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  1. Can''t believe you lot ! Marshall is the best keeper we have had for years as Largey said what choice does a keeper have with no centre halfs playing but to come for every ball. Marshall was the first to admit he misjudged his decision he should not have been put in that possition only problem is if a goalkeeper makes a mistake it is costly. There are for more costly errors going on with in the club and on the pitch. Why do we have a centre half on loan form Spurs paying his a wages but is not up to playing in the first team? why do we only have plan A in attack  slow it down get it wide p**s about with it a bit and no end product?
  2. 1. We are relying on a 37 year old  to be our most influential player. Credit to him! but what about the rest? 2. We have centre halfs who cannot distribute the ball. This is clear from set peices where we never get a free header on target(wasn''t Doherty brought in has a striker?)Yestaday in a free back post position slightly stretching, not able to get any power from his header the ball was cushion staight into the keepers hands.(basics head it down in into the danger area!) The two free kicks given away were atrocious. 3.We can not hold the ball or keep possession for more than 2 or three passes! 4. This week the Grant has brought in a player who Grant admits is rough aroung the edges. We don''t need wages and money spent on players who are rough around the edges, we have enough already! sort them out or ship them out!. Lets hope i''m wrong but there was nothing to impress yestaday. We need players who can do a job now! 5. 3-1 down Robinson is brought on what about martin he would have run his socks of for ten minutes. ( he certainly would not have lost the game for us) For me an ideal time to give the lad  a run out. 6. It is obvious that Grant has been given no real power in thye transfer window. I feel we will continue to miss out, he has been put in a very akward sittuation at a major make or break time in the clubs history. 6. Neil Adams insist we will not go down but all the clubs arround us will be saying the same thing, three of them will! This is! make a make or break time for the club, facts are facts and they must be faced up to! excuses are no good now and the whole club pust pull together big time we have the fans but are in danger of losing them if things continue! There are good points but the negatives are what need to be sorted and sharp! It may not sound it but I am a very committed fan and it is easy to criticise but as I said it is a very frustrating  time and must be sorted. Grant has avery hard job not everything will go right but lets hope the essentials will!  
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