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  1. Friday night on SKY! The world''s most blatant handball which everyone saw............apart from the officials! The player looked genuinely embarrassed. Was a strange game as we lost, but we didn''t actually play that badly! Can''t imagine the official were "in on it"!!! These alegations will be more like ensuring there is a corner before a certain time, or a throw in within the first 2 minutes of the game. Small elements that really aren''t that noticeable!
  2. Please!!!! Can we now get rid of him and his cronies???
  3. I went last night and was surprised by the small following - however, didn''t realise it was as small as 500! (And I know a few of them were Liverpool fans in disguise!) I don''t think I''ve been in that small a City following for a long, long time! I love away games and go to 70-80% of them a year. I had the misfortune of being at Man City, as well as Arsenal, Newcastle and Spurs (lucky I was at Stoke too or I''d take it personally!). However, after last night I''m seriously considering that there may be better ways of spending my money until this drivel we seem to be served up improves! I think many others have the same thoughts hence the Baggies at £12.50 a ticket is yet to sell out! This wouldn''t have been the case even back in the dire days of the Championship. Something is drastically wrong at the moment and I fear all the good work carried out over the last 4 seasons is going to be undone if things continue!
  4. I think I''m just going to fondly remember his goals over the past three years and hope this gets sorted!!!To much hate and vitriol around here. Wounds are yet to heal!!!We all know agents stir things up and probably lie to their players as they make money throught them. However, Holt may have an epiphany and realise the grass isn''t greener. If he does leave, then I''ll miss him and as many have said, I don''t want to see him scoring for another team. I wish him luck as I doubt he''s a nasty, greedy fella. He''s 31 and obviously wants some security.Unfortunately, i just have a feeling he will be be playing for West Ham next season - not sure I would be able to remember him so fondly if this were the case!Another interesting question is whether this would have happened had he been selected for England???
  5. Just on Brendan Rogers, is it only me that thinks he is highly over-rated? People seem to forget that much of the team and definately the tactics and ethos at Swansea were established by Martinez! He has just picked up on it and ran with it. A few times this season (including against us) he has proved his inability to change things about! He probably turned down the chance to talk to Liverpool because he knows he couldn''t do the job!!! [;)]
  6. Maybe that is the Norwich flag that was stolen by the locals at the preseason friendly against the Malaysian national team.They also tried to nick mine, but luckily someone stopped them!
  7. [quote user="Matt Juler"][quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="Matt Juler"]I can see the issues, a season ticket holder with 9 away stubs is in the same group as someone with just one, but it''s a system that we''ve used for many years.  As someone that goes away around 5 times a season, I''d like to see another group of 5 away stubs introduced, but that would just add more admin issues for the club so can understand why the system is how it is. [/quote]A fairer system would be the one adopted by some other clubs using a points system.It works by allocating tickets according to how many points have been accumulated over 12 months. Points would be awarded on a flat basis per game attended but extra points given for attending difficult/ unattractive away fixtures.For example if a total of say 100 points is the equivalent of our Group 2, ie, 10 games x 10 points. But someone attending a televised away fixture on a freezing Tuesday night - our match at Sunderland fits the bill -would be given,say, double points so would reach the required target that bit quicker and need not attend a minimum of 10 matches to get priority.Apart from the obvious response that anyone who went to Sunderland is likely to go to most City games I can''t see why this wouldn''t work at Norwich [/quote]How does the application process work?  Would the points cutoff be decided once all applications have been received?  I''m guessing there would still be scope for a ballot, but from a much smaller group of people.[/quote] Many clubs have a window of opportunity to buy tickets based on your loyalty points. Others will process applictions through a ballot on points.Maybe we should have an away membership where points can be collected and then the club can collect a little bit of extra cash and those that go to away games more than once or twice will have a better chance in a ballot. As a non-season ticket holder who has been to 11 away games this season, 12 last season and 15 the year before you can probably imagine I''m not superbly keen on the current system (and I''ve only been successful in 1 ballot in 4 years!). Had I have known I''d go to so many this season I''d have got an away season ticket! Oh well, these are the rules.
  8. I asgree totally that we got dragged to Stoke''s level. The defence were superb but a bit of a mistake was always going to be the difference in today''s game. We couldn''t create much as Stoke seem to keep their shape at the back, tempting you to put the ball into the box in the air. Then they just clear it.However, I left the game feeling almost depressed due to Stoke''s Anti-football. It was horrendous. SO much time waiting for throw in''s and corners. No urgency and the predictability of it all. They are an embarassment to the greatest league in the world. The fact that football couldn''t triumph over such negative tactics was sad. Also, they must be the ugliest people i have ever seen. There is a serious obesity problem in the potteries! [;)]
  9. [quote user="farley"]Who would have thought that Stoke away would be the easiest looking one of the 2 games?!![/quote]I meant 3 games.
  10. Who would have thought that Stoke away would be the easiest looking one of the 2 games?!!
  11. I don''t think the away end is sold out, but Swansea don''t sell tickets to away fans on the day of the game. The only way to check would be to get down to the ticket office as the phone lines will be busy all day and you''ll have to pick them up anyway!We must be taking a few as I got my ticket 2 weeks ago and its in the bottom tier which I didn''t expect to be allocated.
  12. [quote user="lake district canary"][quote user="Yellow Rider"][quote user="Cantiaci Canary"][quote user="Yellow Rider"][quote user="Cantiaci Canary"] Spurs will be looking for a bigger fish.   Lambert off to Villa in the summer when fan protests force out McLeish. Or Everton when Moyes feels he''s done what he can. [/quote] Why would Spurs look for this ......''bigger fish''?? If that was the case why did Levy go for old man Redknapp? Redknapp came from Pompey and had never managed a ''big club''. PL will be right up at the top of their list, mark my words!   [/quote]   I hear what you are saying but Harry was a far bigger name than Lambert when they hired him ... don''t forget he won the FA Cup with Pompey.   Spurs are trying to establish themselves as a Champions League side and will want a man with proven credentials and a large reputation to attract marquee signings.   Lambert to Villa for me. [/quote] Why? Levy is no fool and is not dazzled by ...''big names'' or your so called ''marquee signings''. PL has a champions league medal (as a player), something old man Redknapp was not remotely near. He has secured back to back promotions and NCFC are sitting in 9th place confounding the critics. Why wouldn''t Levy go for PL? If it was City, United or Chelsea I would''nt be concerned as they would go for the ''big name''. Tottenham are different and so is Levy. All I''m saying is if PL does land the job, don''t express surprise. It''s quite possible.      [/quote]       Why are you t**ts talking as if Lambert is going anywhere?    Who says he has to go anywhere?  Why shouldn''t he stay at Norwich?   Aren''t we good enough?   Has he not created something here that he might want to develop further?       Can''t some fans see beyond the ends of their noses?   I ask you................       [/quote]Some people are starting to suffer from delusions of grandeur! The big four wouldn''t be interested in him until he proves his worth with a larger club with more pressure. If any of Villa, Everton, Newcastle, Sunderland, Spurs came knocking he would be gone. I hate to point out to some people, they are massive clubs compared to us. This is the reality of football. Do you really think that we can offer Lambert everything that his ambition desires? I personally think Lambert may one day be manager of Man Utd. I really think he is that good, but he''s relatively inexperienced compared to many and will eventually have to prove himself at a club where the demand for success is an ever present. If/when he leaves i will wish him all the best and will always have pride that his success really began here. Until that time I''m just going to enjoy having him here as he''s something special!!!
  13. Cheers for the head-up!Can''t say it comes as much of a surprise though, hey!!! [;)]
  14. I''m not remotely surprised that the Swans beat Arsenal today. They play excellent football and have a tight back four. They seem to have got better as the season has gone on. I actually think they are better than us as a whole unit. However, they haven''t been tested when without one or two of their key players. Lose Dyer to injury and/or sinclair and I don''t think that they have the strength in depth that we have.Looking forward to the trip to the Liberty. Hopefully it''ll be third time lucky for me!!!
  15. I''vebooked the day off for this as has my usual travelling companion. Whether we can rearrange dates now is unknown!I''m not happy about it. If Sunderland wish to take the money for a televised match on Sunday then when should we suffer? They should have to play 2 in 3 days. Brighton had to play a cup game on a Wednesday for TV and then a TV league match on a Friday.Also, we now have one less day to recover for the Bolton game. I do sometimes wonder if we would have been given this level of flexibility if our cup game had been chosen for tv on the Sunday!!!
  16. Although I''d love an away day at a ground I haven''t been to, I really want to avoid a game that will be selected for TV on Sunday. Why? Because we travel to Sunderand on the Tuesday! Last thing we need is two games in 3 days.My prediction is that we get Southampton away!
  17. Neither have come out of my account yet, so don''t worry.I think the Everton ones are a bit more complicated as there were 3 price categories and they''ll be trying to give everyone what they had chosen.Would be interesting to know how many remain for both fixtures?
  18. I swore that I''d never go on the coach again after the Swansea match, but this might be too tempting!!!
  19. Although too late for the forum, the 1994 fixture:10.I was about 14 and went up on the club coaches. We were dropped off the other side of Stanley Park to Anfield and still remember walking through the park with numerous ''jumpers for goal post'' games going on. Entering the ground a steward said he''d give us £2 grand if we outsung the kop (which we seemed to do for 10 minutes after Gossy''s goal).However, the main memory was the first view of the kop on entering the stand. A sea of flags, banners and scarves. It was the mirror image of the old archive clips we see from the glorious past. I can still remember the Liverpool legends lap before the game, so many great names all warmly welcomed even from the away end.I can remember Gossy''s goal and ending up crushed between a steward and the barrier at the front!This was probably the only time that I wouldn''t have minded seeing Liverpool score as the kop was such an amazing site. Many times there were surges just caused by someone losing their footing. What it would have looked like had Liverpool scored I can only image.However, winning made me proud to be a Norwich fan and I still fondly talk about being there on that day as I feel priveliged to have been there that day.This Saturday will be the first time I have been back since that day, so as I have a 100% record at Anfield I am quietly confident!!!
  20. Think Wolves might be an application process as away allocation is limited to 1500ish due to stadium redevelopment!
  21. I will be very surprised if this is over subscribed at the ballot stage. £40 is a lot considering there are some expensive ones either side. Man Utd, Liverpool and then Man City. Some people just don''t have this sort of money, especially when you look at the costs of travel etc. Man Utd had a number of big game only away fans, but I was surprised that Liverpool went down to a ballot for group 5, especially as away allocations are only 2000 there. I''m not sure Villa is a big enough pull to pay that sort of money.This away support thing is getting very expensive and I will be surprised if all our away allocations go to ballot. Come on, I can''t see 2000 trekking back down to Swansea again at £35 this time! 
  22. Order mine in the upper-tier early last week and they still haven''t arrived.Usually get here within two days of me ordering.
  23. I''m disgusted with this seasons pricing. Most loyal fans in the country - so we''ll rip off the non-season ticket holders.The greed all started with Super-members!!!If we are mid-table or worse this seaon there will be a constant 3000+ empty seats. Especially as the away end will be half empty with prices like £31.Why on earth is Swansea a Cat A game?
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