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  1. http://vipboxlive.com/Brighton-vs-Norwich/ You can try this.
  2. How would McNally being at Carrow Road tonight prove anything? there are several flights from Norwich - Aberdeen - Norwich per day!
  3. That''s the only reason I posted this, agree he cannot be in two places at once. I guess time will reveal all.
  4. I am not claiming to know anything just reporting that a friend of my wife''s posted on Facebok this morning that McNally was on the same flight as him to Aberdeen!
  5. He means this from Twitter   Simon Thomas ‏@SimonThomasSky There could be some significant news concerning Grant Holt''s Norwich City future coming later today. Will he stay? Expecting an announcement
  6. [quote user="Indy_Bones"]FFS are people blind??? Instead of just starting new threads, how about people spend 5 minutes having a quick look to make sure there''s no duplication before they add their own? [/quote] FFS Have you never notice that sometimes it takes a while for the thread to appear so you think your the first!!
  7. According to the attached link, either team has the right to appeal. http://www.football-league.co.uk/league1/news/20100601/lambert-compensation-announced_2248206_2063048
  8. Try this one http://www.hotklix.com/link/sport/soccer/live-streaming-paulton-rovers-vs-norwich-city-english-fa-cu   I am in the Sudan and have been told it will work here!
  9. The Official website says there are some tickets available in the top of the terrace behind glass. Better then nothing!
  10. yes, cant get anything. Been trying to see the Gorleston goals all day but nothing!  
  11. You can believe this or not, but yesterday I was sitting in Islamabad airport and got talking to a guy who claimed he was something to do with Newcasltle! When I told him I supported Norwich he said "your getting Ameobi". I told him that nothing to date was confirmed to which he replied "I think it''s a done deal". More speculation I know but thought it worth sharing.
  12. I live in Bradwell, but based at present in Pakistan. Following from a distance.
  13. No Lewis add-on fee POSH: Chairman Darragh MacAnthony has confirmed that the club record transfer of goalkeeper Joe Lewis from Norwich City did not include add-on fees for senior international call-ups or promotion from League Two. Lewis, who cost Posh £400,000, trained with the senior England squad ahead of tonight''s international with the USA, but is not expected to feature. MacAnthony said: "We have to pay Norwich extra when we go up from League One, but it is money well spent."
  14. I would also like to see the replies if it''s not to much bother. Thanks mate bisubra@hotmail.com
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