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  1. Thank you, finally a postive objective opinion, if only we had more supporters like you and myself and less like the morons above who criticise no matter what, we''d be alrite....
  2. i refer to my reply to the other moron on here, you too have chosen to reflect solely upon the one mistake, that in fact wasnt really a mistake, just an error in judgment, instead of the solid defending he put in at right back. Why dont you and the other idiot try being positive and actually support the team and encourage the players for once?
  3. What game were we watching? the same game you were you moron, but obviously you have chosen to reflect on the one negative aspect of Hughes involvement, that being the pass back to Drury to put him under pressure. How about the solid effort he put in at right back? he made about 3 or 4 tackles from what i remember and not one cross made it in from the left while he was at right back. Dont get me wrong im no huge Hughes fan, he has had a couple of good games but on the whole has been poor, albeit playing out of position all the time, but give credit where credit is due, he came on and did a good job yesterday..In a nutshell Hughes is no passer, thats for sure, he''s certainly no winger, but the boy can tackle, and he''s probably the only player at the club who actually fights on the pitch and gives 110% for the team. I remember the days when we used to applaud players who werent that great but that it was obvious to see were giving there heart and soul for the team? ie Holt, Mackay, Leon. So lets actually get behind the team and try encouaraging the players instead of constantly slating them. Do you actually think thats the way to get us top of the league? to criticise every time someone makes a mistake or has a bad game? On The Ball City....whatever the weather.... A tired of all the moaning loyal season ticket holder..
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