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  1. and no i havent researched Soros extensively. You have expanded what i have said into something it isnt. My point simply was that when someone posts an opinion or narrative from the internet, and this is immediately shot down simply with "Reuters and FullFact said its not true". How do you really know 100% what is the truth?
  2. Sam exacltly what conspiracy theories have I put forward?
  3. oh look, the Clique are starting to corral What a surprise. Lets revisit again the course of this thread. I started out by displaying my outrage that Vaccine Passports were to be introduced and made available only the to Fully Vaxxed, and thus preventing myself amongst others from entering Carrow Road. This is hot topic at the moment, but no, it is only me that thinks it is discrimanatory and wrong. This will develop into more if we let it. But apparently those on this msg board are totally ok with vaccine passports for the football, cinema, nightclubs, supermarket, basically everywhere. Amazing. And we end with certain individuals calling me a moron, and **** off back in your hole, and an anti-semite! Yes, there is nothing remotely sanctimonious, clique like and fascist like with some of you.
  4. I am not aware he is the figurehead for most of the pathetic anti-semitic tropes out there. Im not even sure i was aware he is Jewish. What i was doing however is just stating facts to make a point. That point being that FullFact was funded with millons by Google and Facebook, the same firms that have attempted to censor many agaisnt the Govt narrative. Soros is part of the world elite, and has also funded FullFact. I believe he even founded fullfact, though i could be wrong. My point is you cant take as red internet sites such as FullFact. there is nothing anti-semitic about what i said and you are out of order for suggesting it.
  5. I'm a horrible moron? Interesting. Ok, so in your view somebody that doesnt believe it is fair that those who choose not to be vaccinated, for various reasons, some of which are medical, and well as personal opinon, should be discriminated against? Further to that, someone who disagrees with the masses, refuses to just accept what is peddled to them by lying politicians, is also a horrible moron? congratulations KM, you also just proved my point that some on here are sanctimonious, clique ****, and borderline fascists who shout down anyone who dares to post something they disagree with. Literally by your metric, anyone who posts an opinion you dont agree with is a moron.
  6. Excellent CCC, shame all cant reply with such class.
  7. This is where I disagree Nuff Said. I am a black and white thinker you are correct in your analogy. But I believe I and we are better served in life with positive, definitive and affirmative actions and decisions. This is how I live my life. I do not believe wishy washy on the fence, non committal, should I do this but what if I do this, shades of grey thinking and rationale is the best way to approach life. There is a saying I like, that I heard from Bob Proctor. He said successful people make decisions quickly and are slow to change their mind. Unsuccessful people are slow to make decisions and quick to change them. I agree with this 100% and up til now it has served me well. Until i can't get into Carrow Road of course for choosing not to get the Vax 😔
  8. Hahaaha well done Fuzzar for proving my point. The sanctimony and old fartness is strong with this one 😂
  9. The problem with this messageboard is it's frequented by sanctimonious old farts, all collectively huddled together in their little private clique. Anyone who dares to post an opinion they don't agree with they shoot down and corral the clique to attack. This msgboard is the equivalent of me walking into a room of 10 men I can't stand, who all disagree with everything I say, and vice versa, and are incapable of mature adult debate. Don't know why i do it, pure masochism at its finest.
  10. TGS if you believe that the world's wealthiest people are nothing but kind hearted, good soul philanthropic types then that's your choice. I think the opposite.
  11. There's two types of people in this world Hogesar. Those that believe every single thing their Govt and Media tell them. And those that don't, and choose to question. Which one are you? Do you believe everything Boris tells you? Do you believe Covid came from a bat? Do you believe Matt Hancock is a good man who operated with the utmost integrity? Do you believe that Tony Blair was a good prime minister? Do you believe 9/11 was a terrorist attack and nothing more? Do you just accept all of the above as fact, or do you question?
  12. Once again Greavsy, how does me being double jabbed make it safer for you who is also fully paid up? The vaccines either work or they don't.
  13. This is correct Hogesar, and it's my tough luck isn't it. Doesnt make what the Govt are doing right. Coercion of the masses to get medical treatment they do not need, to access there God given rights and liberties and access to services. Amazing how people just roll over and accept it. I blame declining testosterone levels in men, and a society of beta male soy boy types who do as there told.
  14. Errrrr no. I didn't blindly believe Farage like I'm incapable of thought. I agreed with his opinion in that I do not believe climate change caused Covid 19, there is a difference. Climate change isn't real, just like it wasn't real when it was called Global Warming before the rebrand. Viruses have been on this earth for billions of years. Climate change did not cause Covid 19.
  15. Oh sorry Greavsy I didnt know this was a police interrogation and I had to answer everything you ask.
  16. Horsefly 60million people die every year on average. People die. Fact. Do you think death wasn't a problem until Covid came along? Compare the worldwide Covid death toll against all other causes of death. Not even in the top 20 isn't it?
  17. The point I am making is that it seems like most just blindly believe everything Boris, the MSM and Big Pharma say, and don't question it. Even after they continue to show themselves to be liars. Zahawi with the vaccine passports, Hancock cheating on his wife and handing out millon £ contracts to his mates. Basically anything Boris says. All liars. And yet the masses continue to follow and believe everything they say like good little compliant sheep. Sorry, but my standards and morals are a little higher I'm afraid. If you lie to me once, that's it, credibility is gone and I will no longer believe a ****ing word you say let alone take your advice on anything. This thought process is confirmed by the litany of info also peddled by the MSM and Govt, citing anyone who opposes the official narrative as 'conspiracy theorists' and quacks, nut jobs, anti vaxxers, selfish etc. This is called fascism. When a controlling government does everything in their power to shout down anyone who opposes their mandates.
  18. So no backed up opinion then? Just abuse? Well done.
  19. Your just proving my point Sam. How do you know Reuters and other fact check sites are 100% true? Reuters is an MSM news outlet is it not? Do you believe that the news media always tell the truth? The media and news are owned and controlled. And the fat controller controls what info the masses are told. If you don't believe this I cannot help you. For example are you aware that fullfact is funded by George Soros, Google and Facebook? Millions given to them. I think some people have a rose tinted view of the world and think no one lies and everyone is good. The reality is quite the opposite, and if you dig deep you will find the truth. And it usually has an undercurrent of greed, crime and immorality.
  20. Yes I agree with Farage's opinion on the recent UN statement. So by virtue of the fact you think I'm a fool for this, you must disagree with NF and be of the opinion that the UN is correct? That climate change is responsible for Covid 19?
  21. My problem with all this Covid nonsense, is verifiable information. It is fact that we have been repeatedly lied to by the Govt, BBC etc. I don't see how anyone can deny this. For those who don't believe this to be true, I would suggest that you need to do some research. So the issue is who do we believe and what is the truth? When I see things like the attached pic on the internet, how is this categorically rubbish? and the next thing out of Boris, Hancock, Zadhawi's mouth etc.100% true? Who can say what is 100% fact? All I know is that lies have been told by the Govt and MSM. Why would I believe a politician that cheats on his wife and hands out million £ contracts to his mates?
  22. Are you saying this is heavily edited? Genuine question.
  23. "a far-right fringe conspiracy that believes a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles runs a child sex-trafficking ring across the world" Yeah, what utter madness. Where on earth do they get that from!
  24. Dear Lord I havent opted out of further response, i have a job and cant spend 24 hours on here. There comes a time when your interest levels on a topic come to and end. I have come out of retirement just for you however. Clarification of my reasons for refusal of the vaccine and other pharmaceuticals are as follows. And before you read, I am more than entitled, as a free living human on earth, to hold these views, just like your free to take every vaccine and drug the Govt and Big Pharma tell you that you need. 1. I have already had Covid, and in my opinion given the fact there is not enough data worldwide to confirm re-infection is possible, I am under very litte risk of getting Covid again. 2. Covid 19 is a virus that 99.7% WILL NOT DIE FROM. FACT. I do not live my life worrying about things that pose a 0.03% risk to my life, and take vaccines to ward against. If you want to, go right ahead. 3. I do not believe in pharmaceutical intervention. I do not and never have taken any prescription medication. This may be the norm for some people, and for some a daily regimen of 19 different drugs to keep them 'healthy' may be there thing. It is not mine and never will be. 4. No, I have never had a Polio, Tetanus or BCG jab, whatever that is. 5. I do not have children. Some may say this is a good thing. 6. My opinions on vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs are my own, which I am perfectly entitled to. Others may be Big Pharma worshippers and take every drug and vaccine going. That is their choice and none of my business. Just like its my choice to not believe that pharma drugs are the only answer. And my choice to not partake in a vaccine I do not need. 7. I dont make a habit of taking pharmaceutical drugs that have zero long term side effects data. 8. And finally, given the fact that there is a multitude of information out there surrounding Covid, ranging from liars Boris and Hancock to imbeciles like Neil Ferguson and Dr Hilary. I will not blindly listen to and follow like a robot everything a corrupt set of politicians tell me. I have researched lots of info from both sides of the fence and my gut feeling right from the beginning is that I just dont trust anyone involved and what is being said. There is no denying the Media and Govt have repeatedly lied to the public regarding Covid. The reasons behind it are not clear and time may tell. Great reset? possibly. Chips in the vaccines to track everyone? probably not. An incoming Chinese style Social Credit system and cashless society allowing the UK Govt to control people? maybe. All I know is I have not liked anything I have heard from the Govts around the world, the WHO, CDC and Big Pharma from day one. Just look at the latest word from the UN stating that Climate Change is responsible for Covid 19. Nigel Farage talked about it on GB News/YouTube yesterday. Utter madness. Anyone who thinks there isnt something strange happening in the world right now frankly, is asleep. My opinion is that I do not need the Covid Vaccine. I trust my own immune system. I got Covid, like a lot of people. And just like every other cold or virus before it, my body dealt with it. If vulnerable or elderly people want the vaccine then they have that choice. If people dont trust there own immune system then get the vaccine. Thats your choice. You dont need me to get the vaccine to protect you. If the vaccine works, get it, and youll be fine. Apparently. Lets of course ignore the myriad of deaths and adverse reactions post vax, because every single on of them is of course, a coincidence. If you die after the vaccine within 28 days, its coincidence. If you die after 28 days of being Covid positive, from a dodgy PCR test thats at best 50% accurate, its Covid. This is not the Black Plague. It is a virus that kills 0.03%.
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