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  1. Great night for the club, good to see so many Norwich boys down there, Gary Holt, Chris Martin, Coby Mac, Paul McVeigh..........+ on the playing staff, Matt Halliday, Greg Craine, Fiske, Gary Holt, Adam Smith, Flem & Former fitness coach! Have I missed anyone?
  2. Good luck Lowie and the 7 City Old Boys! Will be there.
  3. From my time watching a and for a short time being able to train alone side Kevin Keelan this is my honest opinion; A very naturally gifted goal keeper, he as a youngster made many mistakes and was a ''hot head''. If you knocked into him he would often just punch you! At the time there was many very good British keepers, Keelan was mainly playing second division football and with Norwich, was never getting the publicity that the London or Northern keepers got. There would never have been a big chance of him moving, the money was just not there then and no agents to get players to move. His wage under Bond would have been sub £300 per week. Although I rate him highly, I have to say he was not IMHO the best Norwich keeper, that goes to Chris Woods, but he is well up there and a fine loyal servant to us.
  4. Liverpool v Bruges, European Cup Final, a family from Liverpool took my best mate, when on the tube, held him bent over the seat and drew a hacksaw over his stomach.All because he had a southern accent a ticket for the match and they  didnt.   Thats mum , dad and the kids, nice yer?        
  5. Bloody hell, Woxham and Lowestoft!! can i have your autograph ? pmsl
  6.      A good committed pro , doesn''t allow himself to become fat and unfit, not to mention turning into a laughing  stock of a guy with a girlie hairband. Hairband aside, he has lost his way in football and it might seems in life.     Hes mind is else where and he better follow that, where ever it might be.
  7.  Yes, and Crouch had been scoring lots of goals for QPR and Pompey, was a proven goal scorer.
  8.   Well thats a couple ,but i didnt expect them to get one!!
  9.   0.3 now!  with maybe a couple more to come, happy now?
  10.         Hi to every one here Anyone got the link to radio Norfolk ?    
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