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  1. This time last year there was an Open Day at Carrow Road... does anyone know if its happening again??
  2. Apologies for ignorance - but what is the Hooper chant?
  3. about 6 mins into the interview, he talks about the 45 mins he had against the ''s**t team in Italy'' - made me giggle!
  4. My man concern with NA being appointed as manager is his ability to a) keep hold of the players that want to leave and b) his ability and experience to attract new, exciting players to the club. I think his tactual awareness and man-management is as good as any of the other candidates on the short list, however, but I do worry if an exodus of players want to leave that we won''t be able to replace them.
  5. Glenn Hoddle as groundsman and Mike Phealon the new tannoy man...
  6. With MM as manager and NA First Team Coach.
  7. As a player, he''s been promoted 3 times with 3 separate clubs from Champs to perm and once as a manager. He knows whats needed at this level - surely there is no one with a better record than that. In.
  8. No such thing as a plastic... People watch/support football for different reasons.
  9. Anyone got a spare ticket for tomorrow I can buy off them??
  10. What do you think your chances are of winning the league Jimmy?
  11. Spot on Indy... Its amazing how these so called ''pundits'' know absolutely nothing about whats been going miles away in ''little old Norfolk''....
  12. From The Sun... Norwich have replaced Chris Hughton with footballs answer to Alan Partridge! Three Years ago, Neil Adams was presenting the ''Canary Call'' phone in on Radio Norfolk.
  13. The next 3 games will define whether we are playing Premiership or Championship football next season. Sunderland and West Brom at Home and Swansea Away... Anything less than 6 points and we''re doomed... 12th April - We never beat Fulham, simples (L) 20th April - Luis Suarez day (L) 26th April - Liitle ol'' Norwich winning at Old Trafford... Nah (L) 3rd May - Playing Norwich who have lost their last 3, couldn''t be better timing for Chelsea''s push for the title (L) 11th May - Needing 3 points to stay up - can you really see Norwich beating Arsenal on the last day of the season? (L)
  14. Blown away with how interesting this is… tks for posting!
  15. Stupid subject title I know - but I have been reading various posts on here and other social media of people saying they hope we get thrashed on Sunday so Hughton gets sacked. 2 weeks ago, i agreed with this statement. However at this stage of the season, we need the points. I would rather we picked up 3 points against spurs and limped over the finnish line in 17th then go for broke with a new manager - its to late! If however we do get thrashed on Sunday then HOOOOTON OUT!
  16. Andreas Wank has just tuned up for some Jumping tho… hahah thats funny!
  17. Had the day off today so tuned in to watch the Olympics - wow Ice Skating is boring! Hoooton out!
  18. IMO, what Swansea have done is very clever, Laudrup is clearly a good manager, but by all accounts had lost interest. To be able to bring in a young, dynamic and obviously capable individual that knows the club and has the respect of the players, board and fans, will be the perfect tonic for keeping Swansea safe and more this season. Maybe Russell Martin in a couple of years ;-)
  19. Granted, I would have expected him to score that chance, but after seeing it again this morning on the TV, credit has to be given to the keeper for closing him down so quickly.
  20. i don''t get the Snoddy bashing - i actually thought the guy had a good game last night. His distribution was good from set pieces and he was taking on defenders and getting in the box, especially in the second half. The way Hughton sets up the team, we inevitably end up playing quite narrow, which can''t help the two wingers... I''m not looking for a fight but just others opinion, maybe I''m missing something!
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