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  1. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="The Original Pboro_Canary"]If you think BBB is such a troll Lap, why do you insist on immediately replying to his every post? I genuinely don''t understand - isn''t the best response to a troll to give no response?

    [/quote]You''re perfectly correct in what you say Pboro and I know I shouldn''t. However, in the same way that you have responded to something you see as wrong, I also can''t stop myself replying to posts I see as wrong. As I see it, Beauseant is trying to steer NCISA away from being confrontational and concentrarating on the social side for his members, and yet Bly is still calling them a "pressure group".

    Damn, I just can''t stop myself!  [;)]

    Fair enough. One love to the both of you! [:)]

  2. Need to give it half a dozen competitive matches before you can make a sensible judgement. How many times have we seen players either damned or lauded to the heavens on the back of a couple of games before time causes a major rethink. R Martin is the classic example, he was shite according to most when he first arrived but not many thought that once he had played 10 games.

  3. Good news. My other half''s cousin is a Liverpool season ticket holder and reckons he will be really good value for us if he gets a few games under his belt in a row. Feels he has the ability to cut it in the Prem but not going to force his way into Liverpool starting team for a while yet so the move makes sense.

  4. After the howler he dropped to allow Wigan to get their goal do you seriously think Fergie would have any interest in recalling him even if he could? De Laet would not be here if he was even at the margins of first team planning at Old Trafford.

    If Man Utd need cover at the back and the transfer window is open they will buy to fill the void.

  5. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]stupid twits should realise that for the riots to get here it needs to move through there Sh*tty little hovel first.....[/quote]Can you put your hand on your heart and say that, if there was a riot in Ipswich tonight, anyone would notice the effects?