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  1. we are under way - let''s get the result boys!
  2. Not offered any excuse to be fair to the guy tonight when interviewed on Sky - he looks utterly shell shocked like the rest of us!
  3. Just need it to all start now - the wait is agony
  4. [quote user="Mr Brownstone"]Stone wall pen. Got to be our night.[/quote]That''s two he has missed, both nailed on spot kicks. [:D]
  5. Having not been about picking for a few weeks I would like to come back with Celtic this week
  6. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Should have pushed the boat out....

    [quote user="Bovril"]We lose away to Swansea and draw away to Watford and the whole world is going to end.

    The fact is we got the result I and most other realistic fans would have expected. If these games weren''t next to each other and instead played in November and Janauary would you still be complaing at the lack of ambition?

    We tried to bring in CMS and Bennett, we offered good money, we brought in two decent players anyway....look at the bigger picture and support the team.

    Were 3rd in the league, would you rather we were 3rd from bottom?[/quote]Spot on [Y]
  7. Ivana_rubyatitz


    The following may be a little low tech but is 100% guaranteed to work because I have used it:1. Take advantage of your BT free weekend and evening calls package to ring your parents in Norfolk just prior to kick off.2. Don''t waste time talking to your mother as she will only want to blather on about boring stuff like her life, just get the old gal to pop the phone beside her radio tuned to Radio Snorefolk at a pretty high volume. (This bit does require a bit of technical expertise on her part but she gets there in the end).3. Listen to commentary down phone.4. Don''t forget to hang up at half time or else the cunning buggers at BT will start to charge you for the call after an hour.5. If we win you will be in a good mood and willing to chat at that point; if we lose you have a nailed on excuse to hang up in utter despondancy.[:D] Bingo, problem solved!
  8. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Swansea V Norwich Score Predictions?

    A point would be great from this game. They don''t concede many at home and we would still be 4 clear of them with one less game for them to catch up.

    I would go for 1-1.

  9. Crawley for me to this week
  10. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Mackail-Smith - what price?

    [quote user="lappinitup"]Bly. Are you gay?[/quote]Why does it matter? Are you cruising for a piece of his arse?You do seem to respond to his every post regardless of how pointless, it does look a bit obsessive....
  11. Ivana_rubyatitz

    qpr in for holt

    [quote user="CaptnCanary"]Yeah this is the biggest joke story ever. No way on earth would our club sell Holt - certainly at this moment. He is probably the most inspirational player behind all of the good work we have done in the last 2 seasons and the people in charge now are very much aware of that. Lambert would sooner have his balls cut off and go work for Ipswich than have Holt sold.[/quote]I 100% agree this is a non-story, although I am not sure I quite buy in to the conspiracy to wreck our promotion theory.The above post sums things up nicely, however it is odd that some folks throughout this thread seem to be expressing such righteous indignation that a club should approach our star player at this time in a promotion push when they were all for us doing the same to Peterborough....
  12. [quote user="Raymond Getärd"]

    [quote user="AJ"]This isn''t attention seeking, this is people being cleverly clawed in. He was joking! You muppets![/quote]

    [quote user="Pboro_Canary"]Unbelievable that some people clearly took the OP as serious![/quote]

    Oh bless, you two share the same birthday (yesterday).

    [/quote]Jog on back to the It''s not just football section [:|]
  13. Albion to beat Clyde
  14. Unbelievable that some people clearly took the OP as serious!
  15. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Mackail-Smith - what price?

    I see quite a bit of Peterborough and know locals who follow them and have solid opinions on the guy. My view is that whilst CMS is good, hard working and capable at playing above League 1 he is not gonna cut the mustard in the Prem. He simply does not represent good business at £3M so any further upping of a bid just seems like panic buying to me. Barry Fry is a wide boy and not someone you want to get into bidding with if you can avoid it.

    We haven''t exactly been struggling to score recently and are likely to have Chris Martin and Wheeliebin back soon to support Holt, plus Jackson. I don''t think we need CMS enough to spend that kind of money. If we have the funds available then spend them elsewhere on someone proven at this level and the players already mentioned fit the bill.

  16. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Tonights Footy

    Make that Watford three up on the binners!
  17. Amazing results over the last few days for the top teams. Our win was so important.
  18. Ivana_rubyatitz


    Posh fans local to me thought he might move on during the transfer window, but considering the position they are in now themselves they would be very unhappy if he were to leave at this stage. Posh are one of the form teams in League 1 at the moment and losing him now could well put the skids on their whole promotion push.

  19. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Quote from BBC website report

    Harsh to criticse anyone after that performance. The whole team were a great unit, some nice distribution at the back, winning balls in midfield and constantly causing concerns to their defenders combined with a never give up attitude that brought late reward. Watching that last night reminded me of the way we used to play back in the Mike Walker era.
  20. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Can we go 3 points clear in 2nd on Monday?

    I will tell you at about 2145.
  21. These things are all a bit of a blind punt anyway. I would not know enough to make a reasoned and objective assessment of the squad depth and current form (as opposed to actual results achieved) of the other teams around us, and I doubt their fans could do the same with us.At this stage I am just happy that we seem to be playing OK and holding our nerve. What others think and do means less when your destiny is now in your own hands.
  22. Ivana_rubyatitz


    2-1 to City
  23. As my original pick was postponed is it possible to switch to Benfica later today?
  24. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Billy Sharp Hernia.

    Good job we didn''t blow the £2M on signing him then!
  25. Ivana_rubyatitz

    C. Martin

    [quote user="Neil_MacLeod"]Well he most certainly did''t seem too bothered a couple a weeks a go when i sat next to him while he booked a holiday[/quote]Was he buying a return ticket though Neil?I do love the Pinkuns passion for conspiracy theory though.