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  1. Spot on Andy JR what is even worse is, that though I like Fotheringham and am pleased he is staying he is hardly the best midfielder in the world, this club of ours has had much better players than him just shows how far the people who alledgedly run this club have let things slip. He is not a great player he is an adequate one they are trying to make it sound as if we have signed Gerrard or Lampard.
  2. I''m 61 in September and I shall wear my shirt don''t care what people think mostly I get recognised for what I am a true suppporter of Norwich City.
  3. Totally agree thought about the season ticket bit myself and writing to Doomcaster but he like all the other idiots that allegedly run our club won''t care. I was a bit suspicious when I saw the Chairman outside the stand on Sunday thanking everyone for their support, smelt a rat then, it''s all part of the spin. Roeder is in my opinion a disgrace what are we going to rely on now ,11 headless chickens like his one and only fantastic signing Pattison, do me a favour. I know everyone says what a wonderful job he''s done, to some extent I agree but he damn well near threw it all away when they went through that complacent run so it takes the edge off for me. Even read one poster today who described him as a genius. Sorry did I miss something have we just one the Champions League, the Premiership and the F.A cup in one season. Roeder has won nothing to date let''s not forget that.
  4. Spot on I am afraid, you are right many of these players will unfortunately still be here and we need to replace them. I don''t think many of them cut it at all there is no resilience, the penalty yesterday was a joke but these things happen in football you have to get on with it, what did they do, just rolled over. Sorry I don''t rate any of our defenders and that includes Marshall not in the same class as Green, Woods, Gunny or Kevin Keelan for those who can remember that far back. The central defenders end up being comical I actually laugh at them they are a joke. Midfield, sorry Russel and particularly Pattison not good enough, Fotheringham not as good as he seems to think he is, dwells on the ball too long then tries something wildly optimistic ends up giving the ball away. Also why o''h why do we also persist in this head tennis again always ends the same way give the ball to the opposition. We don''t clear our lines effectively much of the time, there is no creativity in midfield or very rarely, let''s face it great goal yesterday set up by Dion and we know for certain he won''t be here next year worrying is it not. Nobody seems to get the ball even remotely on target as somebody said to me yesterday at the game we don''t know how good their goalkeeper was, didn''t have a save to make in front of us second half. Finally not altogether sure Roeder''s the man for the job earlier this year when we went on our run which basically saved us there was a lot of talk albeit newspaper talk that Roader would be pinched. Once that happened I think  bit of complacency set in, he started tinkering with the team making some very strange selections and substitutions maybe he thought he was headed back to the Prem with another club who knows but sorry we should have been a lot safer second week of March then we were. He is certainly better than Grant but then I would have been as would  most of the posters on here. Finally the buck stops at the board and I will be very surprised if the radical changes being hinted at come to fruition just spin to try and sell the last of the season tickets in my view. At the end of the day if Roeder is not given the money he will fail as would Mourinho, Ferguson or any other manager you care to mention.     
  5. My son and I could not go, first home game missed for 2 years. Don''t care about the size of pics they are great, many many thanks it makes up a bit for not being there.
  6. Good analysis lucky green trainers I am glad somebody agrees with me about Ostemobor fantastic going forward but rubbish at defending, can''t tackle, gets caught out of position, doesn''t read the,game we ought to be able to do better. The one thing I don''t agree is Russell, thought he was poor first time around, wasn''t overly impressed with him last year when he came here with Stoke just doesn''t have it for me should be shot of in my view. Dion is worth keeping but he really ought to be a bench player we can bring on as necessary not someone we have to positively rely on every match. I to am sick and tired of people, notably Neil Adams, running on about the quality of the squad, in the final analysis the league table doesn''t lie we are rock bottom and deservedly so, no matter much how it pains me to admit it. The thought of the mob down the road crowing next week is going to be pure emabrrassment, thank you Board. Like to think we might beat them but unless we have a new man in and he can get a couple of decent loan oplayers in critical positions can''t say I am at all optimistic.
  7. Well said Clint, Duffy would not be my choice over the longer term  but we have to have someone in charge tomorrow and like it or not it''s him. Who knows he might be succesfull can''t go with thos ewho want us to lose I never want Norwich to lose.  Also can''t believe the viciousness of some people on this board especially with regard to Duffy I might no chooose him but I sure as hell am going to support over the next two games. 
  8. Agree with everything I once heard Mike Walker being interviewed at the time we had a good side in the Prem and he said some players you have to rant and rave at cos that''s the only language they understand and respond accordingly, others literally have to have an arm put round them at half time and coaxed into playing better. This guy just rants it seems to me, you just do not call out your staff in public in whatever walk of life you are in.
  9. David, I sent an email as well and got word for word the same as you including the use of i instead of I. Just shows he got some flunky to send it thus proving they don''t give a monkeys what we think not that I didn''t doubt that anyway.
  10. Thanks gunnsdppelganger will let everyone know what the reply is, if indeed I get one.
  11. You could almost bet your mortgage it won''t be anyone well known with a track record it will be Duffy or they will bring back Keith Webb, the board is totally useless and clueless. They won''t want a Warnock or a Jewell as they will be their own men and not be puppets.
  12. Can someone please let me have Doncaster''s email please. I am a season ticket holder and wish to tell the man just how rubbish I think this current bunch of so-called players not to mention the manager (what a loser) is. It won''t change anything but will make me feel better. I dread going to CR these days.
  13. Great post leeds yella and I certainly do remember Kevin Reeves and that banner. I know these days all lower placed clubs sell to the richer boys but I would argue we almost started it. How many great players have we had over the years that we sold for a huge profit and rarely was any of it, let alone all of it ploughed back into the playing side. This club is treated by the powers that be as a ''little old club'' even when we were top of the Premier Legue about 300 years ago according to Mike Walker we were still looking to sell players. The people who have controlled this club Watling, South, Chase and now Delia and hubby have all followed this principle. The difference is that they have 20,000 season ticket holders and could fill Carrow Road every week with a decent team. I am firmly convinced that in  my dream world if we ever got into the Champions League we would have to extend the ground. Despite all this we get short changed all the time, we pay out good money to watch complete and utter rubbish and the owners don''t give a fig and if they do they sure do hide it well. Sorry we are doomed to League 1 and not convinced it will stop there.
  14. Extremely well said gazzathegreat, like you I am very angry about the whole thing, the real villains in all of this are Doncaster and Co. Even if Grant is being too careful with money it ain''t working, either way they have the power to intrevene and change the situation. Trouble is they will probably end up sacking Grant and after a short period of time everyone from Mourinho, Svensson to Jewell and Warnock will be mentioned but hey great news everyone, even better than that we have after much persuasion got Jim Duffy to agree to be our new manager. You can just see it can''t you and Doncaster will make sound as if we have got in Jose Mourinho. Give me strength.
  15. Excellent post Barclayman, I personally was never keen on Grant thought he was too inexperienced and niaively thought that the board would pull in someone if not Curbishley, certainly a manager of that stature when Worthy departed. But no, just as we were later teased over being interested in Sharpe and then Eastwood we get second best. It pains me to use this expression but I think that a club with 20,000 or so season ticket holders and all the good facilities ought to have not only looked for but secured the services of an established manager with a track record in this division. The board clearly had no intention whatsoever of doing this. Don''t get me wrong I''m all for giving people a chance and decided that though Grant would not have even been on my list let alone selected, as a season ticket holder I have to accept the board''s decision and he got my 100% backing. I have no pleasure in feeling I was right. I really did think after a short space of time he would pull it round. Like others I think the majority of his signings are good ones and like Barclayman think they will mostly come good. Problem is you don''t have time in this business, if it takes 30 or so games to gel you can be as good as relegated by then. There are examples of managers who had virtually no experience coming good rapidly but I regret on this occasion it does not look too likely. Having been a manager myself (not in football I hasten to add) a golden rule, do not slag people off in public absolute no-no and if you lose the confidence of those you manage you may as well pack it in.
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