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  1. [quote user="Hog"]Reminded me of a slightly slower Hucks! Which is surely the highest praise one can give.......[/quote] Reminded me of a slightly slower McNamee cutting back inside for the left foot.
  2. The River End Mardle is now avaliable to listen to on HuckerbysBoots. No excuse not to give this new podcast a try now. www.huckerbysboots.com
  3. Well hopefully he will have something more interesting to say than you.
  4. If you want the theme you need to have a jailbroken ipod touch/iphone. If you do please give me your email and I will send you a set of instructions and the files to install.
  5. Cheers mate! Welcome back to everyone that has listened previously, Any questions/comments for me, Posh Jimi or Matt feel free to throw them at us on here.
  6. [quote user="TIL 1010"] I have within the last hour e-mailed Neil Doncaster having consulted with the NCISA Committee following the debacle this afternoon and cancelled the forum with Bryan Gunn due to have been held this wednesday. It was generally felt that the timing under the current atmosphere was totally inappropriate as we now are entering possibly the most turbulent period in the history of Norwich City FC.   [/quote] FFS! Not only do we have a board, a management team and a set of players with no care or passion for the club. We now have a supporters association that is going to be too nice to challenge the people that have caused this and I quote "debacle"! Now is not the time for being nice and letting these people off the hook. Now is the time for being inappropriate and asking why OUR football club has fallen so far! Now is the time to get some answers! Now is the time to make our voice heard! It is not the time to be in league with the board and let these people off the hook!  
  7. Lets all do the Luton! Lets all do the Luton! la la la la la la
  8. [quote]bertrand gow mooney carney [/quote]   Carney! Have u seen him play? One good game. Like Killen I would rather we never saw him again!
  9. Reminds me a bit of Robbo. Big lump, not much skill, good level of effort and will hopefully get a few goals just coz he is so big!
  10. [quote user="Jimbo_Jet_Set"]   I actually think there may be some truth in this idea of a "Roeder effect". [/quote]   At last someone else who agrees he is NOT A MANAGER! Just a very good coach aka Peter Grant
  11. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] who got theirs? the meeting is in November.... [/quote] November the 23rd of October, u sure u got shares????
  12.   It says something that the question needs even to be asked! Answer is obvious for any true fan and you are a numpty for asking!
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