9. Russell Martin also stated this last week and look how spot on he was with this statement?! http://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/norwich_city_s_russell_martin_warns_the_time_has_come_to_cut_out_defensive_charity_1_2954959
  10. Agreed with pretty much everything Lee Dixon had to say. Pace up front is key and was the only difference between the 2 sides today & when we have an opportunity we have to work the keeper....
  11. Yeah good news Birchfest! Not going to the game tomorrow but may take a stroll along to the Parma game on Sat which he will hopefully be involved in also, if his rehabilitation continues. For some reason have high hopes for Pilkington.....
  12. My hope is McVeigh for sure also, more personality than Eadie IMO and would prove a good sidekick to Boreham ;)
  13. Who cares? because "I @*cking love Grant Holt!" He''ll be fit & ready.......
  14. Ruddy R Martin Ward Whitbread Tierney Crofts Johnson Bennett Wes Surman Holt Subs Rudd Da Laet Barnett Fox Vaughan Jackson Morison Thats with current personnel at the club as of today. Not 100% sure on Pilkingtons injury but if hes fit I would assume he may replace someone on the bench. Plenty of flexibility to play a number of formations though which bodes well......
  15. [quote user="lappinitup"]I still miss him! [:''(][:''(][:''(][/quote] You must check that prescription at the Doc''s Lapps!
  16. [quote user="bloodwagon"]Back to Pilkington anyway, supposedly Stoke & Wolves were also interested and 30 odd pages on Huddersfields website suggests to me he has something....Be nice if someone would post the link as i looked and couldnt find the one with 30 pages, as it wou,ld be nice to see what they say !![/quote] Here we go Bloodwagon..... http://downatthemac.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general
  17. Looking forward to seeing Pilkington for real, personally I think this could turn out to be a masterstroke by Lambert "if" he has fully recovered from his injury. Look at Matt Jarvis at Wolves for example who has had a fantastic signing resulting in an England call-up and numerous admirers and if speculation is to be believed now in the region of a £10 million player, perhaps Pilkington or Bennett can also step up to the plate. £2 million-ish is certainly worth a punt, I would have preffered more of a finished article in McGugan or Snodgrass but the supposed £8 million Bates wanted for a player with one years experience of the Championship was a joke. Back to Pilkington anyway, supposedly Stoke & Wolves were also interested and 30 odd pages on Huddersfields website suggests to me he has something.... Welcome Anthony , now put some of these supposed Premiership defenders like Cashley Cole on their ass ;)
  18. Obviously gutted by not getting his move to Norwich looking at this interview..... http://www.skysports.com/video/inline/0,26691,12606_7020891,00.html
  19. [quote user="terrier10"]http://www.htafc.com/page/NewsDetail/0,,10312~2386355,00.html That''s the latest from our chairman. Someone has posted on our forum that he has signed for you for £2.3m rising to £2.8m You are getting a quality player if this is true. He''s right footed naturally but equally as comfortable on his left. Great shot on him and a great crosser of the ball. There is an element of risk with the injury, however, it was the same as Antonio Valencia''s and he saw the same surgeon...Valencia came back the same, so if Pilks does you''ve got a gem![/quote] Thanks Terrier, I for one hope this deal goes through. Personally a tad disappointed by not getting Snodgrass but £8m if thats what they reportedly want is just crazy money. The only concern like others have mentioned is the injury but if he passes a stringent medical I believe this could potentially be a good signing. When you see the hysteria on Huddersfield messageboards the guy obviously has ability. Terrier, if I could ask you one question "do you believe he can make the step up to the Prem?"
  20. Personally I would love Snodgrass at FCR, £8 million is a bit steep for sure but I really hop we are trying to push as much as we can on this one. If Henderson went to Liverpool for £18million/Jones to Man Utd for £16 million or whatever price it was finally surely Snodgrass is worth £6million? If the deal for Snodgrass is too much though I would love us to push on with a bid for McGugan from Forest although who knows if hes even on Lamberts radar? As regards Pilkington I dont know a great deal about him but would like someone who has a little more experience....
  21. Like Malky a lot but cant stand this Welsh anti-english hating club, although for Malky through "gritted teeth" all the best!
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