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  1. I, and i''m sure the large majority of city fans agree that we should not sell Chris Martin, but i''m assuming that ''long haired prat'' you''re talking about is Robert Eagle? If it is, i disagree that he can be compared with Henderson and Ryan Jarvis as they both have had many more games than Eagle, and Eagle has impressed me with the few games he has had, obviously bringing in Lappin and the form of Huckerby is making it difficult for Eagle to get into the starting 11, but i''m happy when i see his name on the bench. Also, how on earth would Earnshaw struggle to get back into the starting 11 when fit?!
  2. I thought i''d bump this thread so everyone who posted with a table prediction can see if it reflects the current table.
  3. ....Is why did Sky Sports say on their website use the terms, "Chelsea brushed Norwich aside" and "Chelsea had a comfortable victory". When the BBC actually said the scoreline flattered Chelsea which was correct. I know Chelsea deserved the victory but by 4 goals? I think not. So thanks to the BBC for actually having a heart for the smaller clubs and giving them credit where it is due, and I''m dissapointed with Sky Sports for obvious reasons.
  4. [quote user="Grumpy "] That t***** Hanson will still be unable to give any credit. [/quote]   Yep, and no doubt him and Lawro will find some way to run on about how great Liverpool are.....
  5. Thanks for all you have given to NCFC Craig, all the best with Rotherham.
  6. I''m just curious to who will be making the long trip upto Blackpool? And your predictions for the game, i feel confident about this one and will say 2-0 to City to register my first away victory whilst following Norwich on their travels!
  7. 1-1 i reckon. Tamworth seem really up for this one, and our away form is nothing worth shouting about. Home advantage in the replay should be enough to give us a comfortable win at home though.
  8. 1 Birmingham 2 Southampton --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Preston 4 Derby 5 Sunderland 6 Stoke --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 West Brom 8 Sheffield Wednesday 9 Wolves 10 Cardiff 11 Norwich 12 Colchester 13 Burnley 14 Ipswich 15 Coventry 16 Plymouth 17 Crystal Palace 18 Leeds 19 QPR 20 Leicester 21 Barnsley ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 22 Luton 23 Hull 24 Southend   Derby v Preston Play-off Final, Derby to go up.
  9. Does anybody else think that from what they have heard, that Asmat should have been offered a professional contract? I''ve lost count of the times i have seen him in matchday programmes and seemed to be one of the few exciting products developed through our youth system. I realise that his car-crash incident caused a set-back, but i have been told he is an upcoming star for danish football. Does anyone else agree/ feel differently to what i''ve said?
  10. 1) What do you predict the final score to be?       2-2 2) In what time span will the ref show the first yellow card? 0 - 10 mins, 11- 20, 21-30 etc etc      11-20  (Lee) 3) How many yellow cards will be shown in total?   5 4) How many players will be sent off in total?    0 5) In what time span will the first goal be scored 0-10 mins, 11-20, 21-30 etc etc   21-30 6) Who''ll score the first goal for Norwich?   Hucks 7) Who''ll score the first goal for the Binners?   Lee 8) What % of possesssion will Norwich have in total?    48 9) What will be the attendance ( will give you 100 either side)    28450 10) How many subs will be used by both teams in total?   All 6 11)  How many shots on target will Norwich have?   6 12) How many shots on target will Ipswich have?   7 13) How many corners will Norwich be awarded?   5 14) Who will start the game in defence Dublin or Doherty?    Dublin (hopefully) 15) Who will be happiest at the end of the game Norwich or Ipswich fans?   Norwich, away draw, can''t complain, we''ll win at home  [:D]
  11. Do male referee''s and assistant''s officiate at women''s football matches?
  12. Hello fellow City fans, i have recently joined but have been reading posts on the site for a couple of weeks. I live a few miles from Norwich and have been to about half of the home games this season (and to port vale). Could you please tell me a bit about yourselves? Thanks
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