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  1. [quote user="WEEN_NASTY"][quote user="Pboro_Canary"]1-1 draw, the Wheelie bin to break his duck.[/quote] That''ll encourage him if he reads this![/quote]Sure did [:D]
  2. Had chances at this level elsewhere. Failed to deliver. No thanks, would add nothing to what we already have.
  3. If Barry Fry had been bid £2M for Boyd he would have bitten the persons hand off - he is not worth a third of that. As previous poster said the man is a publicity mad loon and you cannot take more than 10% of what he says seriously.
  4. It wouldn''t be the PinkUn if people were not prone to massive levels of hysteria and doom-saying. The best thing to do is just take a deep breath and laugh at some of the idiots.Wes is a flair player and from time to time they do daft things that will impact one way or another on a game. We are usually a better team for having him in the side than without.
  5. [quote user="ricardo"]One is bound to go in off his ar$e if he hangs about in the penalty area long enough.[/quote]Ah yes, the old Dean Coney approach to goal poaching! The similarities are increasing week by week...
  6. Don''t start letting small matters like facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory Pete.
  7. Reasonable squad cover but nothing better. With Drury and Tierney ahead of him we are not going to miss his contribution too much I am sure.
  8. Celtic to be too strong for Hamilton Accies for me this weekend please. Top v bottom, has to be nailed on.
  9. [quote user="alartz"]These next 12 games are the hardest of them all.[/quote]   Spot on, but what people seem to forget is that they will be just as hard for the other teams around us as well. Trying to second guess who will pick up points against each against in a few weeks time now a waste of time. Both ourselves and our rivals will deliver results nobody expected as the pressure mounts. Teams who look clueless now could be on a run of form in four/five games time (just look at how Ipswich have turned round recently). It will all come down to who handles it the best and a huge slice of luck. But by heck it will be interesting and thrilling to watch...[:)] 
  10. [quote user="Excited Canary"] technically brilliant but not quick. [/quote] Reminds me of a certain Ian Crook from back in the day, and lack of pace never stopped him from being the best midfield player I have ever seen for us.
  11. Which Martin do you mean? Russell could be of interest to the Prem lower end teams considering how he has played this season. Chris, I suspect yes either way - but in the event of us going up might be worth seeing if we could loan him out to a Championship side for the season.
  12. When he is in the mood a real menace; most of the time very average. Sadly, he is more likely to be the former if he signs on his first appearance. [:(]
  13. Can''t say I have any ill will towards Shackell who always seemed to give what he had to the cause. I think it was a damn good bit of business to get a million for him to be honest, if someone was daft enough to pay that then there was no way we were ever going to turn it down.
  14. Good luck Nana with those, they do look a good combination of risk and return I have to say.Oh, and happy birthday. [<:o)]
  15. [quote user="I am a Banana"]But if sheff utd go down then there is a much greater chance. Especially if we go up.[/quote]If we were to go up (and it is still a big if), can you imagine the reaction on here were we to sign a pretty much unproven striker from a relegated team with the worst scoring record in the division by a country mile? Evans is not going to score enough goals to keep anyone in the Prem if he cannot do it in the Championship.Ched Evans may have looked good for us a couple of years ago but sadly he has done zilch since except get caught up in his own hype.
  16. [quote user="Boris"]I think is Depeche Mode song from 1981 :) [/quote] Correct, it is also the ring tone on my phone ''cause I am a sad old child of the 80''s. [:$]
  17. [quote user="YellowOne1"]Stevenage didnt think him good enough for a start , i think that probably says it all .[/quote] Exactly, and add to that that their top scorer this season has just six goals so it is hardly as if the competition for places up front was tight. Daley has potential, but he is not the guy to score the goals to get us over the finish line by any stretch of the imagination.
  18. Beaten to it by Beauseant, but I am going for Fenerbahce as well please this week.
  19. Earnshaw is class and will always score goals at this level. Good news for us if he is injured, but they have some other quality players to replace him with. Forest are no one man band.
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