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  1. [quote user="1st Wizard"]She can do the Hexes from now on and play with my balls if she ask''s nicely![;)][/quote]

    Look hate to say it but  your "ask''s " should be "asks ". Don''t you know what an apostrophe signifies ?  If you don''t how can I take your comments seriously , number one Wiz ?

  2. Doing a bit of research here . How many fans own or have regular ( i e at least twice weekly ) a canary ? and if the answer is affirmative which particular type ?

    Before you ask I have a Ginger''s Song canary which is a kind of variegated yellow, but with more black than most canaries . Very popular and common in Northern Florida (Tallahassee region )

    [ American Singer Canary ] 

  3. On Radio Norfolk Roeder said Loops hadn''t gotten into the first team at all the clubs he''s been at. What he should have gone on to articulate is why he bought him in on a year loan in  that case and why in the last 5 months he hasn''t developed him to become a regular.

    I''m also fed up with us signing players like  Carl Corthorse  who can''t do a 90 minute shift. Do we get a discount on his wages ?

  4. Best comment on that call was when you said that Neil wasn''t a journo. In reality he thinks he is notwithstanding his double-life at Cooney. Neeel didn''t tell us what his role at NCFC was  ''cause he''s too embarrassed with conflicts of interest. How much do NCFC pay him ?

    I get fed up with callers askiing where the money has gone and Neeel says I don''t know, errr it''s all amystery to me and such crap.. For Christ''s sake as a commentator with all the taxpayers resources to research the question by now he should know the ins and outs of the finances and be able to add insight to the debate other than say Plymouth would give their right arm for our gates.

    Good knowledge of football but very liteweight commentator and journalist. But feathering his own nest perhaps ?

  5. .............on Radio Nofock were that Loopy has gotten very little first team action whereever he''s been . He cited Arsenal, Sampdoria and a few other places. If that''s the case why did he get Loops on a season loan ?

    What Roeder should be telling us is what he''s been doing in last 5 months to not get picked ?


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