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  1. Agree with unique. After the Brady saga last summer we do look an effing shambles though. We do the ground work just to be pipped in the 11th hour. If we are serious about him, we should stop messing about. Same old story with us. Embarrassment.
  2. [quote user="KeiranShikari"]Most of these players aren''t going to be much cheaper and they''re certainly not better. Younger, sure.[/quote] But you''re kind of agreeing even if it''s a small margin, they are likely to be 8-10m and younger and around the same goal threat... Surely that''s a better option.
  3. [quote user="Indy"]Chris Martin, Kodjia, Wells[/quote] Assombalonga, Hemed, also what about a cheeky loan for Jay Rodriguez? There''s tons cheaper or younger better options I agree.
  4. He said he wouldn''t play for us in the champs. We want hungry players who want to play for us and get us out of the league.
  5. Jacob gets better than Josh on Fifa, maybe that''s how reading chose between them? Surely Josh just edges his brother in terms of the most developed? I wonder what they see...
  6. [quote user="can u sit down please"]Helluva player. Spurs want £8m though.[/quote] In the current market that''s not bad. Buys one side of Jordan Ibe. Less than half of Brady.
  7. [quote user="Indy"]Why does everyone always put Guarantee 20 + goals when referring to McCormack? Nothing is ever guaranteed! If the fee is agreed at 15 million being banded about it''s a huge gamble on a player who is 30 years old at the start of this season! Problem we have is not much option out there, I''d rather go after Ings on loan, less risk, Liverpool will be looking to loan to get his fitness up and have a shed load of strikers ahead of him at present![/quote] The fact that you believe Ings would drop to the champs and no lower prem teams would be interested in him surprises me. Before he was injured he was in and around the national team too. Absolutely no hope he''d come to us. Maybe a loan if we''d stayed up!
  8. Goals or not, I''d be severely disapponted selling a 24-year old Euro star for the same money as we''d buy a 29-30 year old champ striker.
  9. Well when you think about it, we''re being linked with Britt for £7m and McCormack for £13-15m, Newcastle paying £10m for Gayle and £12m for Ritchie, then Prem teams like Swansea are signing players for 4 or 5 mill of a higher league experience. The leagues no longer reflect a players worth or a clubs wallet size.
  10. [quote user="The Great Wall Of Tettey"]Agree with the above comment, we''ve missed out on a player some fans wanted not one the manager did. Also need to be realistic here Newcastle would have just bidded more anyway. The fact there''s not much sign of any of that squad other than 1 or 2 leaving and they''re throwing 10-15 at players like Ritchie and Gayle who would take a drop down in division just to play for them somes it up[/quote] Ritchie had a great season, and was a stand out player. Why the hell would he drop to the championship? Even if Newvastle were to pay more in wages, there''s rumors of West Ham interested. Surely he wants to play in the Prem. It makes no sense.
  11. Out of contract July 2017 I saw somewhere.
  12. What agenda would that be mate? All I''m saying is the players that were in this position 2 years ago might not want to "go again" when they are being courted by other clubs. Seems logical to me.
  13. Gutted. Just the type of player we should''ve been going all out to get.
  14. Being linked with Patrick Roberts a few weeks ago, and now Zac Clough is encouraging in my opinion. The best of the upcoming champ to Prem youngsters since Byram, Redderz have moved on to the prem and we''re unlikely to prize players like Hughes from Derby away from them.
  15. [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="SeattleCanary"]This time feels different to last time we were relegated. Last time our 3 prem seasons saw a strong squad stick around for the most part to get us back up. This time, it feels like we are dismantling the whole team if projected outgoings are to be true, and I just don''t see us as a team pushing for promotion next season but more likely consolidation. Just my view. Other clubs will be in a much better position, including 2-3 championship clubs.[/quote]What projected outgoings? So far we''ve sold ONE player. Redmond.You can probably say Redmond leaving. That''s two.Who else? Klose? Even that''s at a push and that would only be three. Last time we came down we lost Fer & Snodgrass pretty quickly. [/quote] Projected as in potential want aways, releasing players and linked players. I''ve seen clubs linked with Benno, Brady, Redmond obviously, Olsson, Howson, maybe Klose, not to mention likely moving Bass on O''Neil left and Laffs will go. We are overhauling a lot of the squad and I think it''ll disrupt the short term too much and we''ll take longer than a season to get back IMO.
  16. [quote user="willo"]Seattle, I''m lost, how can we keep a player and also be in a position to bargain top dollar when he is his last year of contract and demands a move away after relegation? Surely by now you know how this works....... We tried for 2 years to negotiate a new contract, he refused, therefore, we have to cash in now rather than lose next summer for nothing and play a season with a very unhappy player in our ranks, when team spirit and togetherness counts for a lot in the champs. Can understand some frustrations with the club but appears you''re just looking for any old stick to beat the club with....[/quote] He''s under 24 and therefore we get a tribunal fee, not nothing. Burnley got £8m for Ings off of Liverpool. Even if we only got 5-6m at a tribunal I''d argue the 5-6m we''d lose by keeping him an additional season and making him see out his contract would be worth every penny. He''d arguably be one of the best players in the division. I think it''s short sighted.
  17. This time feels different to last time we were relegated. Last time our 3 prem seasons saw a strong squad stick around for the most part to get us back up. This time, it feels like we are dismantling the whole team if projected outgoings are to be true, and I just don''t see us as a team pushing for promotion next season but more likely consolidation. Just my view. Other clubs will be in a much better position, including 2-3 championship clubs.
  18. [quote user="sgncfc"][quote user="Dereham Tifoso"]Strange attitudes apparent on here IMO- Redmond was easily the most talented player in our squad and was many times in recent seasons our ''go to'' player to get us a goal to keep us in or win us games. I, for one, will always appreciate him for the play off final goal. The guy obviously has ability (... how many times has he played ''blinders'' and had MotM performances for the England U21s? With (... can of worms time now... ) better coaching and guidance he will flourish and grow into a top player- he has more potential then Sterling that''s for sure. As regards the way forward from this for NCFC, if possible we will need to reinvest for some form of replacement, I''m not sure the Murphys are the answer.[/quote] Redmond is a wide player and wide players are always inconsistent. For us, he was often more of a liability tactically - I will never forget the way he watched Sigurdsson run past him with his hands on his hips. Has obvious talent but showed it very infrequently. I think £11m is a very good deal for us - his reputation has stayed high despite his poor performances. He is 22 now and has only 7 or 8 years left at the top and he hasn''t developed at all here, so the move is best for both parties - plus he was on a high wage which is now released from 1st July. It will be interesting to see how many games he will start for Southampton and whether their new manager likes him. I wouldn''t be surprised to see him out on loan later in the season. Much more crucially, his sale and the £15m we will get for Brady will enable us to keep Klose and Mbokani and they will be our two best signings this summer. As for the Murphys, I think Josh is as good as Redmond now and will be much better for us. Jacob maybe a little behind, but I think their pre-season is critical for them this year - if they don''t get a shirt this season, I don''t think they ever will.[/quote] How do you know we''ll get 15m for Brady? He''s older than Redmond and clearly will only be sold if he wants away therefore putting us in a need to sell position dictated by the player. Also Mbokani isn''t our player and we need a more hungry up and coming player. We should have kept Nathan and let it go to tribunal. Potentially the extra points he could have got us could have seen us back in the Prem and the monetary rewards far outweigh that poultry transfer fee. Any other club would''ve got at least 15. Why are we so cheap?
  19. 10,000,000 pounds is a joke. Just let it go to tribunal if that''s the offer.
  20. Exactly Fuzzar! If Brady was used solely at LB, how could we choose between him and Olsson? Both are class and need to be in the starting 11.
  21. That post match interview on the field with Akinfenwa was class! What a character, and just the personality a club needs. Even grabbed his manager, put his arm round him and was smiling when he said "and you''ve released me!" Sign him up as super sub!
  22. Crazy when you consider 4 goals came in Redmond''s first 9 games. He really dropped away from October to March and wasn''t utilized enough
  23. I just don''t see the point. Alex is his name and saying Alec takes the same amount of time. If it was Alexander shortened to Alec or Alex I''d get it, but it makes no sense. I too wish they held a more regular schedule with release dates.
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