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  1. [quote user="crafty canary"]PL wants to win every game so he won''t be entertaining weakened sides. When we played Poulton rovers in the FA Cup 2 seasons ago did he play a weakened team ? Did he f**k. [/quote]He did when we played Blackburn in the Carling Cup last season though.
  2. [quote user="CDMullins"]Bore must be a WUM[/quote]Whatever gave him away? [:^)]
  3. [quote user="I am a Banana"] Doherty fancied himself both a defender and a center forward, sort of a modern day John Charles. [/quote] Sadly he possessed the vision of Ray Charles. [H]
  4. I am really fed up today as I got fired from my job on the dodgems for no good reason.Mind you, my solicitor reckons I can get them for funfair dismissal.
  5. [quote user="rondy"]DISSgo Dale (Gordon) [/quote] Pushing it, better to go with Sylvian Dis(s)tin [:)]
  6. Even with the benefit of canary tinted specs, I would have to say you would need to be a certified loony to rate Swansea as a better place to live and work than Norwich.
  7. Swansea for me, they play good passing football.
  8. As others have already said, now we have Vaughan I don''t think we will be looking at him anymore as the priority is likely to switch to a bigger striker to challenge Holt for a place.If we can still pick him up for a smallish outlay upfront linked to add ons though it would be nice to have him. I saw him play a few times for Posh when in Champs and when they were last in League 1 and was not always that impressed, but of late his all round game has come on in leaps.Our last few signings from Peterborough have not worked out that bad at the end of the day...
  9. [quote user="Adam NCFC"]Bowyer is an idiot. Why would we want a mug like that? [/quote]Because he is a mug who has spent pretty much his whole career as a first team regular in lower to mid-table Premiership teams (something that next season we should be aiming to be) and he was good enough to play in a Champions League semi-final.He may have been an idiot as a youngster but in a squad bereft of Premiership experience someone who has been there and done it would not go amiss for a season if they are available on a free transfer.
  10. [quote user="CRAZY LEGS"]would expect it to be about 1m up front with add ons if we stay up, scores 20 goals, england call up etc[/quote] If that turns out to be the deal it would be a shrewd bit of business.
  11. [quote user="Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man"][quote user="Norfolk Mustard"] Where does this leave the argument that keepers have to have both age and experience to get a job in the Premier League? [/quote] Who said that? [/quote] It is pretty much the perceived wisdom in general and has often been spouted in here. Have to say that I would agree that keepers, like wine, generally improve with age to be honest but there are the occasional exceptions like this guy.
  12. [quote user="Jacko"] [quote user="Jim Smith"]He wasn''t uncomplimentary about the club he basically described norwich as a sh8thole to somneone I know who had told him he was a norwich fan. As I have said about he is apparently not a very nice guy.[/quote] Wow. What he made of Reading must have been unrepeatable then! [/quote] Or indeed Middlesborough. Even the sea gulls there fly upside down to avoid having to crap on the place.
  13. [quote user="Bovril"]Good mention of Klinsmann. Don''t forget Klose is a grafter on the pitch. A 32 year-old world class striker to play for us? Most prolific German striker behind Gerd Muller.[/quote]Hmmm, sounds like a poor man''s Cody McDonald to me. [;)]
  14. [quote user="Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man"][quote user="Mario Harpershite"]Yes, like Matty Jonson...  Oh.[/quote]What about Matt Svensson or Steen Nedergaard? They were alright...[/quote]I''ll see your Svensson and Nedergaard and raise you Thomas Helveg and Henrick Mortenson [;)]
  15. [quote user="Olski_yellows"]Looks like his sad face just got even sadder[/quote]Just been interviewed on Sky, I know he has just seen his side lose a play off semi but this guy must be the most rude and miserable person in the universe
  16. [quote user="City1st"]Apparently he was given six points as well Six points from Suffolk ........ nothing new there then[/quote]If I had a hat I would be taking it off to you now Sir!!! [:D]
  17. I have not got much done this morning to be honest. Been too busy discussing our potential to survive with various people at work and grinning maniacally.
  18. According to Sky we are already 6-4 faves with BetFred for relegation - do these bookies not realise Paul Lambert is a God who will keep us up? [;)]
  19. So true, and so much sweeter because I still remember those binner fans waving tenners at us a few years back at the derby. How the world turns!
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