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  1. imo whats going to happen,the transfer window will close,the board will say we tried etc etc.now go and get some rubbish cf  on loan..
  2. your opinions may be through arriva yellow tinted glasses,but well thought out and good analysis and a  excellent thread.
  3. it,s not grant,s fault it,s delia,s and the board  Q "which nearly everyone in Norfolk had seen coming for about a good 18 months before his departure" apart from those who could do any thing about it.  dribbling delia out imo.
  4. because most of them are not very good.some people can not see past there yellow tinted glasses can you here that ..........other clubs knocking on our door for our best players no because they aint very good.you need 15 good players in a sqaud to compeat. we got 4-5 the club is going down hill huge depts small poor quality squad. so wake up everyone its mid table in champs for quite a while.
  5. if dion gets player of year that shows how poor the team is i thought dion was good bench signing .and he was never that good in his prime 10 goals a season man.
  6. we did the same in the summer offering half of clubs values on there players. they (the board think fans are brainless )i don''t know the details but nearly 20 mill in dept is the sign of things can only get worse.
  7. On September 7, 2004, shortly before Brown''s debut for the club, Brown was cautioned by Northumbria Police along with team-mates Sean Taylor and [yan Bell for firing paintballs at passers by from a car. The trio were initially suspended by the club during investigations, and were fined and haned written warnings for their behaviour. During a statement, the trio said they were "embarrassed" by their behaviour, and apologised for their actions. A fourth player, Niall Flynn, was also disciplined for a similar, separate incident. Whilst Bell, Flynn and Taylor were released in 2005 and 2006 without making an appearance for Sunderland, Brown made his debut the same day his fine was announced on September 21, 2004, and has been a first team regular ever since. [edit] Sex tape allegations On December 7, 2006, tabloid newspaper The Sun reported Brown, along with team-mates Ben Alnwick and Liam Lawrence had filmed themselves in an orgy with a brunette girl referred to as ''Stevie.'' In the video, Brown is said to give "Match of the Day" style commentary as his team-mates perform sexual acts on the girl. Former Sunderland midfielder Martin Woods also features on the tape, but remains fully clothed, along with two other men. In reference to the watching men, Brown reportedly comments “Here’s the boys — the watching faithful — every week without fail.” On December 8, The Sun reported that the girl in the video was just 16 years old, with the girl claiming she had no idea she was being filmed. do we need someone like him NO
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