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  1. [quote user="nutty nigel"]I guess now Seattle and Ron etc. are off my case it means the penny''s dropped. Would be nice if they said so instead of still appearing to be hypocrites. I still think I''m the only one who''s addressed the rest of the OP too.[/quote] Are you still harping on off topic. Can''t let it go being called out on your BS old man, we moved on with the topic, you should try giving it a go rather than trying to have the last word.
  2. [quote user="Rogue Baboon"]Keeping Klose is a priority, if 1 ''big'' player goes Brady would be a better shout, as well as others Use that money to go after Lansbury, get a LM replacement & CB to partner Klose[/quote] With Jarvis, and Josh and arguably Pritchard for the left side wouldn''t you agree a backup left back is a higher priority in case Olsson gets suspended or injured? In case you state any of those I''ve mentioned aren''t up to it, then we clearly need to think down the playing staff on that wing if they can''t do a job once Brady is gone. For me LB, CB and a forward and we are looking good til summer time car boot can take place with the deadwood.
  3. Agree to an extent about how we set up, but it only takes an injury to Cam and he''d be right in the thick of it with Olive. He''s had what, three clubs since then? Surely the whiff of bin has come out in the wash by now. Although I feel more strongly about Wickham in that sense (not having him here) than I do Rhodes, not sure why tbh.
  4. Now they''ve signed Gestede and they have Rhodes, that''s the duo from 2 seasons back for Blackburn. With Boro having Negredo, Ramirez, and even Nugent (who is pants) could we pinch Rhodes in some capacity I wonder? Just goes to show that with those two, and Josh King all in the Prem now, Blackburn had the forwards of a Prem team but the rest of the setup wasn''t up to scratch to get them back up. We have to make sure we get the balance right in our team these next two windows!
  5. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Ron Manager"]Wow, NN defending LDC, a nonce, numptie calling troll! Says it all really![/quote]Nonce? How did I get dragged into that?I''m assuming the posters having a pop at me also think that fans who don''t agree with them have a distorted view. I just hope they''d never be so hypocritical as to have a go at Lakey for doing the same thing. And I''d still ask why there is a need to criticise other supporters while trying to promote a discussion. If you can''t make a point without doing it then you probably don''t have a worthwhile point to make.[/quote] Lol! What a hypocritical thing to say. You were the first comment on the thread, not to engage in discussion, but to criticize the topic of the OP. And you wonder why people have jumped on your back....
  6. Another pointless reply from NN to a perfectly fine OP. Anyway, does anyone know what our projected loss is supposed to be for this season? We need to ship out Lafferty, Turner, and some of the younger boys on loan. If we can sell Brady for £10m+ and either Naismith or Klose ( preferably Naismith) for £8-10m, and recruit a LB, CB and ST. We don''t need another left-winger when we have Josh, Jarvis and even Pritchard. In the number 10 spot we have Wes, Pritchard and Madddison to come back.
  7. We should let him go. He clearly isn''t going to play for us anytime soon and we are stunting his growth.
  8. I''d agree giving him time if he hadn''t had 3 transfer windows, with Prem cash, and a history of poor player recruitment/not using players he''s bought. The short term is a glance at the long term. Nothing will improve or change.
  9. [quote user="Move Klose"]Barring the younger players and probably Olsson, Howson & Oliveria i wouldn''t care if any of the others left. Ruddy McGovern Jones Whittaker Pinto Turner Bassong Bennett Martin Klose Brady Tettey Mulumbu Dorrans Jarvis Andreu Hoolahan Naismith Lafferty Jerome could all leave for all I care.[/quote] Keep Hoolahan, Jerome and definitely Pinto, but the rest can go over time.
  10. [quote user="VanWink"]Great tackle by the much maligned Benno[/quote] Agreed. Credit where it''s due.
  11. And Brady couldn''t give a f@ck either. I''ll be happy when he''s gone too.
  12. Madness to take Pinto off. He was our speed/outlet. Jerome is past it now unfortunately. Need new striker in the window too.
  13. Not a fan of Tettey same as I wasn''t of Fer. I like to see a player in control of their limbs. We look very poor. It''ll end 0-0 most likely at this rate.
  14. The commentator on Bein "a wry smile from Alex Neil, he doesn''t look like a manager under pressure" - that''s because he''s not mate.
  15. What about going back in for the lad Onguene? Prefer to build a younger team for the future.
  16. Purposely booked my visit home in January to get to the Wolves game. Got my four tickets yesterday in the south stand. Very excited!
  17. [quote user="nutty nigel"]We''ll that''s strange because I could pull one of these threads from every disappointing season in the last 11 years. Anyway, style of play or renewing tkts isn''t really relevant to you. Buddy. Happy Holidays wherever you may be ☺☝❄[/quote] Whether it''s relevant to me has naff all to do with my point. Stop acting so high and mighty all the time. Anyway I "casually" bought my tix for Wolves game last night. Waited up til 1am my time when they went on general sale, sat on hold to the U.K. For 15 minutes as I was having issues buying online as they still had my details from my season ticket days clashing with creating a log in. At least being there on Jan 21st with my wife (from Seattle) and Mum and dad will help ease my plasticity.....
  18. [quote user="nutty nigel"]I wish those who only want a season ticket when we''re doing well would not renew. But I know they will. And then go to games under sufference. Casual tickets are for casual fans. Happy Christmas [/quote] What a stupid comment. I think doing well has little to do with it. More the style of football, and politics of how the club is run.
  19. [quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="Johnny Stump"]Theres a strange one, in that Southend request therir home games are not at the same time as West Ham''s as a lot of people in Southend support the Hammers too and crowds would suffer. So the fixtures generator takes that into account.[/quote]Always found it weird that people can actively support two teams.I go to see a game where I live perhaps once a season at most but I''ve got no allegiance to the team other than they''re local and the opposition might have one or two ex-City players in the side.[/quote] Agree wholeheartedly. I''ve been to see Torrevieja FC when I lived in Spain. I have zero interest in seeing the sounders now. City are my team, that''s all I care about.
  20. Completely disagree Vanwink. Every time he had the ball, he made the wrong decision trying to take on sometimes two or three players, when he could''ve played a one-two, or simple past to release an unmarked player. He doesn''t quite have the strength to fend off and hold the ball up either. He just tries to knock the ball past a defender, and hope that he can continue his run. He lost the ball so many times tonight. Needs a rest.
  21. [quote user="iron_stan"][quote user="SeattleCanary"]Not surprised Ricardo. For everybody at the game, who doesn''t have the benefit of TV, when the crowd just started chanting Delia sort it out the camera went to her and she was mouthing it to the person next to her who didn''t understand what the crowd were saying. So at least we know she is very aware....[/quote] delia was explaining to her mum what the crowd were singing, she did so with a little smile im glad she finds it funny perhaps if the crows aim the songs at her she might fuck off with any luck[/quote] It wouldn''t surprise me if the smile was because she didn''t have a clue what to do next.
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