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  1. Lincoln canary - Next season will follow suit. There’s nothing to suggest otherwise. This season has been the one of the poorest seasons I can remember. Bar a 1 nil win at Ipswich, plus two last minute equalisers at home to Ipswich and away to Chelsea, there’s literally been noting to stir any postive emotion. We’re back. Back to mid table mediocracy of the late 90s. ——————————————— Yep. They truly squandered the good work done by Lambert and co. And the prem years money. Mad we were in the top division only two seasons ago, and now look at the shower of sh!te we have to watch.
  2. [quote user="RUDOLPH FARKE"]Thank goodness for Tettey.[/quote] Hmmmmmmm but not for the goal
  3. [quote user="Rogue Baboon"]I saw the Toffolo tweet and it did come across quite bitter, virtually everybody who commented on it thought the same. Does seem there may be a few that weren’t particularly happy with their situations which may explain why some have gone on a free. As for today, looking at West Ham with concern. They were obviously linked with Maddison this week, struggling to get any deals across the line, huge injury issues and selling Ayew to Swansea. If any club launch a last ditch bid for Maddison it will probably be them. Are they desperate enough to put in a huge bid that we can’t turn down?[/quote] Nah, Hugill from Preston is his replacement.
  4. For the first time in my life supporting city I don’t really care whether we lose good players in January or not. If Madders and Pritchard go, then meh. We apparently had a team of underperformers last season and finished top 10. What the f@ck do you call the players this season then? Disgraceful by our board and club.
  5. That was woeful to watch. Wasn’t worth getting up early at all.
  6. Farke does weird things at times. He comes across as clueless and almost like he is watching a different game. We sound awful. What is it with Gunn and his goal kicks not getting out of the box too? That’s so basic. Hate the way we pi$$ around at the back with the ball.
  7. [quote user="Rogue Baboon"]Where is the debt free line? At the minute we have 4 or 5 was players worth 10million+ I can see most of those leaving in the summer (if not January) - Oliveira was courted in the summer. Klose would be good for any lower half Prem team. Maddison has made too much of an impression to go under the radar. Pritchard has obviously Premier League quality. Once they goes what happens? The squad will be weaker, the scouting will have to go into overdrive to keep unearthing the next Zimmerman and Trybulls, plus the players we have sold need replacing. We will still be stuck with high earners and older players until contracts are up if we can find somebody to sell them too. I just can’t see a self funding club model ever working - by working I mean challenging for promotion. It seems more we would get sucked into an Ipswich style model where anybody of any quality is soon shipped out just to get us by[/quote] Exactly! Nail. On. Head. You can’t run if you chip your legs off constantly. We will stagnate, and the whole thing smells of club giving up.
  8. [quote user="Mello Yello"]It''s not a question of trust......more of a necessity for the future......and I would like to see an investor and change of the current board......[/quote] I think before people start handing over more money there would have to be a change in the current board, and majority shareholder. We could have all the money in the world, but if we don’t spend it wisely what’s the point?
  9. [quote user="hogesar"]We have no better or worse record when it comes to signing players than the majority of other similarly sized clubs.[/quote] On what facts do you base that opinion? I’d say that’s irrelevant, because what other clubs do doesn’t affect our position in the league, and which league we are in. I would argue that other similar sized clubs have not had the benefit of 4 premier league seasons worth of income in the past seven seasons, and if they would have, they would likely have built on it better than we have. We have squandered the opportunities that we have been afforded, and clubs like Brighton, Palace, Bournemouth and Huddersfield are currently running their clubs a lot better from top to bottom than we are.
  10. [quote user="Mello Yello"]I jokingly stated that he club needs to put the price of season tickets up for 2018-19 by 20%.......If we finish mid-table this season would the support be happy with a price increase? Although, not something as ridiculous as 20% but an increase of a few percent?......We haven''t had a price increase for a few seasons now, so would it be justified to put the prices up to put more money in the club coffers? As we don''t have any investment.......[/quote] Throw your question back at you… Would you trust them with extra money right now? They have a pretty solid track record of wasting it on expensive injury prone players, or cheap ineffective passengers.
  11. [quote user="Capt. Pants"]£2.7m in debt and no parachute payment next year. Good luck with that.[/quote] Which as he stated is due to signing the wrong players and on high wages, and not replacing leaders like BJ. That’s why we’re 2.7m in debt mate. Terrible mismanagement of recruitment, and player wages etc. he talks sense actually. The teams that go up build a strong squad of quality players. If we offload every single bit of quality as soon as it shows a little bit of promise we’ll stagnate and go nowhere. Let’s face it, we don’t unearth too many gems, so using money from players sold has shown we normally waste it. League one beckons on this model. As much as Norwich have been a selling club, in recent years it’s mostly been on our terms. So I agree outside the top six yes everyone sells, but he said 12m for Jacob wasn’t exactly huge money, and I agree. Young, still promising, other clubs would’ve got more for an England U21.
  12. On canary call. Always think he talks sense, as he’s saying we shouldn’t be a selling club and I agree wholeheartedly. He said that when he was with Crewe they were a selling club and went from championship contenders with Ashton to where they are in league two now. He said we will just potter along, and I fully agree. A club like Norwich with 25,000+ watching weeek in week out should be contending at the top of the league. Says Edd Balls and everything he comes out with is dreamland stuff. Says everything I agree with.
  13. I hate the lack of positive play, and this faffing around between Gunn and the defenders instead of getting it up field.
  14. [quote user="Gordon Bennett"]Did anybody really think that this season was going to be anything different to this? Inconsistency is what Norwich do best. Still early days for the new regime and the strong team picked for the Arsenal game plus injuries we could really do without have magnified our deficiencies. The general opinion on this board seems to be that when we are on a good run we are great and when we are on a bad one we are awful, when the truth is probably in the middle. Webber said ''judge us after four transfer windows'' and that really is the most sensible thing to do.[/quote] We’ll have no quality players left in four transfer windows. Can’t attract quality with no ambition or funds either. We’ve really squandered the years of Prem income. We should easily be a Bournemouth, Brighton or Palace. It’s annoying how mismanaged this club is.
  15. [quote user="Capt. Pants"]One or more of Maddison, Klose and Pritchard are going to have to be sold to finance a striker. Who will it be?[/quote] May as well just sell them all. We have zero ambition anyway...
  16. I HATE the sideways football and Gunny not kicking it up field until he puts himself under serious pressure from dilly-dallying with his CB’s. Not attack, no movement or cutting edge. I guess we didn’t turn the corner. Premier league is light years away.
  17. [quote user="Making Plans"][quote user="SeattleCanary"]The last three games we’ve been as poor from set pieces and defending as last season, but the goals have dried up so there’s no chance of getting anything from a game once we go behind by more than a goal.[/quote]Hardly, I think what you really mean is "the one goal per game has dried up"[/quote] Making plans, re-read my post; I referenced defending from last season, so it’s pretty evident in referring to the goals from last season too.
  18. The last three games we’ve been as poor from set pieces and defending as last season, but the goals have dried up so there’s no chance of getting anything from a game once we go behind by more than a goal.
  19. We’ve sacrificed positive attacking football for possession... and and slowing attacks down which means no goal opportunities. Vrancic is utterly cr@p. He needs to change the setup, and we desperately need a striker in January. Bar Jacob Murphy, how was this team basically around the top scorers in the division last year?!
  20. If someone wanted to loan him for one game, that seems a fair price 😂
  21. Shocking refereeing. I agree with everything everybody is saying, and as kick it off said, the TV replays clearly show it was a corner, so that debate can be put to bed.
  22. The lads played brilliantly so far, hard place to go. Just a little concerned about Oli, because Jerome has been running himself into the ground in recent games, it looks like we needed to use Oli tonight, and he''s been way off the pace.
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