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  1. trabant

    We Are Watching, Mr Balls

    It''s the boy Balls fault, or is it the ball boys fault
  2. trabant

    Team for QPR...

    [quote user="lake district canary"]It''s going to be a squad rotation kind of season and Stiepermann a good left field player so -                          Gunn

              Martin Franke Zimmerman

        Pinto             Reed          Stiepermann              Maddison   Naismith                        Jerome 


    Hope that''s not the starting line-up, we need 11 to start
  3. trabant

    Stuart Pearce Odds 😱

    One of the worst so far, another dreadful manager and even worse co commentator

  4. trabant

    ALBERT ADOMAH wants to leave Boro

    splat the cat is ahead of grabban
  5. trabant


    Watford are signing a new team, we should take Troy Deeney off them
  6. trabant

    Architects of our own downfall!

    Dry your tears derby canary, the season''s not over yet
  7. trabant


    Becchio wasn''t on the bench at Bolton
  8. trabant

    football ground quiz

    i know where it is LDC, but I cheated,

  9. my 1st visit to Fulham was 1976 and I''m pretty sure they had George Best and Rodney Marsh playing for them that day
  10. trabant

    Delia... You are a liar!

    how can anyone believe what she says from now on
  11. trabant

    End of Season Dinner

    iwan looks like Fidel Castro
  12. trabant

    Hughton's last game

    [quote user="ellis206"]

    And I hope all the fans that brought so much negativity to that West Brom game hold their heads in shame, as much to blame as anyone at the club.



    what a pile of crap, it was hughton who was so negative, what about all the other games?

    what was his plan B?

    couldn''t win 2 games in a row,

    and we had just lost 7 away games on the trot!!

    the fans have been brilliant at home all season,

    he should have gone after the Hull away game
  13. trabant

    wonder what RVW is thinking

    he''s probably thinking, I wonder if i''ll be player of the season
  14. the only bright side is that the clueless clown has gone, only 6 months too late!