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  1. thanks for the best wishes. Unfortunately it has seen some sick b*''s posting so called ''jokes'' on our forum. Some people don''t think before they engage brain (if they have one) these are our friends, family. Nobody can comprehend whats going through their minds having had shotguns held to their head. Its the sort of stuff that you see on the news, often with terrible endings. Thankfully nobody was physically hurt. Had it been the week before, the new years eve party, many familys were in the club partying long into the night, in the absence of any taxi''s. Had kids been there this week, it doesn''t bear thinking about. Anyway, all the best at Blackpool
  2. Good luck guys. Hope you beat them. We went there 2 years ago, really unfriendly bunch.(well can''t say we saw any fans) greeted by mounted police and hundreds of stewards. Wrap up warm, that ''stand'' is truely awful, even by conference standards. No cover whatsoever if it rains and really exposed to the sea breeze even though half a mile inland. The opposition fans seemed miles away, really wide pitch. Complete opposite to what you got at the Lamb. The visitors stand has a really unsafe, temporary feeling. You weren''t allowed to stand, and the stewards were real hitlers for it, although I guess you guys are used to that on your travels. Make an overnighter of it. Stay in a B&B near the tower (great homing device after a few beers) we stayed here, the pictures don''t do it justice. take a few girls in your group and you''ll be fine http://www.calypsohotel.co.uk/index.html its really central and has a rare NCP accross the road - much safer than street parking. On the Saturday night, head towards Yates in Talbot square, the walkabout etc with the locals. Everywhere else is like a ghost town this time of year.(don''t be mistaken into going to the yates on the front, bloomin miles away) There''s a great ''spit and sawdust'' real ale boozer called the pump & truncheon hidden away behind the tower, near the police station (surprise surprise with a name like that) which does good home cooked food if thats you thing on a Sunday before heading back.  Enjoy
  3. Pleased you all enjoyed yout trip to ''sunny sunny Tamworth'' Every Norwich fan I spoke to (or gave directions to Weatherspoons to) seemed friendly enough. Agree Kyle Storer''s goal was the best of the game, but your full time fitness showed in the end. Our lads came out of the blocks all guns blazing and ran themselves ragged on adrenalyn, and it showed in the second half. We had half a dozen chances in the first half an hour but didn''t convert them, thats the way it goes. It was a much better game than last year with Stoke, they weren''t professional, showed us no respect and didn''t prepare, and we nearly took them. Your guys had done some homework in knowing to take Mcgrath out of the game as our key player, and taylor on the right who caused all the problems first half was marked out of the game by two of yours. A few of our fans think Cooper should have made different changes, and earlier, but its too late now for if''s and buts. Well done, and I''ll be hoping you get the draw you want this afternoon. Good luck ! ps - got to speak to Dion briefly after the game and he did remember me from Villa, despite the banter he was still exactly the same, gentleman of football - keep hold of him for as long as you can, he''ll be an ambassador for your club for years to come
  4. As moderator of the tamworth fans forum I have asked that we do not discuss this, as we all know the victims - "Just to confirm an armed robbery did take place at the clubhouse last night, and a small amount of cash was taken along with personal effects from the staff and volunteers present at the end of the night. Nobody was physically hurt but, naturally they are very distressed at this time and our thoughts go out to them. Until an official statement is made by the club or police can I ask that no further comments are made on the forum, as naturally this could hamper the police investigation. (not to mention those who did this would love the fuss!) Anybody with any valid information please contact Tamworth Police or crimestoppers. I hope we as a club, a family, can pull together and support the victims at this terrible time, following what was one of our greatest days in history.Our utmost concern must be in supporting them, and catching those responsible. Thanks"    
  5. [quote user="Marty"] I am worried about my lunch though, with a 12.30 kick off and the possibilty that there is not going to be any good food on offer I may have to take my own sandwiches and maybe a flask of hot beverage. [/quote] We have a cracking ''tea bar'' with the usual burgers, pies etc at the away end. we may be the minnows of the conference, but most visiting fans like our food (which is rare in the conference - ask anyone about Hereford balti pies with free senakot in them) remember that song "gay bar"? well if you hear us sing "we''re gonna take you to the tea bar, tea bar" its not a threat, its a welcome! Enjoy! Flask indeed - tut - its not going to be a picnic you know ; )  
  6. Katie, I hope you and your family have a great day, and thank you for making the effort to visit the Lamb. However, as you have purchased tickets in a segregated home area, I hope you will not even attempt to wear your colours or raise your voices in support for Norwich, as your journey will be wasted and your day cut short by being ejected from the Lamb. Don''t want to seem unfriendly but untold numbers of opposition fans of a much larger club, deceitfully buying tickets in our home area is what might put a lot of families off for fear of trouble (not that you particularly have a reputation, but there''s always an element that attach themselves to any club) and is bang out of order. You wouldn''t be impressed if a larger club started buying tickets in your home area when they visited.  That aside, may the best team win on the day.  
  7. well I got my tickets yesterday when they went on sale. When does your allocation go on sale? Anybody got there''s yet? Naturally we''re a little excited about your visit, (ahh bless I hear you say) when we really should be thinking about the league. If we don''t beat Northwich on Tuesday night (we have a trophy game this Saturday)then we will be bottom of the league for Christmas, and that never looks good, despite our games in hand. Rumour has it we might be bringing in a left winger in Jan prior to your visit, from Birmingham City. So that should give us some balance, as we have just recruited a good right winger called Daryl Taylor. I hope between them they can put some good service into any of our four current strikers, who are all good finishers. Kemp (Lincoln City) has just signed having been with us on loan, and Weaver is an excellent commander at the back. With John Mcgrath skillfully spraying out the passes from midfield, we should at least give a good account of ourselves and make a game of it.
  8. I''m pleased for him that he''s still doing well, and a crowd favourite. Top bloke, nice family. However, he loves the banter, so if he is shown this, tell him I''ll wager him £20 notes on a TFC win! and he better look me up if he wants to collect. All the best Norwich fans (except for jan 6th)
  9. Indeed he did live at Stratford, for many years, not just whilst at Villa - may still do? Has a nice, classy wife (not the sort that get wrecked in nightclubs and get followed by the paps whilst shopping) and she was pregnant with their (4th?) child, when I left Villa I think. I was there between 98 & 2001 so saw him go through the heartache of the FA cup final defeat (sat in the ballroom until the early hours at the Grovsner, Park Lane, with him and his brother amongst others analysing the game - ''Matteo the pepper pot'' got knocked over a few times! ) and the devastating time when he broke his neck and thought he''d never play again - sometimes its easy to forget that - its amazing he''s still going at all ! If he wanted to drop down a few leagues, and get back to the midlands in the near future - there''d be a place for him at the Lamb I''m sure!  
  10. Wanted to know how Dublin is doing for you guys? Do you still rate him? Is he likely to visit the Lamb on 6th Jan? I used to work with Dion at AVFC and he was a really nice guy. One of the few gents left at premiership level. Really down to earth, and had time for everyone - fans, staff, sponsors, press, whoever. I doubt he''d remember me, but plenty of happy memories. Hope he''s doing well - but has a howler on Jan 6th should he play (no offense Dion) All the best Julie
  11. we average between 1000 & 1200 a game. Away end holds 880 all standing, with some cover. It''ll be cosy. You''ll also get a limited number of seats for OAP''s, families wishing to sit and lazy sods. probably 100. we''ll sell 3000 to take us upto capacity as its a ''big game'' for us.  
  12. [quote user="7rew"]"The BBc has chosen this game simply because it wants to see an FA Cup ''giant killing.'' What does that say about how NCFC are currently viewed in the game?" It means we are viewed as GIANTS. The choice is more to do with the fact that tamworth are the lowest ranked club that are guarenteed to be in the third round, also the have a reputation for doing well against teams from much higher leagues (ie stoke last year). [/quote]   don''t forget 1st division teams Hartlepool away, and Bournemouth away in the 2nd and 1st rounds respectively last year. all ''giant killings'' as far as we''re concerned. We''re only part-time remember. Some of our lads have day jobs like the rest of us mere-mortals, so even getting to a mid week game, or training sessions is an achievment for some !  
  13. Think O''neil is a great manager, and will get the best out of any team he works with, and the takeover could see the playing squad boosted in January, making them real contenders this season, however whether Lerner will be good for the club long term is yet to be seen. really only follow Tamworth these days (home and away) can''t recall the last Villa game I went to - at least 3 seasons ago. Never know who they''re playing one week to the next either.  
  14. I vaguely recall a Ruel Fox goal at Villa Park ruining my birthday in my mid teens - seeing as my 30th was celebrated in style this weekend seeing TFC get through to the third round to meet you this weekend - it may well have been that year ?
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