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  1. Wright did well for us. Ipswich have paid around 200k for him - he would have been a good signing for us. He can play centre back as well. One that got away.
  2. If Earnie isn''t fit tomorrow, it will make for a very interesting team selection. Playing two ''big strikers'' together probably wouldn''t work, but who else is there? Playing Brown on his own up front on his debut would certainly be an interesting first game for him!
  3. I''m glad that I didn''t travel to watch it today. When we missed all those chances at the start, you just knew what was going to happen. We''ve seen it all before.
  4. Paul Dalglish deserves a mention as one of our laziest ever players. He came here thinking that he was the dog''s b*llocks because of who his dad was and thought it was beneath him to try as hard as everyone else.
  5. Well, it''s become a tradition that we sign someone from Charlton reserves every season around now, so don''t be surprised if someone else follows in the footsteps of Svensson, Stuart and Johannsson.
  6. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] Just been pondering the transfer window and im suprised a player hasnt questioned the Legality of it.  It limits when players can move between clubs. im sure we all remember the old format where u could sign players at any time up until 2 or 3 weeks before the season ended....  But how can the Transfer window, in Fifas words "promote greater freedom for players"? surely ig a fuy is unhappy at a club and festering in the reserves, why should he have to wait 4 months in the hope of someone coming in for him, where under the old system he could of moved immediately and got his career bck on track.  I think it restricts freedom of movement for players, and smaller squads, such as ours, are only going to struggle further. If a player challenged it i have a feeling FIFA would drop it in a flash... purely to avoid another Bosman style saga.... People say that the Transfer window came in as part of the Bosman Law but i disagree... the Bosman law was supposed to make it easier for players to move clubs.. but surely the "window" counteracts this? thoughts anyone? jas :) [/quote]   Good point. I don''t know what the legality is, but surely if the original Bosman ruling was about freedom of movement for players etc, then transfer windows are also suspect?
  7. When he was interviewed after the match on saturday, he was asked what he thought about the speculation that clubs would be coming in for him in January. He said "If they do, that''s a good thing" and there was (I thought) an uneasy pause before he added "because it shows that you''re playing well" and came out with the stock phrases about how he is happy here and wants to be here at the end of the season etc etc. It all depends on how you interpret it, but personally I think he wants to go somewhere else and further his career and that he''ll be looking to leave in January. But of course, he won''t come out and say it. Thing is, could anyone blame him if he wants to leave??
  8. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] isnt he pompeys top scorer??? ?no chance! jas :) [/quote] Kanu is their top scorer. I''ve never really rated Lua Lua - another ''one good game, three bad ones'' striker. I''d sooner see us go for someone like Billy Sharp or Eastwood. Southend are going down, and he won''t want to go down a division, though obviously it depends on whether he thinks we would be a good career move for him....
  9. Relegation is a possibility, though what might save us is that the team third from bottom is 5 points adrift now and there is enough crap in the bottom few places to keep us safe for this year. It''s worth noting, though, that yesterday we played the team who are bottom and they were no worse than us. If Eastwood had played, we''d have lost. Relegation next season? Depends on January and the summer.
  10. If Earnshaw does have the get-out clause, then he''ll be off if Pompey or any other premiership club come calling. We''d need to sign two strikers if he left, though, because we hardly have any of them as it is! Eastwood and Sharp would be my choices, though the money probably wouldn''t be made available for both of them. As regards Ashdown - if he is allowed to set foot in the club again, it will sum up our ambition. Personally, I''ve resigned myself already to the fact that Earnshaw will be leaving and we''ll plummet into a relegation struggle in the new year. Not that I''m a pessimist or anything.
  11. It was a terrible decision. The linesman was in the perfect position to see it as well - right in line. He should be hung.
  12. Three Dog Night - Mama told me not to come........in my pants
  13. Not so long ago, it looked like Safri would become a vital member of the team, but he seems to have gone off the boil completely. He is inconsistent and a lot of the time looks like he can''t be bothered. I realise that that doesn''t make him any better or worse than our other midfielders, who are mostly very poor - but I agree that if we got a decent offer for him in January, I wouldn''t be sorry to see him go.
  14. I doubt whether we''ll win by ''4+ goals''. I''m actually pretty nervous about the tie given our current unpredictable form. I think we''ll get through....just. I can''t make it to Tamworth, so I''ll be watching the BBC with my fingers crossed!
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