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  1. Yup José Veiga signed for another season this week.Things are looking very positive at the Lamb, despite our relegation at the end of last season.Hopefully we can push for a play off spot, but football is football, nothing ever goes to plan.  
  2. Just wishin you lot good luck for next season.LoveTamworth FC [:D]     
  3.  If i remember correctly we were 4-1 down and just decided to start passing it about, it must have been a good 15-20 passes before we gave it away, we didn''t care anymore, we played our best and it was time to cheer up the fans
  4. I thought it was a fantastic game, even if we did "gift" you the 3rd and 4th goals [:$]Right now im trying to copy it on to DVD
  5. I speculate when i say that the raid involved Guns and a Machette, but this is only what i have heard.
  6. There''s no point, we rarely get an away attendence that fills the entire end.
  7. I thought he was fantastic, especially when he got subbed and started blowing kisses, much to the annoyance of Tamworth fans who have been calling him a w*nker all day...leaves me wondering who was the bigger chump...
  8. It''s a shame she didn''t come she missed out on a bacon sarnie...and a 4-1 for Norwich.Good game by the way, best team won
  9. The weather doesn''t look too helpful unfortunately...http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/5day.shtml?id=1108
  10. [quote user="Cluck"]Ha ha ha Herb......maybe spending too much time in Norfolk has given you delusions of grandeur. Norfolk is very "rural" and I''m proud of it. Compared with the urban sprawl I see regularly around the country....trust me...it''s rural....and big city players would not automatically want to come to us in League One (Division 3).... [/quote]Correct me if im wrong but wasn''t League one Division 2?PremiershipChampionship (Division 1)League 1 (Division 2)League 2 (Division 3)Conference
  11. There is a small disused rover Garage about 2 minutes from the Ground which is going to be opened up for fans on a pay to park basis.Good luck getting down here and finding parking.Do us a favour, just bring the janitor and his cat to play us [:D]Otherwise good luck and may the home team win
  12. Yup, there is a cover on the away end...http://www.confguide.com/images/photos/ms100_1519.jpg
  13. I believe the fans of TFC are planning to don chef hats in honour of Delia visiting the lamb...whether she turns up or not remains to be seen...
  14. Bring something nice as well, us lot are planning to welcome Delia with Chefs hats [:D] if she turns up...
  15. Should be a good game, don''t forget to pack your singing voices, you will need them...
  16. You lot doing anything special for your day at Tamworth?
  17. Happy New Year to Everyone at Norwich from Tamworth [:)]Please get drunk and show up quite hungover on Saturday please [:P]
  18. How do you think the result will go?Draw and then a victorious replay (for Norwich) at Carrow road?A massively embarrasing defeat away at bottom of the lot Tamworth?Will Grant play a full first team? or will he put out your youth squad and the janitor?But what ever the result and who ever plays, i hope its a good day out for both sets of fans. Enjoy the trip to Tamworth [:)]
  19. 7. Norwich lose to Tamworth in the FA Cup, resulting in Delia''s and co''s unfortunate lynching from atop Tamworth Castle.
  20. It''s always a shame to see clubs suffering from poor management, unfortunately this is a bittersweet thing for Tamworth, yes the club is being poorly run, but we would like it to effect the team on 6/01/07 for fairly obvious reasons.
  21. What injustice exactly?That Bury played a player they shouldn''t have and thusly got punished?
  22. Some helpful info regarding ticket sales at the Lamb:Saturday 23 - no sales Sunday 24th 11am - 12noon open saleFriday 29th 11am - 2pm open saleJanuaryTuesday 2nd 12noon - 3pm open saleWednesday 3rd 12noon - 3pm open saleThursday 4th 12noon - 3pm & 6.30- 8.30pm open saleFriday 5th 12noon - 3pm open sale
  23. [quote user="KatieWestgate"]Just a quick note on how our Club is run........   My mum phoned the box office on wednesday to get a ticket for the Tamworth match.  She was told that she couldn''t have one as they were only on sale to members and as she was a season ticket holder she should have made a written application for one.  She argued that as a season ticket holder, she was also a member, but the box office wouldn''t budge.  So now my dad is going to the Lamb on the way home from work tomorrow to get a a ticket for him and me mum (and hopefilly me!!) because Norwich won''t sell them a ticket! And yes, she is complaining directly to Mr Doncaster.   Bit like the old chase days isn''t it! [/quote]Some helpful info:Friday 22nd 12noon - 3pm open sale Saturday 23 - no sales Sunday 24th 11am - 12noon open saleFriday 29th 11am - 2pm open saleJanuaryTuesday 2nd 12noon - 3pm open saleWednesday 3rd 12noon - 3pm open saleThursday 4th 12noon - 3pm & 6.30- 8.30pm open saleFriday 5th 12noon - 3pm open sale
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