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  1. I suspect that if legally challenged, the cup-tied rule would be judged as a restraint of trade and theefore unlawful and unenforceable
  2. any players signed between the two games cannot play in the replay (even if they are not formally cup-tied) or have played abroad   cannot make the replay as I am working away  [:''(] but I can make the next round [;)]    
  3. you would certainly have more fun in Blackpool than York kwrtw2006.   to answer your question, the ground is next to the largest car part in Europe   the No.1 club next to the away end is good for a pre-match pint.  if you are staying over, head for the Talbot Sq area for all the busiest pubs/clubs (there are over 100 nightclubs to choose from in Blackpool, catering for all tastes !!)   have fun   Mole
  4. We are just about sold out (any season tickets not bought by tonight go on general sale tomorrow) - you lot had sold 1700 out of 1850 at the start of this week so I assume by now you have sold the remaining 150.   I know neither of us were particularly excited by this draw but it seems that the atmosphere on the day should be a good ''un.   My old man is from Norwich and although he took me to Blackpool from age 4, he still has a soft spot for his home town team - he works at Bloomfield Rd on match days so you will have one extra fan in the home offices !!   If any of you lot have any questions re Blackpool, Bloomfield Rd etc, just let me know - I will try my best to answer.   By the way, we are on fire at the moment - you will need to be up for this one!!  Bring it on.   Good luck at Burnley tomorrow - they are pants (unfortunately, I now live just 2 miles from Turf Moor)   Mole
  5. ...I am told - if that is the case, there will be less than 200 left for you guys (and I''m suitably impressed!!) - could be a sell-out
  6. stands were built under the stewardship of his son, Karl Oyston - Owen, who has served time, had several plans before his "holiday", including a retractable, floating pitch !!   yes there was a brawl at your place in 2000 - centrered around our number 9 John Murphy - Murphs is currently out on loan (and cup-tied) and scoring at Stamford Bridge for Macclesfield.   Mole
  7. suspect concessions will be £10 (oaps) and £5 (kids) if the same as Saturday - both teams need to agree though
  8. hi guys - not the best draw for either of us but I suppose both clubs will be quietly confident of progress   capacity at the moment is about 9300 (we sold out for the first time in 10 yrs on Boxing Day) - the away "stand" holds about 1850 - we also have two new stands that were opened in 2001 - these are along one side and behind one goal (with a built-in corner) - various delays have held up the rest   I put "stand" in quotes because it is temporary golf-style UNCOVERED seating (with very poor catering/toilet facilities) down one side of the pitch (and facing the sea/elements)  - only about 15 rows deep - but if Pompey can get away with that in the Prem, why can''t we !!! - the fourth side (behind one goal) is just flattened wasteland.   suspect this will be a near sell-out if you fill your bit - we are on a great run at the moment and I see this as a good chance to test our current squad in the type of game we would need to win if we ever managed to claw our way up to the Championship   we played you in the League Cup in 2000 - 3-3 at your place; 2nd leg at ours was postponed about 10 mins before kickoff due to torrential rain (given the open away end, you may drown if that happens again!!) - when rearranged you scraped through (ahem!) 5-0   ask me any questions on Blackpool if u need answers - I will try my best - our best messageboard is at www.avftt.com   cheers   Mole
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