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    Leroy Lita

    [quote user="Jacko"]

    [quote user="Jim Smith"]He wasn''t uncomplimentary about the club he basically described norwich as a sh8thole to somneone I know who had told him he was a norwich fan. As I have said about he is apparently not a very nice guy.[/quote]

    Wow. What he made of Reading must have been unrepeatable then!


    Or indeed Middlesborough. Even the sea gulls there fly upside down to avoid having to crap on the place.

  2. Ivana_rubyatitz

    hmmm seen this?

    [quote user="Bovril"]Good mention of Klinsmann.

    Don''t forget Klose is a grafter on the pitch.

    A 32 year-old world class striker to play for us? Most prolific German striker behind Gerd Muller.[/quote]Hmmm, sounds like a poor man''s Cody McDonald to me. [;)]
  3. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Norwegian Players

    ...and Ulf Ottoson while we are at it.
  4. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Norwegian Players

    [quote user="Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man"][quote user="Mario Harpershite"]Yes, like Matty Jonson...  Oh.[/quote]What about Matt Svensson or Steen Nedergaard? They were alright...[/quote]I''ll see your Svensson and Nedergaard and raise you Thomas Helveg and Henrick Mortenson [;)]
  5. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Dave jones

    [quote user="Olski_yellows"]Looks like his sad face just got even sadder[/quote]Just been interviewed on Sky, I know he has just seen his side lose a play off semi but this guy must be the most rude and miserable person in the universe
  6. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Lansbury caught speeding ...

    [quote user="City1st"]Apparently he was given six points as well

    Six points from Suffolk

    ........ nothing new there then[/quote]If I had a hat I would be taking it off to you now Sir!!! [:D]
  7. Pboro Canary has pinched my name!!!!!![:P]
  8. Ivana_rubyatitz

    NCFC v Coventry - predictions?

    3-1 to City with Holt getting two of them,
  9. Barcelona for me to end the season on a high
  10. I have not got much done this morning to be honest. Been too busy discussing our potential to survive with various people at work and grinning maniacally.

  11. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Bookies already writing us off!

    According to Sky we are already 6-4 faves with BetFred for relegation - do these bookies not realise Paul Lambert is a God who will keep us up? [;)]
  12. So true, and so much sweeter because I still remember those binner fans waving tenners at us a few years back at the derby. How the world turns!
  13. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Does anybody care about the QPR case now?

    Could not give a rats bottom now
  14. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Tears anyone

    A quick eye moistening from me as well
  15. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Message to all Cardiff fans!

    [quote user="Making Plans"]Is it ok to post a laugh now[/quote]Righteo, HA HA!
  16. Unbelievable, fantastic - yes, yes yes [:D]Paul Lambert thank you, what a team!
  17. just for once I can live without a late goal tonight
  18. 30 minutes will never seem this long again
  19. [quote user="paul moy"]Jackson is useless on his left. Shown it again !!!!  AAAAARRGGGHHHHHH..[/quote]Good job his head is OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Pompey don''t look good against crosses or balls into the box in the air
  21. Ivana_rubyatitz

    Quick query

  22. Halford has a hell of a throw on him
  23. kicking a guy on the ground not even a booking any more?
  24. how the hell did he miss that?????