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  1. Not surprised Ricardo. For everybody at the game, who doesn''t have the benefit of TV, when the crowd just started chanting Delia sort it out the camera went to her and she was mouthing it to the person next to her who didn''t understand what the crowd were saying. So at least we know she is very aware....
  2. Oliviera can really strike a ball. Unlucky not to score yet today.
  3. [quote user="JF"]Utterly clueless and completely outplayed. Neil is doing a Hughton, picking up enough to just keep in a job but we are clearly going nowhere under him[/quote] Which is pretty sad, when you consider that one of those managers was in the Premier league and the current one is a league below
  4. [quote user="lincoln canary"]Murphy is having a shocker. And Pritchard is sat at home.[/quote] Agreed. Murphy looks far too lightweight
  5. Jacob looks pretty tired maybe mentally more than anything. Making the wrong decisions or running with the ball too far each time and losing it.
  6. [quote user="True Grit"]I''m a qualified professional within football. not blowing my own trumpet, but I have the credentials to form a valid and coherent opinion in relation to the subject matter. I''m not disputing your loyalty and passion for the game, but until you''ve attended and analysed over 800 games over a 6.5 year turn-cycle, then perhaps you''ll be able to adequately engage and retort regarding the subtle nuances of the game and idiosyncrasies of individual players, with a certain validated degree of clout. Until then it''s merely conjecture. Guys, leave it to the qualified professionals - jez and AN know what''s they''re doing - we will be a PL outfit next season. Best, TG[/quote] You must be on a windup. There is no guarantee of promotion for any team, but we certainly don''t look like going up.
  7. [quote user="Inch High aka Inchy.."]And your solution is? You do the whinny girl thing really well but offer up no viable solution. Lets hear your solution to the all too evident problem. Do you have a big investor waiting in the wings? We are all aware of the problems but as you seem to have all the answers could you please enlighten the rest of us of the answer. Many thanks.[/quote] We''ll never know. They''ve openly said they aren''t interested in. Investment/selling up. Maybe there has been interest, they definitely wouldn''t admit to it if there had been. They know a large number of supporters would sharpen the pitchforks.
  8. [quote user="Feedthewolf"][quote user="Keith Scott"]3 happy clappers down. Just need Morty, Fenway and a couple of others to complete the set. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa![/quote]You are the worst troll on this board, you''re absolutely useless. It''s laughable that anyone would actually believe you''re a Norwich fan.[/quote] Come on FTW. Don''t deny Buh of his rightful place!
  9. So long as we don''t get trounced and give saints a good game I''ll be happy.
  10. I have to agree with cusdp, the only real shots he saved were more or less straight at him. Didn''t really show enough to suggest he could potentially step up a level in the future.
  11. [quote user="Barnes Wallis "]Some flouncing plastics on here tonight[/quote] What''s your definition of a plastic? I see a bunch of small minded eejits, but not much else mate.
  12. [quote user="Buh"]I would respond but I''m too busy enjoying a comprehensive Norwich win on the correct continent.[/quote] King bellend here. Try and get out a bit pal. Atmosphere was shockingly flat today as someone said above.
  13. Playing really well thus far. It''s crazily quiet inside the ground, so much so you can hear Neil screaming on the touch line and clearly hearing his instructions. This doesn''t look like a team not playing for the manager, which is great to see after recent speculation.
  14. [quote user="lappinitup"][quote user="nutty nigel"]Gotta keep the customers satisfied......[/quote]But they''re not customers if they watch on a dodgy stream.......Shoplifters more like. [;)][/quote] Seeing as I pay for the subscription and it is as crystal as watching tv that comment has no relevance to this thread. For the morons like Buh who commented, there are supporters of the club that used to be season ticket holders like myself that move away. There''s a whole wide world out there you know, culture and stuff, shocking I know! Anyway despite my plasticity I''ll be back in Jan and going to a few games starting with Wolves at home!
  15. In case anyone can grab a vpn and set it to the US, and a beIN account or fubotv account, game is on bein sports 3 today!
  16. Great player. Him or Abraham from Chelsea assuming they are able to cancel the loan, if not wait till summer. Great young strikers. I''d love us to go for Assombalonga but he seems too injury prone.
  17. A lethargic disregard or care for reality. Just like his defending.
  18. Was gutted when we sold him, more so than Redmond. It was either going to be him or Bent that scored today. I''m in the AN out canon now. Time to freshen the playing and coaching staff up, we''ve gone stale.
  19. [quote user="Making Plans"][quote user="SeattleCanary"][quote user="Buh"]Hush American[/quote] Actually smart arse I''m English. Caister-on-sea born and raised, former season ticket holder and only been in Seattle for the last 4 years. [/quote]Maybe you should run for President - you show worrying similarities to Trump.[/quote] How so MP? I''d rather not be compared to that megalomaniac racist if it''s all the same to you thanks.
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