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  1. With no 1 January match this season do you think any of the squad went out on the lash on 31 December ? Does it matter given the few days to recover ?
  2. Surely he could be shoe-horned into Glenn''s set-up ? He''s importantly ex - Newcastle, appears unlucky, appears not to have much tangible success recently ? Fits like a glove. Is a legend. We could have a "Gazza did it for England "dinner celebration .Lucid insight. Must have alot to offer the game. Uncle figure to some of our younger players. Could dial the numbers for Gunny ? 5 bellies for fitness guru ?
  3. Forest Club chief executive Mark Arthur said: "I think the most important thing was to get a manager who had tangible Championship experience and tangible success in the Championship."   Now there''s a very good idea. Why didn''t we think of that ?   Watch out they''ve got money to spend
  4. [quote user="Hardhouse44"]I''ve been trying to sell an old knackered motor bike I''ve got in the shed for 2 years. Nobody has come forward and made me a decent offer for it yet. Does that mean I’m not selling? Maybe one day somebody with a real interest in that type of bike and with the money to restore it will come along and I''ll be laughing. What else can I do I can’t just dump it because there is no scrap value and it would actually cost me money. [/quote] I think motorbikes are too dangerous
  5. Lappin was poor and still is. Come to reflect on it he''ll fit in with the team perfectly.
  6. Roeder looks unsuccessful, acts unsuccessfully, and has had no success as a manager. He destroys clubs. He is a point a game man and consistent.Poor motivator. He has the 8th highest wages and salaries budget in the Championship so he demonstrates how ineffective he is
  7. Is Roeder doing a decent job sans dosh ? No. He is spending more money on football and backroom staff wages and salaries than 14 other teams in this league . Yet he is doing worse than almost all of them . Why is that ? Is he simply not good enough ?
  8. Important to give balance. Glenn has all the potential to make an excellent number two in the Premier League or a Director of Football in  Prem or Championship leagues. Has infinite knowledge and experience but somehow seems to fail to shine as a number one. Difficult to pinpoint why. He also appears to want to succeed and is his own man with strong values . That''s admirable.I hope he can and will realise his potential -perhaps he just needs some luck and a few things to go in his favor.
  9. Calderwood -we''ve got dead wood, plus a Brian Gunn to exacerbate matters
  10. [quote user="Steve H"][quote user="cuckoo in the nest"] Get out more Thomas Watt [/quote] Likewise!!! Your the one cutting and pasting bits of the dictionary on to the forum you sad "Thomas Watt" Was the original post supposed to be funny or serious??? I really can''t tell. [/quote] neither -suggest you go and watch Harold Pinter''s  "the caretaker " then reflect on cerebral matters , Tommy
  11. ANSWER : Much lower football and back-room staff wages and salaries bill than  Norwich City but much superior  league position . WHY? They ain''t got Roeder''s disease . A lingering poor man management plague liable to flair up in 3 out of every four matches. The disease has been chronocled before in Newcastle, Watford and Gillingham. There is  one known cure . Sever all links with the Roeder before it drowns your team.Failure to do so could result in a twenty match coma waking up in Divisdion One where the Roeder will again attack the vital organs of the club causing paralysis and general fatigue. The Roeder appears on the surface gentle and unassuming but is a virulent strain to which there is one only known antidote .
  12. Neil warnock is a qualified physiotherapist , so is Nigel Adkins at Scunthorpe. I think that says it all. What is Roeder qualified to do in the real world ? Me, I''m a doctor.
  13. What was the pitch like ?Probably didn''t help us as they ground share with Wimbledon and Charlton still.
  14. Don''t believe it. If you know tell us the illness and symptoms please
  15. get rid of marshall and croft and reduce the debt mountain
  16. Scour has the following meanings 1 to remove dirt, grease, etc., from or to cleanse or polish by hard rubbing, as with a rough or abrasive material: to scour pots and pans. 2. to remove (dirt, grease, etc.) from something by hard rubbing: to scour grease from pots and pans. 3. to clear or dig out (a channel, drain, etc.) as by the force of water, by removing debris, etc. 4. to purge thoroughly, as an animal. 5. to clear or rid of what is undesirable: to scour the nation of spies. 6. to remove by or as if by cleansing; get rid of. 7. to clean or rid of debris, impurities, etc., by or as if by washing, as cotton or wool. 8. Metallurgy. (of the contents of a blast furnace) to rub against and corrode (the refractory lining I''d like to see him scour as in 5 above his own crap squad.  Or preferably to be scoured  himself as in 5 above himself from Carrow Road.
  17. I thought he had that mutating virus a few weeks ago-if unlikely to have caught another starin so quickly
  18. Dave Stringer appears to be  in a nice corporate schmoozing job? Best seat in the house and doesn''t pay anything?He won''t rock the boat.
  19. Is now the time to extend it another season so he can take along term view and nurture his squad ? In that way we won''t lose him when the inevitable happens and we climb to top 6 spot
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