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  1. If we don''t want to risk Oli surely Murphy must at least come on. We wouldn''t have two unfit players on the bench as that would be silly.
  2. [quote user="king canary"]Second best so far. Could very easily be 2-0 down and barely threatened their keeper.[/quote] Isn''t the ''barely threatened their keeper'' our new style of play, and then we score and win by one goal?
  3. [quote user="Ginja"]Not very good at the moment for us, defensively very open, feel we are missing Tettey, not much protection for the CBs[/quote] Yeah, I have no idea what Reed brings to the party. We are definitely missing Tettey.
  4. Great quality. A shame about the commentary being some half bored monotone chatting to himself, but I''m happy to see every game now and give the club a bit of dosh at the same time. I always favoured paying for a service over illegal streaming, and now it''s an option it''s worth the $140 a season. Happy days!
  5. We''ve signed players that are shite at the back.... can we afford to sign more now that they aren''t working out? If so, what happens to the new ones we''ve just signed? Absolute shambles.
  6. Great point by him. He said when he played 10-15 years ago the team could play Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Tuesday no problem, and these days players are fitter so why can''t they do the same?
  7. Rivo is cracking me up. He''s so blunt and spot on!
  8. It''s be forgivable if we were playing with fresh intent and a younger side in terms of replacing Jerome, Naismith, Martin but using them knowing how they''ve underperformed, is awful. Most of the new recruits look league one standard or below too.
  9. With ifollow now available the ''did you go to the game'' argument has lost its weight. Believe it or not, we seem the same pitch and 22 players on the field that you do, ya eejit!
  10. Bought the season pass too, and annoyed that the video doesn''t come with commentary after they said it would. Also not live, as both stream and commentary about a minute or so behind soccerstand, Onefootball, bet365 and other score update apps, so when watching you already know if something is going to happen. They need to make the beam back closer to live real time considering what we pay.
  11. It''s crazy that after seasons of lower league loans and looking like all they wanted to do was play for us, after literally their break through season they''re both happy to be off. Even Hucks had more integrity and he didn''t come through the academy or anything like that. I''m severely disappointed in the way football has gone in the last 5-6 seasons.
  12. [quote user="Captain Birdseye"]We have largely kept the dead wood and sold our best players and replaced with rubbish The money has been pocketed It''s going to be a long season god help us[/quote] Completely agree. Selling Howson, and Murphy and letting Ruddy go, but keeping Jarvis, Andreu, McGovern is not removing the deadwood and keeping younger or better player. Serious downgrading going on. Truly no ambition.
  13. I really don''t get it… I''m pretty sure when Snodgrass was here, we used to moan about how much he slowed play down. We would have a counterattack, and he would cut back on his favoured left foot and the opportunity would be gone. He used to speak with a lot of passion during interviews, but he was a very selfish player, and although I really liked the squad we had when he was in it, Johnson and Howson have had a much greater effect on the team. Before Jonny going, BJ was the last player I was really gutted to see leave. I wasn''t even that bothered when we sold Redmond, Olsson and Brady. Probably BJ for me, just because of the 14/15 season.
  14. He''s still been one of my favorite NCFC players over the last few years. A great player, and in my opinion should''ve been Captain a season or two ago. He''s done nothing in 5 1/2 years to suggest he is troublesome, and Webber is a completely new figure through the door. If I was Johnny, and saw all the best players around me leaving, I might reevaluate the standard of quality at my current club, and feel that if there was a club I could move closer to home and achieve higher level football again, that might be the best option. We also don''t know if when he was offered his new contract, how bad the terms were from what he''s on now. Even that itself could be enough to change someone''s mind, but it could''ve been something as simple as that that caused an argument, and resulted in him training alone. Very much two sides to a story. And everybody suggesting that he wasn''t that good, you are fools! We are never going to have a player that is 9/10 or 10/10 every week. If we do, or have in recent history, feel free to name one please. Saying that he went missing in games; so has every member of the squad. We are Norwich city, we aren''t Chelsea, we cannot afford players like that. He still one of the best midfielders in the league, and now a potential rival has him. He will score goals, some of them worldies, and he will be an asset. Anybody who comes in to fill his shoes, will be of lesser experience or lesser quality.
  15. Just out of interest, I thought I would take a look to see how high our player turnover has been the last few seasons. To put it into perspective, we only have eight players that started the opening day of the season three seasons ago, and only nine players in the current squad that remain from two seasons ago. That''s crazy when you are looking for a team to gel!
  16. JF wrote: "Always disappointing when a player of decent quality leaves, especially to what may be a rival. But for several seasons now we haven''t moved the ball quickly enough in midfield and Howson has been part of that. I wouldn''t be too disappointed to see Tettey follow him out of the door. These players have proven they are not up to the job at the top level, let''s hope there replacements are. I''d draw the line at losing Jerome though, a proven quality goal scorer at this level." Whilst I agree that neither him nor Tettey were quite of the quality needed to sustain top level football, we are now so far away from that. We can''t seriously believe we are going to mount a promotion push this season, so to suggest that we need players of premier league quality when we aren''t even guaranteed to finish in the high ends of the championship is silly. Middlesbrough clearly believe he has quality to either be a high-end championship or low-end premiership midfielder, and I tend to agree. This is a stupid move on our part, and he could''ve literally been sold to anybody but a promotion rival. With two years remaining on his contract , we could''ve waited until January before we really tried to push him out. I think the homesick thing is a bunch of spin by the club, because honestly who spends 5 1/2 years somewhere being unhappy…
  17. I''m holding my breath until the club come out and say all the transfer dealings are done in and out. If the window were to close right now of course, I would be pretty frustrated. It really has a very déjà vu feeling to 2006/2007. There is no hope as things stand that we could do anything other than just sit mid table right now.
  18. Professional/touring musician and teacher. I work at the school of rock franchise in west Seattle, and yes I play my SG!
  19. [quote user="king canary"]Declen Rudd can''t be worse than these two can he? At least he''d be cheap...[/quote] New GK in summer for me, with Dec and Remi as backup. Do we have a chance of getting Angus Gunn on loan?
  20. Or option D) he went to a more fashionable club. Was always destined to get called up once he wasn''t at NCFC anymore.
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