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  1. Well, some posts have definetly been deleted. Looks like we have a few answers for those who read through this earlier. Nail, hit, head.
  2. http://www.twtd.co.uk/mb.php?m=v&t=119212#10Seems he has a twtd account - and is getting quite defensive about his... art.
  3. [quote user="John"][quote user="Polar"]http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/b/brighton/9362809.stmGus Poyet after todays match, 2.20 onwards about Bennett, and then going on about keeping his squad together. He sounds worried....[/quote]^ Refer to my last post.[/quote] My bad, didn''t see it.
  4. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/b/brighton/9362809.stmGus Poyet after todays match, 2.20 onwards about Bennett, and then going on about keeping his squad together. He sounds worried....
  5. “You have seen the statement and I am happy with that, It’s all about the game tomorrow and trying to get through that. I’ll say it once and once only - ask me about the game. That is all I am here for. To win a game of football. Don’t push me on anything because the statement is there.” Depends what you focus on."You have seen the statement and I am happy with that,"    - staying"I’ll say it once and once only - ask me about the game. That is all I am here for. To win a game of football."   - only a game of football? not promotion, only focused on tomorrow? gone after the game?"Don’t push me on anything because the statement is there" - statements there, all there is to say, i may be staying but im not happy, or i''m going regardless. Pick your favourite.
  6. Found a few choice comments on an Ipswich Messageboard, i''m sure more will come when they all get back into binland. Hard to work out who they hate more between Keane and Holt.Great result"We have f*ck all in the midfield that can make a pass. Norris,Colback and Leadbitter can all tackle,but do bugger all else ! Since Garvan left we have had no-one in the midfield who have an eye for a pass. Yet Norwich find someone out there. What are our scouts and manager looking at when they look for players ? We end up with Colin Healy. Keane hasnt a clue,time he said good bye. He doesnt know what he is doing. Its clear to see this afternoon for everyone.""Wow, just wow. We''ve been outplayed by a team that''s been made on a shoestring budget and a loan policy, that only just rejoined the division. Outplayed completely. This is an absolute disgrace and it''s about time we started looking at a replacement for Roy Keane.""get your coat Roy! embarassing and an absolute shambles!""(quote) Grant Holt is indeed a fat cheatin b*stard. He goes to ground EVERY TIME. (quote)Can we have a fat, cheating b*stard who scores a hat-trick?""the reality is we are going to leave this league for many years yet!""what an ugly munter Grant Holt is. not sour grapes, he is a good player but even so.maybe a bit of a Keane post match interview and see what he has to say for himself after this crap. totally deflated.""BLUE SPECS BRIGADE 6 POINTS OFF THE PLAY OFFS WOOOO!!!!!!f**king absolutely terrible performance, f*ck off the lot of ya.""I have not been a 100% Keane out til now, this is embarrassing, making sh*t like Holt look world class""has Holt got a problem with his legs or something, or he still hung over from last night ? more time on the floor than actually moving about.""Well the sending off means nothing with that 3rd...., enough players in there to deal with that. Fkin pish. Keane and several players out. It''s now just turned into a f**king DVD release.""he is not that good though, we were just that bad"
  7. depending where i am, i may look into it mate.
  8. I''m in the Berra and don''t have foxtel, so if anyone has any other streams aside from the one above then that would be awesome, can''t wait for this game, Canaries player or whatever its called now hasn''t been to reliable on the live commentary of late. And its an early start.
  9. Seriously, are they trying to get relegated? they aren''t THIS bad
  10. [quote user="Yellow Fever"][quote user="I am a Banana"] [quote user="Big Bob"]And leave out Hoolahan, arguably our best player.[/quote] totally agree, he makes norwich tick, he is a cheap kaka [/quote]   Whereas Cureton is just plain Kaka . . . . . . . .   [/quote] i see what you did there....
  11. ok... cool...     so whose organising the intervention?
  12. [quote user="canarydownunder"]It''s winter in Australia.[/quote]don''t remind me... i''m in Canberra.... weather is not cool. i know what you mean by the happy summer feeling, this team isn''t looking too bad thus far. still early days however.
  13. I''m pretty sure the transfer window hasn''t even opened yet.but this is typical Smudger, he said we were going down for god knows how many seasons before we actually did, then stepped up and said "i told you so!" great, well done you, you got lucky... now looks like the same things going to happen in League 1 - we''re going down, we''re going down, look at me everyone i''m attention seeking again, we''re going down, i''m talking! we''re going down, me me me me me, we''re going down, etc. The guys a first class prat and doesnt even know anything about any of these players we''ve signed, the kids may not even get on the bench this season but they have pro deals and that gives them a chance to help out if need be, gives us some depth... hasn''t foulger said money is available from the first of July or something like that? haven''t really followed that story too closely, if thats the case then logically more signings are on the way anyway and Smudgers just shouting off another ''look at me'' thread. Last time i checked it was still June so Gunn doesn''t have that much to work with at the moment.Smudger do us all a favour and just press that ''sign out'' button and don''t press the ''sign in'' again unless the outside chance of us being relegated comes up - that way you can come back and do the whole ''told you so'' rubbish and we don''t have to put up with the frequent attention seeking.Besides, Wiz is optimistic and if thats happened we should all be optimistic as well.
  14. This is irritating. Special1TV was the best thing i''ve seen on television for a long time!
  15. Id like to see Martin and Mcdonald partner each other. Martins burst onto the scene wasn''t just luck, some of those goals were incredible - that one against derby where it outwardly curved into the near bottom corner sticks in my mind. If he can do that once he can do it again, its just attitude. Maybe the partnership wouldn''t work, but it would be nice to see. I think cody can do well too at this level. fingers crossed.
  16. I guess i''m kinda lucky... my ''Gap year'' has just been extended to a ''Gap two years'' and therefore i''m staying in Australia for another 6 months... i maybe working at the side of a swimming pool on most days, but its different... no ones heard of Norwich city, no ones even heard of the championship... so relegation hurts less.... therefore i claim to still be on a working holiday in the winter of the southern hemisphere... how the hell did i manage to holiday somewhere where its winter....
  17. i seem to remember a highly sucessful (embarassing) bus parade for the FA cup last season... small time club
  18. [quote user="Loan City Fc "]End of the day i bet most of us would settle for a few thousand less fans to have the team , set up and ambition of those down the road , will we have 18,000 season ticket holders next season if we are still in league 1 ? no chance , so where will all those loyal supporters be then . Also may be we should call this forum We Have Never Had Any Days , i mean if we compare our history with that of Ipswich its just laughable isnt it . Stop being jealous as they have us beat on everything at the moment and it looks set to continue like for decades to come .[/quote]If you prefer ipswichs postion, image and history to Norwichs, then i suggest you go and join them and change your colours.
  19. [quote user="bluemike"][quote user="Spineless Fooks"]You''re alright mate. What ITFC message board do you post on then bluemike?[/quote] Tractor boys.com[/quote]init.
  20. [quote user="bluemike"][quote user="we8wba"]Ipswich population is smaller than Norwich''s i believe - so this could be a logical explanation into why Ipswich''s Attendences are down on Norwich''s although i personally believe Norwich Fans are more Loyal than Ipswich supporters from an outsiders point of view [/quote] Thanks, its good to hear it from an outsider about population etc, ive been trying to get that point across without much success, its not tit fot tat its fact. Yes it is also true NCFC have very loyal fans, stupid but loyal lol.[/quote]lol - yeah everyones laughing - lol, lol and for luck - lolSo from your posts i have established:Norwich is a city, Ipswich is a townNorwich have had mediocre performance in past seasons - ipswich haven''t had much betterNorwich still have higher attendancesNorwich are in League 1, Ipswich are in the ChampionshipNorwich have 18k season ticket holders for league 1, Ipswich have 15k for the championshipNorwich has a lower capacity than IpswichNorwich own their own groundIpswich live in the past even huddersfield have 3 champions of england blah blah blahWolves fans are generally moronsThe facts of population mean very little - both clubs are the only teams in their counties. both counties are of similar sizefact of Norwich having a higher population is down to Ipswich being a bit of a dumpNorwich fans are more Loyal than ipswich fansNorwich fans don''t generally waste as much time as you have on a rivals messageboardNorwich fans dont generally try and ally with one of the forums resident idiots to try and win a losing battle.You are a fool. lol That is all.
  21. We got rid of it when we did the whole Grant compensation thing with West Ham... sickening isn''t it?
  22. haha, i''ve lurked and posted here long enough to know when to duck and cover.The situation isn''t the best, my minimum requirement for next season is to go unbeaten and to win the league. We deserve nothing less, but thats unrealistic, this is just something we have to make the most of and will be better for. a team going up from this division is better than one coming down into it in my book.
  23. I haven''t posted in awhile, i''ve been backpacking in Australia and therefore have had a decent distraction for the disaster that has unfolded at this club. Its been hard signing online and seeing scores going against us, seeing us relegated and going down without a fight. It seems to me as though Gunn was the only man ready to stand up and give survival a shot, there would be no other reason for him to be appointed and i think he came very close, got unlucky and now has the chance to rebuild.I admit, when i saw we were down i though Gunn should probably relinquish control, but hes not the only one. Delia, MWJ, both need to leave and soon and i was delighted when Doncaster and Munby did leave. Neither of them have ever done anything good for the club, and i believe now its Mr Foulger whose having to steady the ship, Delia and Michael seem pretty clueless although from the Mcnally appointment, maybe things aren''t completly lost. I must confess to know very little about him, but i''ve read alot of the opinions here and he seems to be someone with alot more bite than Doncaster, Prudence with ambition, ridiculous release clauses and spending more time talking to fans than doing a job don''t seem to be on the agenda, from what i can tell. He may well get us back up, and Gunn should feel alot more optimistic with this man in place of Doncaster.Then for on field matters, Marshall leaving, this seemed ironic to me, one minute he was talking about there not being a mass exodus from Carrow road as the players wanted to put last season right by getting us back up again. Then the next minute hes on the next flight to Cardiff. Good riddance. Lee Croft leaving is no great suprise, theres alot of mixed opinion on him and i personally don''t think we will miss him that much, hes never been a world beater, hes never been the one man who can inspire the rest, and hes never been someone who has lived up to promise. It will be interesting to see where he ends up. Clingan, i expect him to go to be fair, every rare occasion i''ve been able to see him hes been amazing, and while comments of Everton seem far fetched i wouldn''t be suprised if West Brom, Boro or Newcastle picked him up, or another play off hopeful side. That said if we hold onto him, fantastic - i don''t think he''d strop but would continue to give his all. Fozzy... nuff said. Hoolahans the next one, was he really THAT good last season? sure he played ok but nothing special and i can see us keeping him to be honest, that said i may be wrong but there doesnt seem to be much specualtion about him aside from rumours on this messageboard, i will not be suprised to see him start on the first day of the season.Matt Gill, looks good on paper, free, winning mentality and coming with good reviews from Exeter fans - well done Gunny. Other signings i''m sure are on their way, this is a great oppourtunity for us to rebuild - Martin Mcdonald and Spillane are all going to be massive for us next season and thats exciting - relegation is never a good thing but we have to make the best of a bad situation and take a team thats been rotting since relegation from the premier league, get rid of that defeatist attitude and breed new life into the squad. Youth, frees and calculated signings may well acheive what needs to happen and if Delia and co are still here Gunn and Mcnally may well save her skin. Time will tell but i''m excited.
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