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  1. grimsby quarter final of milk cup/league cup year we won it ,loads of snow kept thinking it would be called off we won 1=0 great snowball fight and atmosphere
  2. NO   not good enough to get in a dire sunderland team ,not good enough for us. why does worthy always go for other teams rejects. I even think we are better than sunderland and were a mess
  3. 6.7 million,can you see anyone paying that much for ashton the way he has been this season ,we will be lucky to get our money back hardly set the play on fire has he (worthy out 4 me) roll on xmas !
  4. I live in lincolnshire and the odd midweek game i carnt make ,so i tried the buyback scheme and spent nearly twenty minutes on the phone with the club robot telling me YOU ARE NUMBER FIVE IN THE QUEUE,probably spent more than a fiver on the phone .why dont you modernise the system ROBOT by having an email to use for the buyback. Now number four in the queue........
  5. started off bit hesitant ,but settled down ,played the simple pass was bit reluctant to get forward .in the end thought he had quite a good game considering it was his first
  6. leon will never score 20 goals a season and will struggle to get a dozen .yes loads of effort but poor touch , need to take our chances or teams will keep pegging us back  give thorne a run was highly rated a few years back
  7. very dissapointed with him,spent half the game walking. not closing people down at least safri got a foot in, how francis was second in player of the season i dont know all about opinions suppose
  8. noticed that last season from the river end .loads more goals this season at riverend, great for me as i have seat behind that goal.oh just a couple more for today pretty please!
  9. kevin reeves for me,guted when sold to man city ,never really did it there.
  10. after the so called riot, against aston villa where jimmy rimmer got pelted with coins from the barkley end.following day talk of a missile net being strung up across the front of the stand.never happened but i was looking forward to watching the next game through the square window!    going back abit i know but still makes me laugh.
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