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  1. Press conference announced for 1:45. All the club have said is that there are to be board changes. Is this the news of a new investor that have been rumoured.
  2. Michael Ashcroft was the guy who worked for MI5 (in recruiting I believe)! Just thought i''d throw something else into the mix!
  3. They built and designed the stand in such a way that a second tier could be easily added. I believe the likely capacity of the second tier is 4,000 if my memory proves correct.
  4. ''There''s only one Jimmy Saville'' - sung at the QPR game. I tend to think that the funniest chants are the spontanious ones.
  5. Personally I think its a bit too early to say who should be player of the season because there are still quite a few games. But would have to agree with you that so far he must be one of the contenders partly through default as very few players have played to their cability. Would love Dion to be given another year. I think I read somewhere that he doesn''t train until Thursdays in which case it would be a great opportunity to put him in as player coach. Any thoughts on that?
  6. Great post Wiz. Summed up my thoughts nicely on the Brown issue. Not too sure I agree with the Marshall stance though.
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