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  1. All the players were either trainees or loanees. CEO Domcaster commented that The Frog were a good example of the type of club Norwich could become -indeed in 2010 Frog bought our last registered player Old Man Pattison who was now driving them to success.
  2. The extended deal would be wrong if there were a more viable plan B -there isn''t so it is not wrong
  3. A colleague has just pointed out that the club could reinvent Bryan Gunn  ? or thinking outside the envelope get a number two on loan  ? or get an unknown from Eventguard ? or use Matty Pattison''s driver ? or retire Jamie Cureton?
  4. Just seen on teletext page 338 Carlisle vacancy linked to him. thoughts ? 1 Save wage bill? 2 Is he vital or surplus to requirements   3 Is he any good ? 4 Is he driving force behind this season''s success? 5 Without  him would Gloan Roeder crumble ? 6  Is he natural successot to Gloan if wheels come off and our form dips? 7 Do we have adequate cover with number 3 (some bloke we got from Hartlepool ) ? 8 Do we need him in case Gloan is permanently banned from technical  (or in Gloan''s case just area at side of pitch) area ?
  5. Owen Columba Coyle , Burnley''s manager is the main difference.Whilst Gloan Roeder averages 1.24 points per game in his career Coyle the Burnley manager averages 1.67 points  and 1.58 points per game at Burley   Falkirk 31 January 2003 20 May 2003 19 12 3 4 63.15 St. Johnstone 15 April 2005 22 November 2007 89 42 28 19 47.19 Burnley 22 November 2007 Present 50 21 13 16 42 Career 158 75 44 39 47.47  
  6. The only blame I have for the fans is continuing to support the team when we clearly have an ineffective manager aand trouble at top. If you voted with your feet like I did two seasons ago (ceasing £3,500 of family season tickets)  and attended occasionally you''d have sent the right signals. Our half term trip to Pride Park reconfirmed we had made the right decision. The team is lightweight and Gloan Roeder is more lightweight. As a Derby supporter said " Norwich have been the worst two teams we''ve played all season -they''ve given us 2 out of our 5 wins"-says it all.
  7. 1.4 points per match since taking over at what was a cashless Watford . Much better than Gloan Roeder''s 1.24 points per match in his entire career.
  8. The key issue is that we haven''t appointed the best manager available for the last two appointments (Grunt and Gloan Roeder ). The funds we have available for the manager should mean we finish in top 8 if we punch at our weight. Throughout his total career Gloan Roeder has achieved 1.24 points per game which isn''t enough for promotion which explains why he has never won promotion.
  9. Team Nat From To Record P W L D Win % Gillingham 1 August 1992 9 July 1993 51 13 22 16 25.49 Watford 1 August 1993 20 February 1996 139 44 55 40 31.65 West Ham United 9 May 2001 24 August 2003 86 27 36 23 31.39 Newcastle United 2 February 2006 6 May 2007 72 33 24 15 45.83 Norwich City 30 October 2007 Present 35 13 13 9 37.14 Team Nat From To Record G W L D Win % Points % Blackpool 19 July 1994 29 May 1996 102 44 35 23 43.13 50.65 Notts County 16 January 1997 14 October 1999 145 56 50 39 38.62 47.59 Bolton Wanderers 19 October 1999 29 April 2007 370 153 114 103 41.35 50.63 Newcastle United 15 May 2007 9 January 2008 24 8 6 10 33.33 47.22 Gloan Roeder has achieved  1.28points per game and Sam Allardyce 1.5 points per game
  10. "It seems incredible that, at the time of writing, we have averaged more than 20,000 season tickets over the last four seasons since relegation in 2005" That is the only valid comment
  11. Quote from Evening News "Norwich boss Glenn Roeder believes officials in the Coca-Cola Championship are making “more mistakes than ever” after he was sent to the stands at half-time in his side''s 3-1 defeat at Derby "   True -the one official who is consistently making the most is Gloan Roeder himself. He''s not up to job of maximising a limited budget.
  12. ........is 13 December  (dob 13/12/1955 ) What would you give the man who''s achieved everything ?  (well 416 points from 336 matches as a manager  losing 30 matches more than he''s won as a manager ) running at a carreer average of  1.24 points per match  or 1.33 points per match with Norwich.
  13. no -we were close to managers and we didn''t see it . Roeder look unsuccessful because he is unsuccessful. "Rather than say "The officials are making more mistakes than ever. Everyone''s been suffering."  he should say "I am  making more mistakes than ever. Everyone''s been suffering and will continue to suffer as I have no track record of real success. I wouldn''t recognise a top 6 position if I saw it .I am not a good number one , definitely not a number two , but perhaps can work as an academy manager . What''s Harry Redknapp''s phone number ?"
  14. Marshall, -positioning suspect, punches too much, couldn''t be faulted for goals -some decent throw outs -lost the ball in a late clearance-had to field too many backpasses 5 Omozusi, -Ok , got caught out now and then wanted involvement 5 Kennedy, strong , good goal 7 Stefanovic, not as striong as Kennedy 6 Bertrand, reasonable 5 Croft, was active but can''t deliver a final ball 6 Clingan, good footballer , neat 6  Russell,  was he there? 2 Hoolahan, should have been sub''d after he lost ball in middle of pitch leading to their 1st goal . Consistent he gave  the ball away time and time again 0 Sibierski,  not a threat at all , fell over when tackled , clearly not bothered 3 Lita, needs to study the offside rule and then hit Hoolahan with the rulebook until such time the latter is no longer able to play . Missed a sitter  (which was the turning point as we were pressing for an equaliser up to then ) when clean through one on one with Bywater 5   Subs:  Bell, neat touches and passes 6 Pattison.well what can I say ? I was starting to want Hooly back  on the pitch -two bad passes to Derby players in last 20 minutes almost conceded goals . Not poor , not very poor , he is extremely poor -minus 2 Roeder-I don''t care whether we have loans or not -the quality ain''t there -just b4 half time we had a throw -in by the Derby corner flag and we worked it back to Marshall without one Derby player touching the ball -why are we so negative ? This manager has never won promotion -he isn''t a Gary Johnson, a Paul Sturrock, a Tony Mowbray -that''s why he was out of work  for a year when we appointed him  2
  15. “And if you want to get to the nitty-gritty, the bottom line is the decisions I made were right because we won the game. That''s the bottom line.” Given this quotation by GR I want to get down to the nitty - gritty and say that based on this season''s results , Glen, making the right decisions isn''t what you do that often because you''ve under-achieved this season losing more than you''ve won.
  16. parking around ground difficult as it''s retail park. Suggest parking in Derby City centre and walking  (allow 25 mins) picking up lunch and drink en route
  17. More likely to be eating Delia''s hors d''oeuvres...  It''s just bad luck but highlights the fact that we haven''t got a strong enough squad.
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