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  1. No wonder our guys look good in training - they're playing against themselves....
  2. HT Ratings? I'd go with Gunn 3 Giannoulis 6 Gibson 4 Sorenson 4 Byram 4 Gilmour 5 McLean 4 PLM 3 Placheta 6 Tzolis 4 Idah 6
  3. You don''t need a scoreboard to show 0-0...
  4. Even more concerning is not knowing the difference between your and you''re. The guy is paid to give an opinion and selecting a home win is usually a fair shout.
  5. Have you seen our remaining fixtures?  We have more chance of finishing 17th than 7th.  Either way, staying up was the aim and looks like we''ve now done enough.  Europe can wait....
  6. The Torygraph report was indeed better, but just look at this quality bit of journalism for their championship team of the year:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/picturegalleries/8467076/The-10-best-footballers-in-the-Coca-Cola-Championship-in-pictures.html?image=7
  7. Nice of Sky to show Millwall winning 2-1, just before they announced that Norwich had scored!  Be still my beating heart....
  8. Amusingly, one the BBC site, Lappin didn''t come on until after the goal.  Good effort to provide an assist while not playing.
  9. Robbie Savage, Colin Murray and Steve Clarridge - detest them all.  On Sky - Peter Beagrie gets my goat too - dour know-it-all.
  10. Yes, I fear it''s us, Middlesbrough and Forest for the drop.By the way, when do the school holidays end? You might get some English homework to help you out a bit.  Save you wasting your time and highlighting your ignorance on here.
  11. Great player.  A sad loss to the game.
  12. Top post. Take a break and spend your rebate on a new spleen!
  13. I''m having second thoughts too.  There again I do have to drive all the way from Milton Keynes in order to see us held by the mighty 10 men of Southend! Is it too much to expect professional footballers to pass accurately more often than not?  Or move around a bit and retain possession at a throw-in?  Or for once, the Doc to go forward for a corner, get his head on the ball and direct it towards the goal like Malky used to?  Only Croft and Huckerby look comfortable with the ball.  Anyway, I''m sure we''re about to turn the corner and push for that play-off place......
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