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  1. russell must be subbed, you can see it comming, time for gunn to make a decision
  2. been a while since we had a centre forward who puts themselves about ,nice to see some one get stuck in and unsettling the opposition back four . Too late for fancy football we need players willing to battle not bottle it ,and grind out 2 or 3 wins .All about results now id play him up front from the start. at least he puts a shift in hope he keeps it up
  3. carnt remember the last time we have beaten them at least 10 plus games talk about a bogey team if ever there was one ,so must be due a win glass half full !
  4. Wolves .....dont make me laugh, must be a wolves man on the selection commitee .scum club of the year maybe, horrible memorys of going there
  5. GREAT NEWS.....going to have half a shandy , might just leave the lemonade out ! and toast the great man goodbye
  6. played 31 scored 4 for wigan. sort of powerful pacey man roeder likes !
  7. bad move , hucks has been the one bloke who has woke me up from some inept performances the last couple of years,at least he would make something happen ie run at a bloke is patterson or croft going to tear defences open from out on the wing .....nope worth at least another year or are we signing marc overmars !
  8. i remember the last time i went to hillsbourgh when it mattered ,we lost but still got promoted seem to recall one of there fans was on the pitch when they scored the winner he nearly got his head to the ball when the cross came in, anyone else remember that ? never been so pleased at the end must be the only time i felt this when weve lost. weird feeling hope we dont go to the last day again .....im sure we wont !
  9. Thanks to you all ... mellow, now you mention it there is always a golf buggy flying around the ground, is there a large underground carpark beneath carrow road full of golf buggys ! lol
  10. hi , being an exile i normally park down at the council offices car park along with every man and his dog? unfortunatly my mrs wants to come saturday to try norwich for some clothes shopping never got enough clothes, single lads you have been warned !....has anyone used the st andrews multi storey near the town centre and if so is it easy enough to park in on a saturday or any other all day carparks you can recommend  cheers kye
  11. why join the board ? then six months on we cannot afford 1M for a decent centre half who has proved himself here and wants to come here, how much do they expect to pay .forget shola on big wages on loan the defence has been the problem for ages now ,we sorted it out, then were back to square one again .it will cost us more than 1M if we go down thats for sure
  12. NO ......................GIVE THE JOB TO DUFFY HE IS CONSISTANT !
  13. drown myself with john smiths  in the hope i sober up and it was all a bad dream ..christ i laughed at megson going to bolton !
  14. we will not penny pinch......phil parkingson..turn the lights out !
  15. huge wage for huffing and puffing for 70 mins, things are looking up......NOT
  16. i would hate to see bentley putting an 60 hour shift in a factory ,lads of his age would give there right arm to play football twice a week nevermind play for england poor lad ! boo
  17. He is trying to find his magic hat to pack into his suitcase.so if anyone has seen it please let peter know !
  18. easy ,got to be magic hat and the year before did he play then,! more like bobble hat THORNE
  19. clive baker for me he was only 4 ft 10"...........seemed like it !
  20. time for him to go ,no good saying what he did 2 or 3 years ago its what he is doing now what matters and that is not a lot .if ever a player looks stale it must be him ,need fresh hungry players that walk off the pitch dripping in sweat giving there all, does not sound like mcveigh to me......bye
  21. not had commentry the last four games emailed the club ,said look through windows help pages ...not much use seems a few people are having the same problem any ideas anyone  .yes i do pay !!
  22. my car is running i will gladly drive him there !  "taxi for thorne"
  23. yes i know the pink un is printed on pink paper,but why pink paper not white .just curious?
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