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  1. I think we already have the ideal replacement. Its time for people to start backing Steve Morison and let him become the first choice front man.Last year was his first year in a new team and the Premiership and still got his fair share of goals.  I know he went off the boil for part of the season but hopefully if next year he is settled then his proven finishing abilities as shown at Arsenal will become a regular feature.I know we still need another striker or 2 as backup (hopefully a young up and coming prospect, fantastic if it could be Rhodes) but as a direct replacement I think Morison deserves his chance.
  2. Exactly what I can''t work out. Almost expected a Premier League club to approach him and still will if he stays. It''s inevitable that he will attract attention and if he did indeed leave and become an established and respected manager then thanks and good luck, but Burnley????Ok they have parachute payments but everything else seems inferior to NCFC. If he doesnt achieve promotion then he will be in a far worse position there than here. The one thing I do trust 100% is McNally. He will totally have our interests at heart whether that involves Lambert or not.
  3. A great commentator who always managed to raise a smile even when things weren''t going well. Will be fondly remembered and much missed by all Canaries followers.Thanks Roy!
  4. Well done Yelverton Yella!Totally agree with 100% of what you say unfortunately I think you may be about to be shot down in flames as those who "have the best interests of our club" fail to see the logic in your opinion.However I feel that you speak for the majority of fans just not the loud minority.Well done! Sense at last! 
  5. [quote user="Jez"]I don''t like the board, or alot of the decisions they made (although I was there in our premiership season singing "delia''s barmy army" along with everyone else, as you were I imagine), but I don''t go to games to support a bunch of suits, I''m there to support my football team. What you NEED to accept is that we are a team with very little money.  I''ve read many posts about how we need a new board, a new owner, more investment, a better manager, better players, players in long-term contracts rather than loanees etc etc etc, and I agree with every single one of those points.  What I don''t seem to understand is where all the whingers, protestors, boo-boys, nay sayers and general pessimists think we''re supposed to find any of these things? Who wants to buy Norwich?  Is Callum our saviour?  I haven''t read and stories about a mystery benefactor interested in buying a small, isolated, English club.  What hard decisions would you have them make?  In case you hadn''t noticed  clubs are going bust across the English leagues, is anyone bailing them out?  Are there any great success stories you can point to? If we stop supporting the club, the clubs revenue drops.  If that happens we have to either gamble with money we don''t have and risk losing everything, or dwindle further into obscurity.  Which one of those options do you prefer?  Where is your magical third option going to come from? [/quote]Stop making sense Jez you know nobody on this board likes that sort of thing!Maybe after a few years of small crowds when the club is in financial meltdown or worse they will be happy, we won''t have a club to support but hey at least the board will be gone so look on the bright side!!!I pay money to support my club not a board, not a director, not a chairman!  I will be there through the bad times and the good times (Anyone remember the days before the Premiership 14,000 attendances at an average guess).Now don''t go accusing me of supporting Delia and MWJ  I have already said I don''t but if I have to pay my money to keep this club alive so be it!Go ahead shoot me down in flames but get used to it there isn''t a knight in shining armour or an Archant front page coming to the rescue for us or any other of the countless teams in the same position!!!CITY TILL I DIE!!!!!
  6. I agree with Cowley. If your looking for someone with money to take us over then they are only going to be interested in a Premiership team or at the very least top Championship side!Why would they want to waste time and money building up a League 1 club?
  7. I think Plymouth are in real trouble. They are dropping like a stone and seem to be the only team not picking up points.So Charlton, Southampton and Plymouth.
  8. Don Cowie to Norwich according to BBC rumour mill.Anyone know anything?http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/7858331.stm
  9. Hope it will be Curbishley, but can''t see it happening.Wouldn''t mind Tilson, plays good football and has achieved miracles at Southend.
  10. Why Boothroyd?  Even the Watford fans hated his mind numbing kick and rush football!Malky welcome back anytime!
  11. Things aren''t looking too great for Cardiff either!http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/cardiff_city/7125600.stm
  12. Well said Rethinking the future! A post that is well thought out AND makes sense!!! Couldn''t agree more.  Be prepared to be shot down in flames  
  13. Not sure you can count Coventry. Having to sell the club to stop it going out of business is a bit different to finding a buyer prepared to invest for the good of the club. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/c/coventry_city/7070491.stm    
  14. Gotta agree with MK Canary. Martin Allen has always done well with hardly any finances at his disposal. If its a choice surely they''ve gotta go for him.  
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