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    song otbc

    We sing this because it is part of the history of the club - it''s like West Ham fans singing about blowing bubbles or Liverpool about never walking alone or Portsmouth about Pompey chimes.  I for one have wonderful memories of singing it until my voice had gone from Steve Bruce scoring until well after the final whistle against Ipswich on Milk Cup Semi night (a level of volume and emotion I dont recall ever coming close to being matched at Carrow Road in my 30 years of attending).

    Agree with you that some people need to learn the words though!  Lets hope we hear it ring out a few times this season...

  2. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Old Norwich Photographs

    A fascinating archive of pictures - thanks for the link.
  3. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Player Profile pics - your opinions please

    Another vote for the second option
  4. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Joe Lewis to Morecambe on loan

    [quote user="Yellow Rages"]

    Is that a good move for him?

    "Morecambe unwise?"

    [/quote] I take my hat off to you sir, a classic - pmsl
  5. I guess we can assume that the photo clashed with the timing of another infamous "dental appointment".
  6. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Smith out for 6 weeks

    We must be due a change of luck with injuries to loan players[:)]
  7. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Where is this CB???

    I''m with Tom on this one.  I would be amazed if there was not movement on the CB front before the window closes - which is still a long way off.  I seem to remember reading somewhere that Grant used an analysis of our defensive failings in his job interview and nothing he can have ssen since will have made him likely to think he got it wrong.  I believe that things are going on to resolve the matter and someone will be unveiled before we get to Preston to fill the number 5 shirt.  But then I am an optimistic soul and often out of place on here!
  8. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Goalkeepers & our defence

    I agree to a point with the first two posters.  I believe we will benefit from less changes between the posts this season and this should improve confidence amongst the defenders as well.  The net product should be less goals conceded.  Also, Brellier does give the option of defensive midfield cover which should assist with matters further.

    However, on the negative side - Brellier is clearly lacking in fitness - witness his lack of action pre-season and also the comments of Grant.  Also, the Doc/Shacks pairing is for me at best one for a top half Championship team rather than one pushing for the play offs or above - one of them cant pass for toffee and the other, although generally competent, is prone to some expensive moments of madness.

    Overall, I would still want to see a new CB in place for Preston to play alongside either Doc or Shacks.  I would not mind if this was an older head (Darren Moore type) or someone a bit younger on loan for a season.  The point is some extra depth and competition would be of significant benefit.  We simply cannot afford another season where we end up with a -15 odd goal difference if we want to be challenging at the top end of the table.

    Overall I feel the transfer activity over the summer has been to the benefit of the club, but my faith in Grant''s vision would be stretched if we got to the end of the transfer window without some activity in this area.  I would be very surprised if that was to be the case though.


  9. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Wonderful City Memories.

    Top 5 for me:

    1. Going to my first game with my dad, Norwich v Stoke in (I think about 1978) - it was a nil nil draw I know.

    2. Being match mascot for the home game against Leicester in 1982 and having my picture taken with Chris Woods in front of the Barclay.

    3. The noise and atmosphere of the last five minutes of the Milk Cup Semi against Ipswich after Bruce''s header went in - cant remember a better night ands still brings a lump to my throat.  [:''(]

    4. When we scored in the Milk Cup Final - I waved the flag I had got on Wembley Way so hard the damn thing snapped in half.  Also got offered £25 quid by a Sunderland fan for my Norwich hat which had a canary perched on top (mind you everyone reckons it looked more like a pigeon).

    5. Sitting directly in line with Justin Fashanu in the old South Stand when he scored the goal of the season against Liverpool.

    Great thread by the way.

  10. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Hendrie joins Sheffield Utd on a free !

    [quote user="megson"]

    Yes but he''s a free so would just be another journeyman bargain basement player.

    Wouldn''t he?

    Oh no silly me, he''s gone to another club on a free which makes him a good player.

    If they come to norwich on a free they are useless.

    Yes i get it now.


    Couldn''t have put it better myself

  11. According to the BBC website they are also now on the verge of resigning Tommy Miller on another free.  What next, a return to action for John Wark or even my vote for the ugliest footballer of all time Eric Gates. 

    ...puts our position into perspective perhaps?

  12. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Safri or £1.5m?

    Another vote for take the money from me.  Premiership class on his day but simply not enough of them and at 30 that''s top money.
  13. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Midfielder Julien Brellier joins for two years

    An excellent piece of news as we need to strenghten at the back because one of the main reasons we have struggled over the last three years has been we have simply conceded goals too easily due to opposition midfielders not being tracked back.  Some competition for Safri and Etuhu can only be helpful therefore as it will enable the midfield to take some of the pressure off our overworked centre backs.  If we can sort out the Marshall deal and also get a new CB in as well, we start to have the look of a side with a reasonable spine to it IMO.
  14. Ivana_rubyatitz

    West Ham arbitration hearing Tommorow

    [quote user="Shack Attack"]

    Surely as West Ham and Sheff Utd have both broken Premiership rules, Sheff Utd stopped Steve Kabba from playing against them after he''d moved to Watford, the only way that justice can be served is for them both to be relegated!


    Before we rush to criticise Sheffield Utd, I seem to recall us putting something similar into the terms of the agreement whereby Leon went to Coventry!  Pots and kettles?

    On the point of the thread though, I believe the panel cannot make a decision to relegate West Ham anyway so it is all a bit of an irrelevance.  As I understand they can only order either a new review of the case by the Premier League or uphold the finding.  Frankly I am not that bothered either way and am more interested in movements in and out of Carrow Road at present where things are starting to happen.

  15. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Earnie - Best ever City Striker?? Have your say

    This thread has been running for over 24 hours and no mention of the striking legend that was Dean Coney?  Whats wrong with you people?
  16. Inspired, like a ray of sunshine breaking through on a wet Sunday afternoon.  I remeber Elvis and wouldn''t even wish him on Ipswich.
  17. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Get The Cluck out of here and wipe out the smudge

    I dont agree with them, but their point of view is as valid as anyone elses never the less.  Besides I for one would miss my daily dose of Smudger! 
  18. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Marshall on his way at last!

    According to the quote in the report it says Strachan still has to give the go ahead.  Lets not count our chickens just yet, but what a good signing if it is true because he looked class during his brief spell here.
  19. Ivana_rubyatitz


    On his day (as we saw more than once last season) a class act, but off form he can be awful - without much in between.  Seems to be a confidence thing with him and I would prefer to see him with a bit more competition for a place though.
  20. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Your Ideal Summer Transfer Window

    Blahblahblah has pretty much got it right, although I would prefer to swap one midfielder for another centre back - preferably someone with some experience to sit beside Shackell. 

    As for Martin JC, he is not yet the finished article and needs careful development over the coming season.  I hope we do not rush him or build up too much expectation so he ends up either believing his own publicity or the subject of derisive comment from the usual suspects.