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  1. [quote user="Indy"]Seattle stop biting mate,Myers just not worth your energy...... By the way, not sure if you''re into American Football, but loved last weeks trip to Wembley to watch the Redskins/ Bengals draw, what a fantastic day, met some really great fans from the States.[/quote] That''s good to hear mate. Sadly I can''t get into it. Too many stoppages for me, and it''s not as gritty as rugby. I''ve even tried watching the Sounders, but it''s just not the same thrill as supporting your team. We have a local hockey team here which I quite enjoy watching, which I think are either one or two professional standards down from the NHL. Seattle doesn''t have an NHL team. That has a nice feel to it on game day. If nothing else, I miss Carrow Road above all else. Waking up watching soccer am (Tim Lovejoy, not now) driving to Norwich and going to the Clarence Harbour before and after the game. Still have my expired season tickets from years ago in the Jarrold. For some reason, I just won''t throw them away!
  2. [quote user="Buh"]I mean, Ricardos reports are crap but at least he''s on the right continent What has to go wrong in your life that you end up in Seattle? lol[/quote] The right continent? How is one right do tell.... Football aside you''re living in a country made for the foreigners these days, anyone who wants a hand out to ''seek asylum'' and all from the tax payer. I left to better my future in my field, and was successful enough to work and live in America, and look at new opportunities. Can your small mind even comprehend the life experience of travel and culture change? I''d love to hear your list of achievements, but sadly think they begin and end with the keyboard you''re likely wiping away your unrequited emotions from...
  3. [quote user="Buh"]Your parents were livestock Seattle. We know it, you know it. Seattle is a s4ithole as well mate. Have some of that, yank.[/quote] Lol I bet you''ve never even left the county, let alone the country or even been here. It must''ve been a tough childhood watching all the other inbred trolls living under nicer bridges than you, clearly that''s where that chip on your shoulder has come from. Mummy and daddy''s best just wasn''t good enough was it? Yours truly, the not Yank.
  4. [quote user="Buh"] Have another think that.[/quote] Well, in school I at least was taught how to properly structure sentences. But no, my statement had little to do with education, and more to do with your stupid responses.
  5. [quote user="Capt. Pants"]No way should Brady have been subbed. Pritchard was shocking.[/quote] I fear, like Patrick Bamford a season not playing much football last season has seen Pritchard fail to replicate his form from two seasons ago.
  6. [quote user="Buh"]We play awful I''m not happy about it But do we need this Dr Seuss senseless b0llocks from Ricardo every week Awful[/quote] Do we need the senseless trolling bollox we get from you? No, yet here you are.... Again..
  7. [quote user="KiwiScot"]We need some experience and proven players. We are over relying on a young manager and to many young players with no experience.[/quote] Like who? Murphy is the only player who has been used consistently this season. I would say it''s the journeymen/ experienced players that have stagnated and looked disinterested. Nothing to do with the younger players.
  8. Agreed. Holt was 300k? BJ was free. The players are out there to be found, unfortunately we just waste the little money that we do have on players that do not suit our system or our team, and end up spending time on the bench instead. We just can''t afford that kind of luxury. I wonder what people think regarding possible outgoings in January? With the way the team are currently playing do we even care if Brady, Olsson, Klose and Naismith leave in January? I wouldn''t be too bothered so long as we signed players in their positions.
  9. The premier league feels a long time ago.... We aren''t going up this season. We could sack AN, but then the life cycle of the next manager begins with the same problems trickling down from the top. In the past I''d have called for the manager, but surely considering the lack of investment and player recruitment and coaching, there''s a lot more to fix than just sacking a manager will fix.
  10. Problem is, is that it isn''t just AN. The whole club from the board to the players and coaches lack the mental preparation, nous, conviction, drive, need I go on.... Literally everything is wrong right now.
  11. Ruddy Pinto. Martin. Klose. Olsson Josh. Dorrans. Thompson. Pritchard Oliviera. Jerome More width, someone to play off of Jerome so he doesn''t constantly have to be isolated and looking like a headless chicken off the ball.
  12. So we''re mid table because that''s our level, yet if we finish top 6 it''s the opposite and it''s good fortune.... Right.... Agree some players need to go, but CH destroyed a team that was in its 3rd year of Prem football. That should have been the year we established ourselves in the league. We aren''t a mid table champ team, we are a yoyo team as the evidence shows.
  13. Brady and Naismith? Really.... Two of the most uninterested, below par, lethargic want away performers this season. I''d far rather keep Hooly central, or change the system and create more width, we play too narrow too often which also doesn''t help when you constantly pass sideways. Ruddy Pinto (if fit), Russ, Klose, Olsson Josh, Dorrans, Thompson, Pritchard Oliviera Jerome
  14. [quote user="Herman"][quote user="SeattleCanary"]Would rather big Sam. I know, I know. But he''d put it up some of these premadonnas[/quote]OH GOD, I can''t believe I am saying this, but Big Sam to get us up. A season of turgid drech keeping us in the Prem and then get someone else for the following season.Or hopefully we can find someone else a bit more exciting.[/quote] I feel the same. Steady the ship and then look at someone else going forward.
  15. Would rather big Sam. I know, I know. But he''d put it up some of these premadonnas
  16. Impression he gives is that behind the scenes everything is as bad as it can be. No character.
  17. [quote user="lharman7"]Shocked at how bad we are.[/quote] Shocked on the day, but it''s been coming ever since that soft goal at Blackburn. I just can''t accept losing 3-0 to Brum and Brighton in the champs, Prem yes I get it, but not in this league. With the investment it''s unacceptable.
  18. Anyone who thinks we are going up is deluded. We are here to stay. Awful.
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