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  1. Not a very good view and no further replays but ho hum... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hi0lWPpLVnY
  2. indeedy - 12 o''clock kick off to be precise :)
  3. Christ on a bike. Another decent loanee we failed to procure. *yawns*
  4. to me, he runs like he''s forgotten to take the coathanger out of his shirt when wearing it!
  5. He fell heavily on his thumb right in front of me at the WBA game, wiggled it about a bit then got on with it. How did he manage to play the rest of that game, but not Leicester and Burnley? A little pathetic really.   
  6. I agree - there is far too much trolling going on within these posts. A poster called Shaun Lewson has just also posted a good back up to this   
  7. Perhaps the main thing that gets on my gonads is the sheer lack of taking chances i.e. having a shot every now and again. I can''t remember that happening after Bentley''s loan spell ended! We''re suckers for being on the receiving end of long shots because we fail to close down and spend far too much time backtracking so get a few bloody shots in there every now and again! Grrrr! Safri! Etuhu! Hell, even Colin!   
  8. I completely agree! Norwich Union is a huge multi-national company that originated in Surrey Street in 1797 and yet they have never shown any sort of interest in NCFC? I really don''t get it! Its a great marketing tool investing in a football club as long as it is meticulously planned and executed so what wrong with the buggers?! Grrrr!
  9. [quote user="Alex"]Please tell me Lawrenson won''t be making any comments on us that night, however the result goes he''s sure to slate us, infact he''s only second to Smudger in terms of criticism of our club. Andy Townsend as well...Ex player yet never hear him pay us any compliments...Infact he never even makes comments about us!. N0n(e.[/quote] I agree - I hate Lawrenson, he is an absolutely rubbish pundit. Alan Hansen is brilliant because he talks sense by the bucketload. Lawrenson talks a load of crap! And yes, he always slates us! I loved it when Alistair McGowan took the mick by impersonating Lawrenson pole dancing in front of Lineker (whom he was also impersonating) in the studio - brilliant! I think it was on Alistair McGowan''s Big Impression or something like that.  
  10. Wow! Some surprisingly optimistic score predictions on here tonight! I think they will just about scrape a win being without Lappin & Fotheringham. Maybe even penalties...? Will be brilliant if it comes down to penalties and we actually bleedin'' win for once! Is Brown suspended for the replay as he got a red card in the 1st leg? Or did he serve the ban in a league game? I can''t remember!
  11. Seems to have been a while now with little reports coming from the club about it...? [:^)]
  12. Of course Smudger wasn''t at the game - he just saw the scoreline and spat his dummy out along with all the toys in his pram. I knew that would happen. Hubba hubba Marty! Very cute pair ;o)
  13. I rate Martin very highly - he has great potential. It would make me very happy if he is granted (sorry!) a first team appearance. Even if its only a cameo as I''m sure he''ll get a huge boost from the crowd reaction. Eagle has had his turn, let Martin have a go! OTBC!
  14. Good! It seems he won''t get a chance at NCFC and he''s never done particularly well for us anyway. Its the best kind of move for him if he wants to do well.
  15. I can''t believe Thorne missed the reserve game last night because of a mouth abcess? Pussy. Get him out! Oh, and, of course, MLJ also missed it because of a thigh strain or something like that.
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