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  1. [quote user="sonyc"]Well.....fr those watching are we looking like a typical mid table team?[/quote] Every inch. I accept we can/could be ineffective at times in the Prem, but we now look awful a league below. Offering nothing going forward, Tettey once again baffles me as to why he keeps his place over someone like Thompson, and we are playing hoofball or sideways nothing football. Literally a waste of time watching this carp.
  2. We look good as ever.... I wouldn''t be surprised if so AN doesn''t just give up and walk. The players are often times just beyond let downs. We need a mass clear out in the summer.
  3. [quote user="Jim Smith"]People are getting ominously uppity about the manager because they can see for themselves that regardless of the league position/points tally the levels of performance on the pitch are not very good and certainly not at the levels that they should be. People also feel that things are starting to slide because the flaws that we were getting away with whilst scraping wins earlier in the season have not been addressed and are not costing us points (or in the case of last night our place in the cup) as many feared. I honestly don''t know whether we should sack him or not at this point in time but I like to think that I have been very consistent over the last few years in judging our managers on whether I feel they are getting the best (or an acceptable level of) performance out of the players they have available to them rather than just being blindly led by league position. That was part of the problem with Hughton, people kept saying he should not be sacked unless we were in the bottom three despite the fact that it was clear performance levels were poor for a long time. If we wait until we at 8th and 10 points off the top two then we might not be able to recover that deficit. We have already let Villa pick up 5 points on us in the last week and I am convinced that they will have a run before the season is out.[/quote] This ^^ We cling on and perform naively. In this division we should be bossing the majority of teams for prolonged periods and showing a little basic footballing ability in defense. Basically demonstrating the basics with added quality on top.
  4. Did I miss anyone saying bug Dave Strihavka? He was pretty bad if memory serves?
  5. To be fair Godfrey should have dealt with the ball in the box before it was crossed. He''s looked OK. Oliviera has been basically nonexistent. Brady has been pretty awesome, until that awful cross the back a moment ago. Bennett needs to be sold. I think Thompson and Pritchard have been our best players.
  6. [quote user="Ginja"][quote user="I am a Banana"]Where are people watching this please?[/quote]firstsrowsports.eu[/quote] It''s on bein sports 4 here in the US.
  7. Following Norwich through mediums that are free make you a supporter, and a bum on a seat in the ground makes you a paying customer second to following your passion to support the club. You can be a fan of the theater as NN says, but you''re still a statistic on a spread sheet to that business, which charges you and treats you as a customer.
  8. [quote user="Jim Smith"]Not only did he repeat the error but he had a dig at the fans in his post match interview by pointing out that we conceded with Pritchard on the pitch. Presumably in response to criticism for not starting him. What kind of management is that?[/quote] Definitely picked up on that sly dig too Jim. Not smart. We conceded with him on the pitch against Rotherham, but the argument could be made that we were 2-0 largely by his influence at the point we conceded. Today he should have started and AN knows that deep down.
  9. Had had surgery and will be out for "months" apparently.
  10. Does Buh ever discuss football? Trolling posts whether we win or lose. Blokes an eejit
  11. Like Groundhog Day. We lack serious quality in defense, and seem devoid of effort and desire. Lethargy was the work Rob Butler used, and Eadie seemed very annoyed it takes a sub or for us to goal down to start putting effort in. This squad still needs a bit of a clear out.
  12. [quote user="nutty nigel"]They aren''t very good insults though are they? A little too stroppy and girly for my tastes....[/quote] So why do you care then? Surely it''s a non-issue. You''re a strange one king happy clapper.
  13. I only throw insults at you, because you are a tool that picks fights and normally warrants the insult. You seem to know very little about football, and why most fans vent frustration at the poor parts of our teams play. I said the defense was bad, which was born out of frustration because it was, and then you singled me out. You must be the King of hot air when it comes to unrelated football topics if this is the standard on which a poster is judged.
  14. [quote user="nutty nigel"]The way we set up with full backs often our most forward players we are going to concede goals. AN obviously thinks we can score more than we concede. What did people used to say about the way we set up under Hughton?[/quote] Pretty sure we said it was boring, and we didn''t attack enough. We would rather not try to outscore the opposition. That is totally irrelevant in this situation though, as no one said anything about sitting back and losing concentration and conceding soft goals.
  15. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Sorry Seattle. What point are you trying to make?[/quote] Clearly one that''s too difficult for your old think box to comprehend....
  16. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Probably. But that stat must mean we are in winning positions virtually every game and that is a stat for auto promotion.[/quote] Only if you see the game out to get the points.... Which we don''t always do. Are you thick?
  17. [quote user="nutty nigel"]Seattle won that race..[/quote] Do shut up you old fool. I said the defense is shoite, win or lose tell me how that''s incorrect? You really are a tool on this board.
  18. It''s Character Forming - Damn, that''s really bad news as he''s our most important single player. ------------------------------------- Are the rest in relationships with one another?
  19. [quote user="Buh"]Unlucky Ricardo, unlucky.[/quote] Do you ever discuss football matters? Or is trolling too much fun? Great win! Defense can take a much needed break now to refresh.
  20. That was woeful. Not attempted jump to defend their goal. Some serious money needs spending in January.
  21. Here we go again. Good save from mcG but bad defending.
  22. Morty: "Why did we have no effective outlet? Pretty sure there were other players on the pitch, apart from the defence? Players who are perfectly capable of carrying or keeping the ball? People have jumped on this "Oh I would have kept Murphy on" and it has stuck in their heads." --------------------------------------------------------------- Going by the the radio (not a lot admittedly) Brady wasn''t really driving forward, and Murphy was labeled by Holty as the one who was hitting them on the break. This aliviates pressure on our own box somewhat. With 15 minutes to go it didn''t really happen again. So yeah, to answer your point no one else seemed capable of bringing the ball away from our goal, and that''s why people are hung up on the sub. If he was tired it should''ve been like for like. You can''t hope to defend for what ended up being nearly a quarter of the game with players who are pants under pressure and prone to errors against one of the best teams in the league. So blatantly obvious.
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