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  1. Nice one Julie, see you even managed to get a plug for the webshop on here as well!!
  2. [quote user="cityangel"] Tamworth holds 4000 so we should get 600 tickets of which our away season ticket holders will snap up 350 I guess, so rest will go in a lottery I assume for people who have 10 stubs registered. [/quote]   The way our ground is segregated means you''ll get the whole of the Meadow Street end, it can hold 1200 but is usually limited to 850-900 on safety grounds.
  3. [quote user="joshmickelburgh"]what do you mean by a reputation??[/quote]   There''s a bit of bad blood between Stoke and Birmingham City fans apparently. Tamwortis a bit of a traditional Brummie overspill area nad has a lot of Blues fans, there was talk of Blues fans using the game as an excuse to have a rumble! Nothing happened in the end but the police were wary and cut the numbers allowed to attend accordingly, presumably to make it easier to keep the fans apart in case of trouble.
  4. [quote user="Shaun Lawson"]Yes - having been at the Tamworth-Wealdstone FA Cup game in 1987 from which your club hardly seems to have looked back, I''d like to know the following: have your fans learned how to behave now, or do you still randomly throw fireworks onto the pitch and attempt to assault as many away supporters as possible? [/quote]    Some of us don''t like to be reminded of the 80''s!!  Our average crowd at that time was around 250, the 2000 that turned up for the Wealdstone game consisted largely of the scum of Tamworth (of which we had a fair few back then) looking for trouble, it was a bad day.  We have worked hard to get the reputation we hope we now have, a family club with a loyal, loud but well behaved following. Self-policing is mainly responsible for this, we know who the idiots are and they are made quite aware that they are not welcome at The Lamb.
  5. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"] Hi baahmy - how has the drawn been taken in Tamworth?  A disappointment or well received?  Do you fancy your chances?  An upset result could see our manager for the chop  - i''ll get me coat.[/quote] Slightly dissapointed, mainly because of last season where we worked hard to beat Bournemouth and Hartlepool, got Stoke in the 3rd round and were utterly upstaged by Burton getting Man Utd! We were hoping for a Prem club, but we''re at home so who knows? [quote]before that though how is your midfield -does it graft and get in team faces, high up the pitch?   Any stars to look out for?   And do you have anyone who can put in a decent cross?   If that part of your game is looking good then I reckon you could spring a surprise.[/quote]   The whole team grafts, we have to, we have no stars and are still part-time in an almost completely professional league. John McGrath (Ex-Villa and Doncaster) is probably our best player, did you see his goal on MOTD? We rely quite heavily on getting the ball in the box quickly so if your centre-halfs are off form we might cause you problems.    
  6. [quote user="Greg Sayer"][quote user="Baahmy Army"] [quote user="Greg Sayer"]we should get ready for a stuffing ...... TAMWORTH![/quote]   The first one to mention "Lambs to the slaughter" does NOT win Bully''s special prize! [/quote] i was serious.... i see from ur other post ur a tamworth fan, do u know much about norwich this year??? [/quote]   No, but I''ll be watching out from now on! The one thing in our favour is the ground, it''s tight, the crowd are right on the players backs and The Shed (where our more vociferous fans stand) can be very loud, if you have any prima-donnas they may not enjoy it too much!
  7. [quote user="joshmickelburgh"] http://www.apwj49.dsl.pipex.com/conference/tamworth.htm#What''s%20The%20Ground%20Like? says away end hols 1,200 people [/quote]   I wouldn''t like to be in there with 1,999 others, it''s a bit of a squeeze!. Last year Stoke were limited to 850 in the terrace and a few more in the seats, mind you they have got more of a...errr...reputation!
  8. [quote]Evening Baahmy Army ( do sheep really make that noise ? ) Thanks for logging in as I''m sure you realise that probably the most us Canaries know about your fine town is the '' Tale of the Tamworth Two ''( for those who''s finger''s not on the pulse they were the two pigs who, a while back, legged it out of the abattoir,and, instead of ending up as rashers on our plate, were put out to grass for the rest of their lives. A result ! )  Just looked on the Tamworth club web-site but can''t find anything about the size of the ground and/or away support capacity. I''ve been to Burton Albion before. From the pictures on your web-site your ground looks similar. Is it a bit like that ? At least if we can''t all get tickets it''s bound to be one of the live matches on TV [/quote]   The Lamb holds 4,100 in total, but against Stoke last year that was limited by safety reasons to 3,700 ish. The away end (which does have some cover and a very good snack bar!) hold around 850, plus you''ll get a few seats in the main stand. You probably went to Burton''s old Eton Road ground (they moved to a nice new ground last year) which is very similar to ours, except painted a horrible yellow colour (oops - sorry!) You can park at the ground but it''s a nightmare getting out so follow signs for The Snowdome and park there, it''s a short walk to the ground from there. As for pubs, none really close to The Lamb but town is only ten minutes away and there are plenty there. Enjoy!
  9. [quote user="Greg Sayer"]we should get ready for a stuffing ...... TAMWORTH![/quote]   The first one to mention "Lambs to the slaughter" does NOT win Bully''s special prize!
  10. Evening! Tamworth fan here come to infiltrate your forum for a while! Any questions you have about our wonderful club, ground and town then fire away. Let''s be havin'' you! (Bet you''ve not heard that before!)
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